Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 6th October 2020 episode starts with Ridhima stopping Vansh from eating watermelon saying there is poison in it. Vansh coughs and she gets scared. He laughs and says she needs rest. She says she’ll call doctor. He grabs her hand and stops her. He says he’s absolutely fine. She thinks maybe she was wrong and there was nothing in watermelon. Suddenly, Vansh gets quiet. She asks why he is standing quiet. He falls on the ground with white thing coming out of his mouth. She screams Dadi. Ishani wakes up hearing Dadi’s voice. She sees her bracelet out of her hand and thinks Ridhima is behind that. She storms in her room saying how dare.. Ridhima asks her to be quiet. Doctor informs to keep Vansh’s body warm else there can be complication. Doctor leaves.

Ishani says she’s sure Ridhima did something. She asks how poison went into his body? She was trying to kill him, right? Dadi says what are you saying? She saved his life. She says they should let him rest. Anupriya says she will stay with him tonight. Dadi says he’s married now. Let Ridhima take care of him. Anupriya thinks she wanted this to happen with Ridhima, but it happened with Vansh. Anupriya and Ishani leave. Dadi wipes Ridhima’s tears and says one day she was in such condition, and Vansh was in tears. That day she told him love has a lot of power. He will be okay. She leaves.

Other side, Ishani informs Anupriya that key is missing from her bracelet. It has to be Ridhima behind that. Anupriya shows her the key. Ishani asks that means she (Anupriya) did it? Anupriya says, she was right that Ridhima did it, but she managed to snatch it away from her. Ishani asks why she’s giving it to her? She was behind that bracelet too. Anupriya says she’s her daughter. If she really loves that bracelet, then she can keep it. Ishani leaves. Anupriya takes out the real key and says sorry Ishani for giving fake key.. it’s just to calm her curiosity. She cannot trust anyone when it’s about her son.

Vansh’s temperature is not going down. Ridhima puts socks in his feet and covers him with blanket. She thinks Vansh’s condition is not good and gets tensed.

She comes to kitchen. Anupriya comes and asks if Vansh wants anything. Ridhima asks does she know what she has done? Vansh just barely survived. He is in so much pain right now. Mothers do anything to save their children, but she’s playing with his life. Anupriya says Ridhima is to blame. She told Ridhima to stay in her limits, but she didn’t listen because she doesn’t care about anyone. This is why she’s responsible for whatever is happening in that house. She further tells Ridhima that she hopes she gets a lesson from this. Anupriya was leaving. Ridhima grabs her hand and stops her. Anupriya pulls her hand and asks how dare she. Ridhima says no one can change the fact that she’s behind Vansh’s condition like this. If anything happens to him, but she won’t spare her. Ridhima leaves.

Ridhima comes to mandir and was going to Bappa, but someone has spread piecees of glass there and she gets hurt. Anupriya comes and says she knew it that she will go to Bappa. She warns her that if she wants to safe, then she should stop interfering in her and her family’s matters. Ridhima says she will also see who wins. Anupriya’s ploy or her faith. She continues walking on pieces of glass. Anupriya is shocked. Ridhima reaches to Bappa and takes diya in her hand and prays. She recalls Vansh taking care of her when she got hurt and when her life was in danger. She recalls their moments. She tells Anupriya no matter how much one can try, no one can be God. That’s why savior is greater than killer. Bappa is and will always be with her. Anupriya leaves. She says whenever she needed help, Vansh came forward. She doesn’t know how true their relation is, but she prays for Vansh’s recovery. She’s feeling pain in her feet and thinks Vansh shouldn’t come to know about that.

She comes back to Vansh and checks his temperature. It’s still not come down. She says Vansh has saved him every time, now it’s her turn. She won’t let anything happen to him. She sleeps beside him and hugs him.

It’s morning. She opens her eyes and looks at Vansh. She checks his temperature and it is normal now. She smiles. She moves his hand and wonders why she has started getting so concerned for Vansh. She doesn’t like to see him pain.

Dadi tells Ridhima that she needs to take care of her as well, else how she will be able to take care of Vansh. She asks her to eat some fruit. She sees watermelon and quickly says no for watermelon. Dadi wonders how watermelon gave reaction to Vansh. She asks Chanchal she cut it right. Chanchal says yes. Ridhima asks Chanchan whether anyone asked her to mix anything. Chanchal gets angry. Dadi says Ridhima asked if anyone told her to mix anything. Chanchal says she understands everything, she is not an idiot. She leaves.

Kabir tells Anupriya not to underestimate Ridhima. If she reaches to treasure box, then their game will be over. She says she’s just playing with her. Vansh trusts Anupriya blindly, so he won’t hear anything against her.

Ridhima brings breakfast for Vansh. She asks him to eat and then he has to take medicine. He asks what doctor said. She recalls Anupriya’s words. She says he didn’t say clearly, but she knows how this happened. He tells her not to repeat watermelon story. His family members cannot do this. She says mummy ji… He gets shocked.


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ridhima tries to tell Anupriya’s truth to Vansh, but he gets angry at her. Ridhima opens a cupboard and sees treasure box. Anupriya comes there and is shocked.


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