Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st September 2020 Bharti asking Devendra to leave Narendra, as they tie him to the bed. She pleads infront of them. Bheema pushes her. Bharti sees ring in his finger and tries to open the rope. Devendra asks Bheema to take her away. Bheema asks her not to go near Narendra. Bharti comes to Narendra and asks who gave you this ring. Narendra gets angry and tells that it is given by Guru ji as a prize. Bharti is shocked and recalls Vaishnavi’s words. She tries to take off the ring. Devendra asks Bharti if she got mad like his son and asks her to get out from there. He holds her hand and pushes her out of the house. He says I can take care of my house, we don’t need you and asks her to go. A distraught Bharti comes to Vaishnavi and asks her to guide her to save Narendra, as Guru ji will kill him. Vaishnavi asks her to calm down. Bharti says how to maintain calm, my husband’s life is in danger and I couldn’t do anything. Vaishnavi tells that the solution is infront of us always, but we ignore it. Bharti says what? Vaishnavi says it is removed from your memory. Bharti asks what is the way to remember what I have forgotten? Vaishnavi asks her to peep inside her, do meditation and tells that it is the only means and key to get the solutions. Bharti sits down and mediates there, closing her eyes. She finds herself standing somewhere. Vaishnavi asks her to walk. Bharti sees Devendra taking them to Bhadrak’s cave after their marriage. Bhadrak freezes them and telling Devendra that they have to destroy her devotion for Vaishnavi. Bharti sees everything. She opens her eyes and asks Vaishnavi to guide her, on how to stop Bhadrak’s evil. Vaishnavi asks her to show the seeds of devotion in the house to get away from Bhadrak’s evil effect. Bharti swears to call Vaishnavi to her house.

Lali is sleeping with her parents outside the tent, when she wakes up and sees snake infront of her. Lali wakes up her parents and others. She asks Sangram to save her and reminds of his promise. Her parents also ask him to save Lali from snake. Sangram tells that he can’t risk his life and tells that snake will not do anything to lali. Damru tells Lali that he will protect her. Sangram says if you die then I will suffer loses. Damru comes infront of the snake and gets bitten by the snake. Lali cries seeing Damru unconscious. Sangram tells that Damru must have died and tells that he was foolish to face the snake. Lali tells Sangram that nothing can happen to Damru and scolds Sangram for his incapability to save her. She tells that Damru has saved her and risked his life. Sangram asks Lali’s father what to do with Damru’s dead body. Lali’s fathe tells him that he must be having some breath in him, tells that he will tell what to do with his dead body after sometime.

Lali prays to Mata Rani and tells that she is not her bhakt, but is praying on behalf of her bhakt and asks her to save Damru. Vaishnavi comes to Lali and asks her to make Damru have the medicine to get rid of poison effect. Lali asks how did you come here? Vaishnavi says you have just called me and asks her to make Damru drink medicine. Damru becomes fine and thanks Lali for saving him. Lali asks him to thank the lady for giving medicine for him and finds her gone. She calls her parents and tells that Damru is fine. Her parents get happy seeing him fine. Lali tells that a lady came and gave the medicine to him. Sangram says it is good that we would have suffered loss. He asks everyone to sleep and goes. Lali asks Damru, why did he save her? Damru says I love you Lali. Lali says I have betrayed you and you have saved the woman who betrayed you. Damru talks about real love doesn’t see what other did with him. He says he can only think what he can do for his love. He talks about the sacrifices of many people for their love. He tells that Mata Parvati had done rigorous tapasya to get Mahadev and tells that I didn’t do anything.

Jyoti asks Devendra to leave Narendra. Devendra asks her to make arrangement of food for Guru ji and everyone. Jyoti goes. Bharti comes home and thinks she has brought the mud, but how to make Mata Rani’s idol. She thinks she shall make the idol in her room, as Narendra is tied, but there shall be nobody in the room.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sangram and Damru compete with the sword. Sangram attacks Damru and injures him. Lali watches everything from the locked room and tries to come out to Damru and calls his name.


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