Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th August 2020 Bharti coming to Narendra and asks him to get up. She says if you sleep without having food then you can’t get a good sleep. Narendra gets up. Bharti asks him to eat food. Narendra asks her to eat first. Bharti says she will have food after making him eat. She feeds him food with her hand, taking family member’s name. He refuses to have the food when she tries to feed him taking Mata Rani’s name. He says you know well. Bheema tries to hear them and recalls Devendra giving him task to spy on them. Bharti gets upset. Narendra asks her to eat food. Bharti refuses. Narendra gives her promise of Mata Rani. Bheema thinks Bharti is fasting and Narendra is trying to feed her food. Bharti tells that she can’t have food until she keeps Mata Rani’s idol in her house. Narendra thinks I ate the food, but she didn’t.

Mangu comes to the jungle hearing his wife and son’s voices. He thinks from where they are calling me and tells that he will protect them.

Devendra thinks of Bheema telling him that Bharti is fasting today and Narendra is trying to feed her. He tells that he called everyone for dinner, so that they all can have food with new bahu. Jyoti says yes. Devendra asks Bharti if she has ever seen or eaten these many food items in her life. He asks her to sit. Bharti sits. Devendra asks her to eat food and asks are you shock seeing so many dishes. He says your sasural is very rich, have food. Bharti says ok. Kishori thinks what happened to pita ji today, he is forcing Bharti to have food. Devendra asks Narendra to eat food. Bharti apologizes to Mata Rani and thinks she can’t have food without bringing her here. A rat comes there. Devendra asks from where it came from. Jyoti says it must have come from the storeroom. Devendra says it must have made the food ruined and gets up scolding Jyoti. He goes. Jyoti takes a sigh of relief as she sticks to her words.

Bhadrak asks him to see his wife and son there and make him see illusionary vision. Mangu feels pain seeing his family in pain. Vaishnavi gets teary eyed and tells that her bhakt Mangu is in immense pain. Bhadrak is instigated him towards negativity and Mangu is struggling with pain. His wife and son asks him to protect him. Mangu says nothing will happen to you both, asks Dhaniya, his wife to take care of both. He asks Bhadrak to let his wife and son go, why is he punishing them? Bhadrak says they are suffering because of you. Mangu asks what do you want from me? Bhadrak says I told you that I can bring your wife and son back, but you didn’t believe my words and thought me as thug like Vaishno Devi. Mangu says I trust your miracle, let them go. Bhadrak says ok, but before you have to pay me the price for their mukti. Mangu says I will do whatever you say, but please let them go. Bhadrak makes the knife appear on his hand with magic and says if you want your wife and son get mukti then take this kataar and stabbed Vaishnavi. He says this is the only way to get peace for your wife and son. His wife and son asks him to protect them. Bhadrak asks him to go and save either wife and son or Vaishno Devi. He says decision is yours and family is yours too. Mangu takes the knife in his hand and goes from there. Bhadrak smiles and closes the wall.

Narendra recalls Bharti’s words and asks her to have breakfast before starting the work. Bharti refuses. Narendra asks then how you will do work. Bharti asks him not to worry and tells that there is power in Mata Rani’s devotion. Narendra thinks Bharti will agree to Bhakti Maai’s sayings. Bharti feels dizzy. He comes to bhakti’s house and comes to know that she went to the cave for Mata Rani’s darshan. Sulochana scolds her son and asks him to do sit ups. Vaishnavi comes there. They greet her. Vaishnavi asks Sulochana to forgive the innocent child. She says another innocent guy is bearing the pain. Shullu asks who? Vaishnavi says Narendra and tells that he is wandering here and there. Mangu is coming to Vaishnavi and is on the way. He sees some people chanting Jai Mata Di. Narendra is also coming there and collides with Mangu. Narendra’s money and Mangu’s knife falls down. They pick their things. Narendra says he is going to get something for his wife. Mangu says he is also going for his wife and son. He thinks he has to do something.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mangu comes to Vaishnavi and tells that he don’t believe in any God. He stabs knife in her stomach and looks on.


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