Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 23rd September 2020 Episode starts with Pulotama going into the labour. Rajjo panics and cries calling Vaishnavi Maasi for help.

Sometime Back:

Devendra brings Narendra home. Jyoti asks what happened to him? Devendra asks her not to question him and takes him inside. Jyoti asks where is Bharti? Devendra says don’t take her name and tells that she got married to Narendra for our money and when he got into trouble, she deserted him. Jyoti asks him to say what happened? Devendra tells the fabricated story to her. Jyoti is shocked and asks Narendra if this is truth. Narendra cries and hugs her. Jyoti is upset and says that girl has cheated us badly. Kishori says I will never forgive her. Bheema and Devendra smiles. Bheema thinks you have injured many birds with one arrow. Devendra says just see how I defeat Vaishno Devi. Vaishnavi comes to Narendra and gives him darshan. He says you are here and asks why did you come here. He says you must have come to tell me that your faith was wrong on me. Vaishnavi says no. Narendra says why didn’t you to come to make Bharti understand when she called our relationship as foolishness. He says you called yourself as Mata Rani and asks how can you leave your child alone. Vaishnavi says a mother can face any problem, but can’t face destiny. She says whatever is happening with you or Bharti is your destiny, irrespective of the circumstances. You have to face this. She tells that struggle makes life better and asks him not to think him weak or vulnerable and tells that she is always with him. Narendra says neither you nor bharti is with me. Vaishnavi says you have failed in your love and asks how did you believe Bharti’s words are true. She says if your love was so weak then it was right to break the relationship. Narendra asks which love and trust and tells that now there is no relation between them. She says I am ending all my relations with Bharti and you. Vaishnavi says your pain is making me say this bitter words, but listen to me, a child can leave his mother, but a mother can’t. She blesses him and vanishes. Narendra hides the temple kept by Bharti using the curtain. He sets off the diyas in his room and says Bharti calls you Jyota wali, but my life is dark and I will set off your Jyoot. He says this is my present and future. Vaishnavi looks on.

Suraj Bhan comes to Rajjo, tells that he is going out and orders her not to go near Pulotma. He tells that he has decided to send her to her maternal’s family house. Pulotma goes in labour and screams for help. Rajjo hears her and comes to her. She asks her not to worry and ties Vaishnavi’s chunari to Pulotma’s hand. She says Maasi will help you. Pulotma is surprised to see her gesture and recalls trying to tear it. Rajjo calls Vaishnavi for help. Pulotma says nobody comes like this. Door opens up and Vaishnavi comes there. Pulotma thinks how did she come here? Rajjo asks her to help her. Vaishnavi says no and asks why do you want to help her when she troubled you so much. Rajjo says she is my mother and if anything happens to her, then I will not get a mother again. She asks her to help her. Vaishnavi wipes her tears and asks her not to worry. She says nothing will happen to your mother.

In the morning, Vaishnavi is seen holding the baby in her hands and tells Pulotma that she hopes that this child will teach her motherly love. She tells that you didn’t behave nicely with Rajjo and troubled her a lot, but she was insisted for your recovery and was in pain seeing you in pain. She asks her to take her child. Pulotma tells that she can’t accept her baby and tells that she don’t deserve motherly love who had tortured and troubled an innocent girl, who felt more pain seeing her pain. She tells that she don’t have any right to become a mother. She turns towards Vaishnavi and finds her husband and brother standing. She thinks where did she go? Banke takes the baby and asks Suraj Bhan to see the baby. Suraj Bhan asks if whatever I heard is right? Pulotma says yes. Suraj Bhan says how dare you to do this. Rajjo comes and asks him to forgive Maa. Pulotma apologizes to Rajjo and asks for forgiveness. Suraj Bhan says this is not possible, I can’t forgive them. Rajjo says I have lost my mother once, and can’t lose her again. She asks him to forgive her Maa and Mama. Suraj Bhan says I am forgiving you both on my daughter’s insistence. Banke also realizes his mistake and apologizes to her. Rajjo says you are elder and shall bless me. He blesses her. Suraj Bhan asks how did you manage alone? Rajjo tells that Vaishnavi maasi was here. Pulotma asks can I see my child? He says yes and shows her baby’s face.


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