Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th October 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima thinking I was so wrong when I came in this house, I thought you are Ragini’s murderer, you are her protector, I will find a way to win your heart once again. She recalls their moments. She says I m ready, we will go together. Vansh goes. She says you still think I don’t trust you, I will prove you wrong soon, you will come to me soon. Angre collides with Ishani. He says you look pretty today. She says I m pretty since ever, these sweets are for you, enjoy. She goes. Angre thinks she didn’t talk to me well, is this her mischief. He checks the box. She thinks his face won’t be fine to get tilak done. She recalls putting a cracker inside. She looks on from far and smiles. He gets a call and says I will come. He keeps the box and goes. Ishani sees Dadi with the box. She gets shocked. She runs to Dadi. She says these sweets are for me. Dadi says I will keep it as bhog, you can have it. She says I want to have it now, give it. She thinks just 5 seconds for the blast. She throws the box out and thinks Angre got saved. Dadi says you made the box fall. Angre comes to ask for sweets. Dadi says it fell because of Ishani, come and help me.

Aryan faints Riddhima. He comes to Chanchal and says I have handled Riddhima. Chanchal says wow, Riddhima deserves this. He says Riddhima has the chip with her, she will die and chip will be gone with her, Riddhima will die. Chanchal says it will be good. Dadi asks Vansh did he come alone, why didn’t he get Riddhima, its time for Vijay Tilak. Vansh says she is getting ready. Dadi asks Ishani to go and see. Ishani says Riddhima isn’t in her room. Vansh thinks where did she go. Angre says I will go and see. Aryan smiles and thinks you won’t get Riddhima, I have hidden her at a special place. He puts Riddhima behind the Raavan effigy. He says your Dahan will also happen with Raavan today. Aryan says I will also go and see.

Chanchal says we should not miss mahurat. Dadi says we will wait for some time. Vansh says Riddhima isn’t there. Angre says she isn’t outside. Aryan asks where can she go. Vansh says her phone is off. Aryan thinks I have been careful this time. Vansh thinks where did she go. Chanchal says Ishani and Angre can start the tilak, Riddhima will come soon. Dadi makes Ishani do the rituals. Ishani thinks I hate you Riddhima, I hope you never come back. Dadi feels sad for Vansh. Vansh recalls his words. He thinks did she get upset with me. Dadi says she will come, don’t worry. Vansh says of course, I m not worried. Dadi says you don’t know to lie, I can see it in your eyes. Aryan thinks your tension will end with Riddhima. Chanchal says Riddhima will come and join us for Dahan. Dadi says fine, just 10 mins are left, come. Vansh thinks how can she disappear, she never refuses to Dadi, she was ready, how can she go out. why is her phone off.

Aryan thinks find her as much as you want, you will just get her ashes. Aryan says I will do Raavan dahan this time. Dadi says Vansh does this rasam always. Chanchal says Aryan is also son of this house, he can do the ritual. Dadi says we are worried for Riddhima, you are talking of rights, before burning Raavan, burn the evil of heart, let Vansh come at least. Chanchal says fine. Chanchal says she was giving us warning, her pyre will burn in front of the family. Dadi asks Vansh did he find Riddhima. He signs no. She asks him to come for rasam. Chanchal asks Aryan to start rasam. Aryan takes the fire arrow and shoots. The arrow falls before the statue. Aryan says relax, I didn’t do any course in shooting. Vansh says I think we should put more kerosene, then it will burn well. He goes to put kerosese. Chanchal and Aryan worry. Vansh thinks why is my heart sinking as if someone bad is going to happen, is she in any problem. Vansh sees Riddhima’s bangle there. Aryan aims another fire arrow. Riddhima dropped the bangle beads on the ground when Aryan took her. Vansh thinks its Riddhima’s bangle ghungroo, it means Riddhima is inside the Raavan effigy. Aryan shoots. Vansh shouts Riddhima….

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