Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima saying I will face death and win to get a life, I will go from this mansion, but with the proof. She digs the ground. She says Sunny told me, was his info wrong, what was that sound. Someone looks on. She gets a diary. She reads Ragini and says it means its her personal diary. She goes home. Everyone looks at her. She thinks why is everyone seeing me like this, do they know that I got Ragini’s diary. Chanchal taunts her. Vansh says so its decided, you all are going for an outing. She thinks is this his plan. She says I m not fine, can I stay back. He says why not, I can’t take risk, after all I have to care for you, you won’t go, I will be here to take care of you. She looks at him. Dadi smiles. She thinks it will be risky to stay with him in the house. Ishani says sorry, I don’t want to go. Vansh says I know you won’t like to go, this outing is for you, go, you will like it.

Siya says Vansh and Riddhimaa will get private time together. Dadi says we will go and do the packing. Chanchal says its our first outing after lockdown. Aryan says you would be confused about the story behind the holiday, you will be alone with Vansh, wish you all the best. He goes. Riddhima sees Vansh. He signs to shoot her. She gets tensed and bumps into Dadi. Dadi says you should be happy that Vansh is giving you a second chance, try to make everything fine, think the fate is also giving you a second chance. Riddhima goes. Ishani says Vansh doesn’t care for my feelings, Sunny was my life, Vansh wants me to go to farmhouse and enjoy, he wants to be with Riddhima at home, can’t he see my pain. Aryan says just think, Vansh and Riddhima alone in the house, you know Vansh well, recall when did he do this and why.

She says oh, history will repeat itself again. He says exactly, Vansh is my brother, none knows him better than me, he doesn’t leave any cheater, whatever the relation is. Riddhima thinks all the secrets will be out. She checks the diary and reads about Vansh and Ragini’s love story. She says Vansh is praised, he seems to be best BF for her. She recalls Aryan’s words. She says I also feel scared of him. Someone comes to see her. Riddhima reads, Vansh isn’t the one as he appears, he had raised hand on me when I asked him about the past, maybe he will kill me now. Someone enters the room and snatches the diary. She stops him to get diary back. Riddhima asks who is it, give me the diary. The person runs away. She says where did he go, how doesn’t want me to reach Ragini’s truth. She goes back to the room. She gets the diary and says I have to make it reach Kabir, its a big hope for me. She wraps the diary and its some greetings and roses in the box. She writes I m in danger, please save me. Dadi says your friend is lucky that you remember her birthday and sending the gift, what’s her name.

Riddhima says Sejal, I love her a lot, I hope she likes my surprise. Vansh stops Riddhima. She says I m not going out, I called the courier boy. Vansh says interesting… so you have made all arrangements, can I see what’s inside, after all my wife is sending the gift. Riddhima says I know you want to check it, there is a birthday card, flowers and a book, let me go. He says you doubt a lot, there is no cure for doubt, I just wanted to see, it gets tough to explain the heart, the heart doesn’t agree. He takes the parcel and unwraps it. Dadi stops him and says its wrong Vansh, let her go, she is sending the gift to her friend. Vansh wraps back the parcel. Riddhima goes and sends the parcel. Vansh thinks I know you aren’t sending the parcel to Sejal. He smiles and goes. She thinks once Kabir gets this diary, he will understand everything, he will come to save me. Angre says Riddhima has sent the diary to the postal address. Vansh says we have to make enemy think that he is winning, when the plan’s mastermind comes to receive the diary, we will know everything, check mate.

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