Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying you cheated me, I trusted you blindly, real justice will happen now, maybe Lord also want this, so I reached your truth, I feel Ragini’s trust is also linked to you, I will tell the truth to Vansh and the world, you just want to ruin Vansh, I know it, remember one thing, I won’t let this happen, because he is mu husband. Kabir gets shocked.

She says you can’t do anything, I will stand as a shield in front of him, my passion will get high, we will be winning, you will lose, its my promise. He holds her hand and says you won’t do this. She says I m not a liar like you, I do what I say. She leaves. Kabir gets angry and picks a cutter. She goes to open the stuck door. Kabir smiles and says life’s race has just one principle, when the horse gets handicapped, its of no use, you are dead now. She hits a vase on his head. Kabir wakes up from his dream.

Vansh says our company shares will get double once this deal is signed. Rudra says you know every deal is incomplete without her signs. Vansh says of course. Riddhima thinks about whom is he talking. Vansh says here, she is. Anupriya comes. Vansh says my mom, who matters a lot in my personal and professional life too, we can’t do anything without her wish and blessings. Anupriya says so sweet, you trust me a lot, I hope I never disappoint you. She signs the papers. He says I know you won’t, come, we need to talk about another business proposal. Ishani makes burning coal ready. Riddhima says Vansh won’t trust me without the proof, why did Anupriya behave like that, what’s in her locker, I should get keys from that bangle. She goes to Ishani. Anupriya asks Kabir not to worry, she thought of a good plan for Riddhima. Riddhima gets stuck because of the glue on the floor. She stumbles inside some room. She sees a huge layer of burning coal inside. Ishani looks the door. Riddhima shouts Dadi, Vansh, someone save me. Anupriya comes and locks the door. Ishani says very soon, this smoke will change into poisonous gas and then good bye Riddhima… Anupriya smiles. Riddhima gets burnt by stepping on the burning coal. She coughs a lot and knocks the door.

She sees Vansh there. Vansh says you can do it with all your strength, come. He holds her hand. She imagines him and walks on the burning coal. Iss ishq mein marjawan…..plays… He gets her to the other side window and opens it. She goes out of the window. She jumps down and coughs. She says Vansh we got saved…. She doesn’t see him and calls him out. She says he wasn’t with me, but still he was with me, he saved my life. She recalls Kabir’s words, don’t let fear overcome your mind. She says what happened with me, I used to see Kabir when I was in pain, how did Vansh take Kabir’s place, why. She goes to her room and calls out Vansh. Vansh sees her hurt and shouts Riddhima. He runs to her. She cries and opens arms. He hugs her. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…

Anupriya poisons the watermelon. She says you will forget to breath after eating this. Riddhima spots the poison. Vansh eats the melon. She stops Vansh and asks are you feeling fine, tell me, this has poison in it. Vansh faints down, expelling white foam from his mouth. Riddhima gets shocked and shouts to call Dadi.


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