Ishq Subhan Allah 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Ishq Subhan Allah 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Subhan Allah 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Kabir is running in the treadmill and recalls Zara’s death. He runs fast and shouts that I will find him. He falls down. Zara rushes to him and asks if he is fine? Kabir says I can’t find that killer, I don’t have a proof. Zara says your father… he might know something.

The kids are playing the room. Ruksaar comes there and sees the cotton fallen everywhere. She thinks that I have to find the locket. She asks them to keep playing and looks around. The locket is there but she doesn’t see it. She leaves from there. Zara comes there and stops the kids. She cleans the mess and finds that locket. She says if this is of Ruksaar? She puts it on the table.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz and tries to talk but he is busy on the call. He gives him papers. Zeenat comes there and says that the kids want to leave. Will you take Zaid with you? Kabir says he is part of this family. Shahbaz leaves.

Ruksaar is looking around for her locket. She sees Kabir going to the terrace. Kabir looks at the sky and says my Zara was so pure, how could anyone do this with her? Punish that person, bring him to me.
Ruksaar looks around in Kabir’s room and doesn’t find the locket. She sees his cupboard opened and finds Zara’s hand’s picture with the same bracelet. She finds the post-martem report which says that she was shot. Ruksaar is shocked and says Kabir got to know that Zara was killed. She says what if Kabir gets to know that Shahbaz killed her then he won’t spare him, I have to do something, I have to find that key.

Scene 2
Zara sees Shahbaz’s report on TV. She sees him wearing the same garland which had the locket. She says it’s his locket, I will give it to him.

Ruksaar takes the box of proofs and thinks that before Kabir finds the proofs, he should know that his father killed Zara and not me. She leaves the box in Shahbaz’s room and leaves.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz’s convention. Shahbaz says my pride, my son is here. HE calls him on the stage and hugs him. Kabir says I have to talk to you.

Zara comes to Shahbaz’s room and falls down. The key falls from the box. She says what is this key for? She finds the box there.

Shahbaz asks Kabir what happened? Kabir says I have to talk about Zara Kabir Ahmed. Shahbaz is shocked and says what? Kabir says Zara’s death was not an accident, she was killed. Shahbaz is shocked.

Zara thinks if she can open the lock with this key. She uses it and the box opens. She is shocked to see a gun inside with blooded clothes.

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