Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 10th September 2020 Episode starts with Narendra crying seeing his mother becoming stone. Kishori says Maa is not saying anything. Narendra hugs her. Kishori tells that someone came here, his sound was of a dangerous animal. Narendra tells that he was not an animal, but Prachanda sur and tells that whoever he sees becomes stone. Kishori asks how did I get saved then? She asks why didn’t I become stone as I couldn’t see him. Narendra thinks yesterday he saw her, but didn’t become stone. He thinks he didn’t become as he didn’t look in Prachanda sur’s eyes. He asks Kishori to come with him to Mata Rani and comes to her cave. Mata Rani gives them darshan and tells that Prachanda sur end is sure. Narendra asks her not to look in Prachanda sur’s eyes and tells that Kishori got saved as she is blind. Kishore asks how you will face him without seeing. Vaishnavi asks Narendra to go to Bharti and asks Kishori to go to her mother, says everything will be fine. Prachanda sur tells that nobody can defeat him and boosts himself. Vaishnavi tells that he didn’t leave any way for her. Prachanda sur asks her to come infront of him and asks if she don’t have the courage to come infront of him. Vaishnavi appears before him and moves away to his sight.

Prachanda sur asks her to come infront of him. Vaishnavi calls him son and asks him to leave his revenge and sin. He says nobody can stop my revenge. He sits down. She says I can do this and don’t need to rest till Anant kaal, but can you do this. She says you are taking revenge from humans since many years, but can your revenge bring Latika back to you. She says your pain will not go if you hurt others. She asks him to do penance and free himself from revenge. She asks him to mend his ways. Prachanda sur doesn’t want agree and asks her to come infront of him and fight with him. Vaishnavi becomes giant and throws her trishul on his eyes.

The trishul damages his eyes and he writhes in pain. He sits down and asks what did you do? If you don’t have courage to kill me, then why did you do this. Vaishnavi says son..even I don’t have the courage to do this also and tells that as he doesn’t experienced mother’s love, he doesn’t know that a mother can’t be happy hurting her child, but can do anything to bring her child on the right path. She tells that this power had become curse for him and that’s why she freed him. She tells that nobody will call you guilty, nobody will make fun on you and nobody will go far away from you. Prachanda sur apologizes to her and tells that his revenge made him blind. He says I have made many turned into stones and asks her if there is a way to make them humans again from stone. He asks her to help him. Vaishnavi turns to all the stones idols and make them humans again. Everyone gets happy to see them as humans again.

Sridhar, Shullu, Sulochana, Bharti, bhakti, Devendra and others become fine again. The title song plays… Narendra gets happy and hugs Bharti. Bhakti hugs Bharti and says Shullu must be fine by now. Bharti says yes. Lali says everyone must have been fine. Sulochana, Sridhar, Prasad, others looks at themselves. Jyoti asks Kishore, how did she become fine? Kishore says it means Mata Rani has end Prachanda sur. Prasad gets scared and says Asur. Vaishnavi asks them not to get afraid and says Prachand will not harm anyone. Everyone folds their hands before Vaishnavi. Prasad hugs Sulochana. Bhooli signs her husband to fold his hands. He holds his hands before Mata Rani. Prachand asks Mata Rani if Latika has become fine. Latika and the three guys become fine. They run away from there. Latika calls Prachand…Vaishnavi asks Prachand to go and says she is waiting for you. Prachand lies down before Vaishnavi and thanks her, tells that he will wait for her call. Vaishnavi blesses him.

Everyone gather outside Vaishnavi’s cave. Vaishnavi tells that truth always win. She tells that the happiness arising from truth is fruitful and asks everyone to walk on the right path. Lali apologizes to Vaishnavi and says we have doubted on you, our mother. Vaishnavi says sometimes circumstances forces us. She asks her to make her devotion strong. Jyoti and Kishori thank Matarani in Bharti’s room. Devendra comes home and thinks he will destroy Vaishno Devi and will fulfill his Guru ji’s work.

A girl is seen crying and asks the lady to free her from the cage. The lady comes to the girl and asks her to be silent. She says if you utter any more words then I will make your condition more worse. She says I will take you out, but don’t do any mistake else I will lock you again in this cage. The girl comes out and cries. The lady calls her Rajjo, asks her to sweep and wipe the floor, then make tasty food for her. She says she is going for rest and don’t want any kind of mistake.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajjo cries and says Maa why did you go? Vaishnavi comes there and gives her chunari, asking her to call her whenever she misses her.


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