Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th September 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima who is this when real DSR is coming. Real DSR comes home. She sees Kabir. Angre gets his phone. She thinks shall I inform him about mail, no, let him enjoy his sangeet, I will see. Aryan asks Ishani to leave everything on him and just go. Anupriya gets DSR’s call. He says sorry to come early, I want to meet Vansh, can you inform him. She says yes. She gets worried and says real DSR is here, how. She calls Kabir. He looks for her. He comes to her. She says real DSR is coming. He asks what, how can this happen. She says I don’t know, he called and said he wants to meet Vansh. He says I will go and handle him, just be careful. Riddhima thinks what’s the DSR’s secret. Dadi asks Kabir to just check the food, the taste is imp, come and see. Kabir says I will just come. She insists and takes him. Ishani and Aryan dance. She says now. He drops the drink on her dress. She says you spoiled my dress. He says so sorry. She goes to washroom. Angre looks on. Vansh comes and thinks where did Riddhima go. Chanchal says I got a chance to get close and master shots, ask the photographer to take good pics.

Vansh says sure. Chanchal and Rudra dance. Riddhima goes to see DSR. Kabir reaches DSR and says Mr. Devraj…. DSR sees him with a similar look. Aryan recalls Vansh’s words and smiles. He thinks Ishani has run away, I will see how you save the family respect. Ishani goes out in the flower basket. She sees Devraj fallen down. She screams no, blood… Vansh…. Everyone hears her scream and rush. Vansh asks what happened Ishani, tell me. She says I have seen the blooded hand there. Anupriya says where is Kabir, did anything happen to him. Kabir comes and asks what happened Ishani. Anupriya says thank God, Kabir is fine. Vansh says relax, Angre has gone to check. He doesn’t see anyone there. Angre looks around. Vansh says there is nothing. Angre says there is no blood there, or any blood stain. Ishani says I have seen it myself. Chanchal says maybe you are mistaken, its dark there. Vansh asks what are you doing here. She says nothing, I was just tired. Vansh asks them to come. Riddhima thinks I should go to check at the gate. Anupriya recalls stopping Dadi and sending her away. Kabir sees Riddhima going. He reaches DSR before. He shoots DSR. He takes DSR’s body. Ishani had seen real DSR shot. Kabir sees Ishani screaming.

He says I may get caught. He takes the body away and puts him in the car. He sends the car away. He cleans the body stains off his clothes. He smiles. Riddhima says there is no one here, where is DSR, he was going to come, I should tell Vansh. She shows the mail to Vansh. He says I have reached the gate, but there was no one. Vansh says why will DSR lie. Kabir comes and says I m here, I had sent that mail to you Vansh, I was just doing my work, I sincerely apologize if you felt bad. Riddhima thinks stupid me, I should focus on Ragini’s matter. Kabir asks Vansh to make the sangeet memorable. Ishani thinks what was the need to get scared. Angre says its our sangeet today. He stops her. She argues. She says don’t touch me again, stay away. Kabir dances in the Sangeet with Ishani and Aryan. Vansh stops Roddhima and says our performance is still there.

Chanchal coughs seeing them. Siya says I can’t trust Vansh when it comes to dance. Vansh takes Riddhima for the dance. They dance. Dil ye tere bina…plays… Riddhima smiles. Vansh gets romantic. Kabir gets angry and thinks of Anupriya’s words. Vansh gets on his knees and bows down. Dadi says Vansh didn’t bow down to anyone except his mum, his bowed down in front of his love, he is in love. She smiles. Kabir looks on angrily and goes. Riddhima and Vansh havean eyelock. Rudra says what happened to the lights. Vansh says I will check meter room. Kabir says I m here creating situations that Vansh loves Riddhima, something else is happening, she is also loving Vansh. He recalls Riddhima. He shouts and says I have seen love for Vansh in her eyes. He thinks its not easy to defeat me, Riddhima, I won’t go without taking what I want. He removes the disguise. He says now I will come between you two.

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