Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 10th June 2022 Episode starts with Purvi saying I was dead for you both, how can I come back.

She goes. Kusum says her mum is in sorrow. Jagannath says Purvi won’t go anything, they both declared her dead. Kusum says their bond can’t break, Purvi might regret later, we can’t stop her here. Purvi cries in her room.

Kusum comes and consoles her. Purvi says I hate them. Kusum says you lost your dad, cry as much as you want. Purvi says I don’t want to think of them. Kusum asks can you forget them, your dad had died, you think what does your mum have, except you, you have seen your uncle and I are also alone,

we have no one, but we are together, your mum is alone. Purvi says don’t ask me to go to her. Kusum says your mum needs you. Purvi says no, please let me stay with you. Kusum explains her.

Next day, Kashi comes to meet Purvi. She says if uncle stops me, then I won’t go anywhere. He asks what if I stop you. She looks at him. She packs her bag. She says Isha gave me this locket. She opens it and sees Kashi and her pics in it. Ek dil hai…plays… Purvi asks Kashi to make her wear it.

Kashi smiles. He makes her wear it. Purvi says I need some time, until this baby comes. Kashi nods and cries happily. She asks why are you crying. He says no. She hugs Dolly. Kusum makes Jagannath make the sweater. He taunts her. He says you love Purvi, so you want to keep her here like you wanted to keep Deepa, let Purvi go.

Purvi comes and says I m going, uncle ji. He turns away. She says I don’t want to go. He gets angry on her. She says I know you are saying this to hurt me, you don’t want me to go, tell me once, I will stop if you say, I promise. They cry. He bursts the chewing gum. They smile. Purvi hugs him.

Rekha comes home and calls out Purvi. She opens arms for Purvi. Purvi runs. The sweater thread gets stuck to her bangle. Purvi hugs Rekha and cries. Jagannath asks Purvi to go and not turn back. Purvi waves to them, and leaves.

The thread breaks. Jagannath says I told you, it will be just we two in the end, totally alone. Kusum says no, we aren’t alone, Purvi has filled our heart with sweet and sour memories, Delhi isn’t so far, she will come running on your call,

she won’t leave you, she is your friend. He says its 9am, I didn’t get tea, you don’t do any work on time. They argue. Baby gets his tea. Ye Jeevan hai…plays….

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