Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 11th January 2022 Episode starts with Sanjay sitting at Paragi’s bedside, while everyone is standing. He tells Sushma that Paragi gained consciousness. Parashar asks you have risked your life for UPSC after the accident. Paragi says I have risked everything for UPSC,

if I haven’t given the exam then my life would have ended. Nutan says we can just hope that Sanju has written his exam in your worry. Sanjay says you will blame Paragi and will not ask how this accident happen. He says I was the target, but Paragi saw the speedy bike and came infront of it to save me, else I wouldn’t have been alive to write the exam. He says don’t know who is this enemy?

Pramod goes to find out, through CCTV footage. Nutan tells that recovery will be slow, she can’t attend the marriage rituals, so it needs to be postponed. Chanda says no, don’t worry about Paragi. She tells that she will make her drink haldi milk of her diary and will massage her, so that she gets ready fast.

She says it will be difficult to change the date. Sanjay asks what is the priority, marriage or Paragi’s health. He says until Paragi gets fine, we will not get married. Paragi says we will not cancel any of the rasams, and says I wrote the exam as you was there, and tells that she will do the marriage rituals too.

Sushma says you have 2 days still and asks her to get well soon. Pramod comes back and tells that biker is found who did Paragi’s accident? Sanjay asks who is he? Pramod says Gulshan Dubey. Sanjay says I will not leave him. Pramod says Police confirmed seeing the CCTV footage. Nutan asks if he was the same guy, with whom Paragi’s marriage was fixed. Chanda says it was misunderstanding and just the engagement had happened. Nutan says I am not talking to you, and taunts Paragi.

Sanjay asks if you have any problem with Paragi, me or our marriage, then I feel that you shall not attend this marriage, I am respectfully saying this. Paragi asks Sanjay what is he saying? She says can you marry without her blessings? She says Bua ji loves you more than you love her.

She apologizes to Nutan on Sanjay and her behalf. She requests her to bless them. Nutan says sorry. She says I can be angry with Sanju but for not long, and says sorry beta for disrespecting Paragi and you. She says you asked me to go, but I will not go, how can your marriage without me. Vinod tells that UPSC results will come on the marriage day. Sushma tells about the rituals.

Paragi sits for the rasams. Guests talk if the bride’s family can give 101 gold coins. Nutan takes Sushma to the side and tells that it seems Paragi’s family don’t know about our family’s rasam. She says baby and your family have done this rasam too. She says it is inauspicious if the gold coins rasam is not done, and says Paragi is educated and will return the money to her family when she becomes IAS. Sushma comes in her talks and tells that this rasam shall happen in sanjay’s marriage too.

Sushma takes Chanda to side, and says I want to tell you about an important rasam. Chanda asks what? Sushma says you have to give 101 gold coins to our close family and relatives. She says if this rasam don’t happen, then it is called inauspicious. She says if this rasam don’t happen, then our guests will not give respect to Paragi.

She says you have to give 101 gold coins to our guests. Sanjay and Paragi come there. He asks what is the shagun? Paragi asks if everything is fine? Chanda says nothing is fine. Nutan says both samdhans are discussing about rasams, gifts, taking care of guest. Sushma says we are there to decide about the rasams and asks them to enjoy the function with their friends. Sanjay and Paragi go.

Later everyone is dancing. Paragi thinks Bade mummy is tensed. Chanda talks to someone and thinks she shall arrange 101 gold coins, else Paragi will be here all life. Parashar asks if they asked dowry. Chanda says educated people take shagun and not dowry. He says it is dowry. She says we had given it in Aditi’s marriage, and now will give as shagun in Paragi’s marriage as well. She goes.

Later, Sanjay and his family are dancing. Chanda, Parashar and their sons come there. Sanjay says I want to ask something from you and I hope you will not refuse? Chanda and Parashar get tensed.


Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji asks Paragi and Sanjay to take the 7th round. Chanda says Paragi has cleared the exam, but Sanjay haven’t. Nutan asks Sanjay if he will marry her still. Paragi asks if you would have asked the same question if I haven’t passed the test. Sanjay looks on.


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