Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 27th April 2022 Episode starts with Tripathi asking what shall I do now. Jagannath says fold hands and apologize to my wife, you have insulted her. Tripathi says she has no respect, you don’t know what she did there. Jagannath says she is my wife, talk to her well.

Tripathi says then keep her at home, why do you leave her in the market. Jagannath slaps him and scolds. Tripathi argues with him. Jagannath slaps him again. Tripathi pushes him. Kashi comes and holds Jagannath. He scolds Tripathi and beats him. Purvi holds Jagannath and cries. Tripathi says Purvi is responsible for all this, are you her new lover, is this baby yours also. Kashi slaps him.

Purvi says this is my baby, its not of your son or anyone else, I don’t care if the baby gets a dad’s name or not, his mum’s name is enough, this baby won’t be aborted now, I was scared of the people’s taunt, you have defamed me so much that I have no fear left, I have decided to bring the baby in this world.

She says you and your son can’t do anything. She asks Jagannath to promise, no one will come and request them, they won’t fight or do anything. Jagannath nods. Purvi says I got free by giving my problem to Lord, am I doing right. Jagannath says yes. She says we will go from here now. They leave. Kashi says I will go to Australia and beat your son a lot. He sees Babu’s pit there and breaks the frame. Tripathi worries.

Jagannath takes Purvi home. Jeetein hai chal….plays…. Deepa asks the lady not to say this to anyone. The lady says I won’t say. They see Purvi coming. The lady says such things won’t hide when Purvi roams around in pregnant state. Deepa asks Jagannath about the fight. He asks where is Kusum. She says she is sleeping, I didn’t tell her anything. They go. The lady says pandit ji can lose respect if he supports the girl. She goes.

Jagannath and Purvi come to Kusum. He says I had gone to Tripathi, you thought I won’t know if you don’t tell me, I have scolded him and also slapped him twice, Kashi also came there and Purvi also came, you are my pride,

you went there, you were scared for Purvi’s baby, don’t worry, Purvi told Tripathi that she will give birth to this baby. Kusum smiles. Purvi says yes, you told me that I m the unlucky mum who can’t celebrate the baby’s birth, it was true, I was scared, I agreed for abortion, but now I have changed my mind, I also want to feel that amazing feeling of a happy mother, a proud mother. Deepa looks on.

Purvi says uncle asked me to have courage to face consequences of the decision, I will keep courage, you are there to guide me. Kusum smiles. He says you have fever. She says I will be fine now, I will have some khichdi and medicines. Purvi says I will just get it. She goes and sees Deepa. She sees Kashi and Isha.

She greets Kashi. She says Kusum is much better now. Isha asks her to try coffee. Purvi says no thanks. Isha says Kashi loves the coffee. Kashi says yes, she makes it well. Purvi says I don’t want to have it now. Isha says no coffee in pregnancy, did you feel bad. Purvi says no, there is nothing to feel bad, it’s a good feeling to become a mum. Isha asks how do you know that. Purvi says I will soon feel so,

I heard it and accepted it, I m sure it must be a beautiful feeling. Isha asks is marriage possible for you now, Indian guys aren’t open minded, they should be, but sadly they aren’t. Purvi says no, I m not thinking of marriage, since Babu cheated me, I hate the name of marriage, I have decided,

just me and my baby will be my family. Isha says its really sad, I m with you, don’t worry, what are friends for. Purvi thanks her. She says I m lucky to get friends like you and Kashi. She goes. Isha sees Kashi smiling. She says she doesn’t want to marry, why are you getting happy. Kashi says its nothing like that. She says I was kidding.


Jagannath aur Poorvi ki Dosti Anokhi 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Deepa says Purvi is pregnant, will we raise her child. Jagannath says I m not asking you and Alok to help her. Alok argues with him.


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