Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Vyom saying Riddhima has come to celebrate Pihu’s birthday. He says my wife Madhuri and Pihu, see its my world, I just lit one candle, I don’t want her to catch bad sight. She says you aren’t okay. He falls over the cake. She asks him to get up. He says we will party and dance. She says calm down, you need to take rest, you got a burn by the candle, I will get the first aid, you aren’t so dangerous, I m not scared of you. He asks why don’t you tell Vansh that I m the manager. She says I pity you, its good to keep enemy in front of eyes, I will send hotel staff to do the aid, take rest. She goes. He drinks and falls on the table.

Vansh recalls someone. He wakes up from sleep. He sees Riddhima sleeping. He goes out with an axe and digs up the place. He gets a blood stained cloth and a watch. He checks the wallet. He says if a person gets determined, then he can win over the world, he just loses to death. Vansh goes somewhere. The man says you have come, Vansh. Vansh says I know you want to get free, sorry, I can’t free you, the outside world isn’t ready to welcome you, I got your fav icecream for you. He keeps it there. Riddhima wakes up. She calls out Vansh. Vansh leaves from the place. He sees Riddhima there. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was looking for you. He says I was in the bathroom. She says you weren’t there. He says you didn’t check well. They go.

She gets a note. She reads…I know where is your husband, meet me if you want to know. She picks the coin and thinks the coins are pointing to some direction. She goes out following the coins. She says who wants to bring me here. Vyom says I want to, are you shocked. She says of course, I should have known that just you can do such a cheap thing, I should leave from here, Vansh won’t like it. He says so cute, you have become Pati Vrata. She says yes, you thought right, stop the nonsense, tell me what’s the need to do this. He asks don’t you want to know where is Vansh, look at this door, there is a room behind it, Vansh secretly comes here daily to meet someone. She says I did the aid to you thinking you will not fill poison in my and Vansh’s relation, if you have some humanity, but like its said, a dog’s tail can never get straight. He says you did a favor on me, I want to return the favor, how would you feel when you know that Vansh has kept someone captive here, not good, right, don’t you believe it. He asks her to see the proof. She sees the recording of Vansh’s words. She asks what do you want to prove. He says I was just helping you, if you want to know any secret, then call me.

She thanks him. She says I feel your wounds need a rest, you may leave. He says I just came to help you. She says I don’t need your help. He goes. Ishani comes and asks what were you trying to do, you were going inside. Riddhima asks why shall I tell you, you have no right to ask. Ishani says of course, I have a right, its Vansh’s private entry, no one is allowed here, don’t do in. Riddhima says I m Vansh’s wife, I have a right to go in and see. Ishani says I know what kind of wife you are, you always try to interfere, if you go in, then your and Vansh’s relation can end, not good for your marriage, its good if few things are hidden, I don’t think you will be able to handle it, its your wish. She goes. Riddhima looks at the door. She leaves.

She comes to her room. She recalls Ishani’s words. Vansh comes. She gets scared. He asks were you expecting someone else. She says no, there is no one in my life. He asks where did you go, you have to tell me the truth. She says corridor, I was talking on phone. She asks with whom. She says someone I love the most. He asks who. She says I can show you who is he. He says you know the result. She says I know it well, you can see it yourself and then decide the result. She shows the baby’s sonography pic. She says the love of my life, I have answered you, you tell me, where were you last night.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vansh says give me a kiss. She asks what, have water first. He says I don’t want to have water. She says I will drink it. He throws the glass. He says I have gone mad, glass can’t dare to touch your lips before me. She says fine, you have the first right, you give me a kiss. She closes eyes. He gets close.


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