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Ishq Subhan Allah 31st August 2020Zara tells Kabir that I just want you back, I have forgiven Shahbaz,.. I should leave now. Kabir says why? I mean what about the treatment? Zara says I didn’t bring my instruments, I just wanted to meet him. I don’t want my beliefs to break your rules, I know you don’t like music playing in this house so open the out-house and I will start treatment there. Kabir smiles and says why you are so nice? Zara says because you are with me. Imran calls Kabir. Kabir leaves.

Kabir cooks lunch for Zara.

Zara sits in front of Shahbaz and eyes him. He is tensed. Zara says I will come here daily to treat you, you will become fine, you have to become fine. You wanted to see the whole city praying behind Kabir on Eid, now you become fine and see that this eid. Kabir comes there and says it’s time for food. Zeenat comes there and says I will make him.

Kabir and Imran sit down to have lunch. Imran says Kabir has made food for you, sit Zara. Kabir tells Zara that I can’t make good food like you but I have tried so please have lunch. Zara sits with him and opens her lunchbox. Kabir says what’s this? Zara says you have some rules like you don’t eat outside, the same way when I go to treat my patient, I don’t take money or eat from them. Kabir says this is not just your patient’s house, I am requesting you as I made it for you. Zara says your rules are above your love. I remember when you came to Zahida’s house and I made food for you but you said no to Zahida. I am helpless like you, I know you are feeling bad but I felt bad too, let’s see where it takes us. Kabir is hurt. Zara thinks I am sorry Kabir but like I had to follow your rules and get another room for music healing, the same way I am arguing about my rules like you do. I just want him to find a middle way like I did by asking for a separate room. The same way we can find a middle way in our lives to be happy together. Kabir tells Zara that I will make food daily for you, I will not eat. Imran says you will get ill, he asks Zara to eat his food otherwise Kabir will get ill. Kabir says she used to be so concerned about me but now she is eating without any care for my food. Zara says if you have cooked food then eat it, I didn’t ask you to make food for me, I didn’t come here as a guest or to meet you. I came here to make Shahbaz’s life better. Kabir says because Kabir and Zara’s lives are joined together. Zara says no, we have stubbornness standing between our love and till it’s there you will keep tearing our nikah papers. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Zara brings ice-cream for Shahbaz and says I know you like it. Shahbaz looks on. Zara says I know you want it, take it, please. Shahbaz tries to move but can’t. Zara says I will help you today. She is about to make him eat but Ruksaar comes there and pulls her away. She says you want to give him poison? She throws ice-cream away and tells Shahbaz to stay away from her. Zara says I don’t want negativity in this room so go away. Ruksaar says this is my house so go away otherwise I will kill you. Zeenat comes there and says she will tell your jokes to Kabir as something serious. Ruksaar says no Kabir was standing with me that day and saved me from her. She is so shameless that she doesn’t care, Kabir threw nikah papers at her but she is running back to him. Zara says I repent to never punish you because you are part of this house, I didn’t say anything to you. Ruksaar says Kabir married me also. Zara says I don’t have any relationship with you anymore so.. she raises her hand but stops. Kabir comes there and tells Ruksaar and Zeenat to not come in Shahbaz’s room when Zara is here. Kabir asks Zara if they said anything? Zara says do you want to know? Imran comes there so Zara asks him to stay here and nods at Kabir. They both leave.

Zara makes a plate for Kabir and says I will tell you what Ruksaar said if you eat food. Kabir makes a face. Zara says you are making a face like I am asking you to sing, you should kiss my hand for stopping you from sinning, you shouldn’t disrespect food. Kabir says oh God I am so wrong, if you don’t stop me then you are a sinner. If I am doing a sin then you can make me eat. Zara says my hands are denying that.. she offers him food with her hands. Kabir is mesmerized and holds her hand. He says I can’t believe you are making me eat today here. Zara says I am earning a reward from God. Kabir says what did Ruksaar say in the room? Zara says you tell me first what’s your relation with Ruksaar right now? Kabir looks on.

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