Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 23rd May 2022 Ep  Episode starts with Jagannath saying I had gone to the bank, I was restless thinking of Kashi, he sold his agency to save our house, I had the insurance and bonds, I arranged 25 lakhs. She says good. He says I have to arrange 20 lakhs more. She says Kashi should agree to take the money back, have food, you look worried.

He says I m thinking to find a job. She asks why. He says you know we survive in the pension, we have kids, Purvi with us, its impossible to save 20 lakhs. She asks where will you find a job, can you do a job in this age. He says I have to do the job, Alok has put the burden of debt on me.

She encourages him. He says everything will get fine. He eats the food and says its good. They both think of Kashi. Isha asks Kashi to think about his future. Kashi asks her not to worry, he still have this Akhada. Badri says the wrestlers have left. Isha says he is right, we should plan a startup, a unique idea that can be transformed into business, we can do this.

He says no, go and do MBA, Deepa will be glad. She says I don’t want anyone to say that you have no future, Kashi will also settle one day, right. Purvi comes and says I met instant noodles for everyone. Kashi says you know what I want and when. Purvi says what are friends for.

Isha says yes, Kashi isn’t valuing friendship. Kashi says I don’t understand. He asks Purvi to hear Isha’s ideas for the business. Isha says its for your business, I have thought good for Purvi’s future, I spoke to the career counsellor, Purvi has to give an audition tomorrow. Jagannath gets ready.

Kusum comes and asks what do you want. He asks for his pen and kerchief. She says its here. He says I m going for a job interview, I told you about the job, what are you thinking, tell me. She says refuse if the salary isn’t good, no need to go far for the job. He asks her why is she worried. He says I m not going to do any labour work, I will do desk work, don’t get scared, apply the tilak. Kusum does the tilak to him.

Purvi comes and asks which work is he going to do. He says I had a pending work. Purvi says you also apply tilak to me, Isha requested for my job interview, it’s a radio jockey job. He says radio announcer. She says yes, its different. He says this work is on contract basis, it has no job security. Purvi says listen to me once.

He asks what will be the salary, radio works late night, you would need to work late. He asks Kusum to explain, this job isn’t for Purvi. Kusum says I don’t know anything. Purvi says you told me once to do anything with efforts, you will get success, I don’t have big degrees and talent, I just know to talk, so I m trying this job, I can make a career here, you also want me to get independent, bless me.

Kusum applies the tilak to him. Jagannath says fine, I will come with you. They come to the radio station. He sees the youngsters and asks what’s this place. Purvi says they are different, nothing else, audition will happen here, relax uncle ji, let me give the audition once. He says come with me, do the job somewhere else. Purvi tells her name, Purvi Mishra. The guy asks her to sit and wait.

She says Jagannath is my grandfather. He says really, you got him here, you both sit here. He says I will not leave you here and go. She says I will be fine. He says I have imp work, wait here, I will come back. She says I will be here. He goes. The guy says radio jockey job isn’t easy, are you scared, just tell me if you can’t do this. She says no. She remembers Jagannath’s words.


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagannath doesn’t get any job. Purvi cries. The girl asks are you scared. Jagannath looks on.


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