Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Moor getting up and standing on his feet, looking at Mahadev. He says why did you take so much effort, I would have come infront of you. He says your anger is your ornament, you are the creator of this world and I am just Moor. Mahadev calls him Kali and says you had done enough drama, I know what you have done, you have controlled Pisasch Raj entering Moor’s body. Moor says I am Kali in Moor’s body, but haven’t crossed all limits. There is no limit for Kaal, says he is Kali, Kaal, Taal etc, laughs.

Mahadev looks at him angrily. Vaishnavi is at the pandal. Loknath’s son asks if Devi Kalratri warned Durgmasur. Vaishnavi says no, she went to warn him and tells that ego made his understanding ruined. Mahadev warns Kali and tells about the consequences. Kali says you can punish someone when the crime is proved. He says I made Moor’s lifeless body as my home, this is not the crime. He says you had said that kali will not get the body, so that’s why I am in this body, if you say then I will enter others body. He says I am living with peace and you can’t punish someone for being alive. He questions Mahadev.

Devi Lakshmi says Kali is trying to provoke Mahadev’s anger, but he shall not leave his calm. Mahadev says I came here as the messenger of peace. The boy asks Vaishnavi if devi kaalratri went to earth as the messenger of peace. Vaishnavi says yes and tells that her father had told her that it is not a small thing to go as the messenger. She says mahadev also went as Devi’s messenger and that’s why she is called as Shiv Dudi. She says this is the story of Devi Kaalratri. She asks them to say Jai.

Mahadev asks Kali not to think himself as immortal. He says this earth’s existence is important for you, but not for me. I am the creator of this earth and if I wanted then I can destroy this earth and you too. Kali says you can’t kill me as killing me is killing the kaal and it is impossible. Mahadev says if you are Kaal then I am Maha Kaal. He makes Moor flies away in the sky.

Vaishnavi tells Mahipal that she can’t wait for tomorrow, as Devi katyayani story needs to be told. Mahipal says when someone is enthusiastic about something then time passes so soon. Moor fell down on his chair. Pisasch Raj laughs at him. Moor asks everyone to leave.

Next day, Vaishnavi comes to tell the story of Devi Katyayani and tells that it is important story as it is the story of Devi Durga. The boy asks about Durgmasur. They ask you didn’t tell us. Vaishnavi smiles and says Devi Katyayani’s story is in that regard only. She tells that when Durgmasur didn’t agree to Devi Kaalratri’s words then all Devis and Devtas go to Mata Parvati and told that they have to do yagya by Rishi Katyayani. She says all the powers of Devtas united and with the help of Rishi Katyayani’s yagya, devi Durga was born. It is shown, Devi Durga taking birth from yagya. All Devtas look at her. Vaishnavi says God Vishnu gave Sudarshan Chakra and Shank. Surya Dev gave Dhanush and Tarpash. Inder gave Vajra. Mahadev gifted his trishul. Shera wali plays….Everyone sees Vaishnavi’s avatar as the Goddess. Mahipal says everyone gets to see Mata’s darshan because of Rajkumari’s devotion. Vaishnavi says Devi Katyayani killed Durgmasur and protected the earth. Everyone finds the divine reflection gone. Bharti sees Vashnavi as the Goddess. Jai Maa plays…..She says Devi Mata Katyayani ki Jai….Every God and Goddess bend down their head. Jai Katyayani Maa plays…..Vaishnavi does the aarti. Everyone sings and dances.

Moor/Kali heals his injured hand. Devraj Indra asks how can you think that you can defeat Mahadev and asks if he saw me. Moor asks him to stop his tongue. Devraj Indra asks if you can’t see your injury. Moor says this injury is healed, but what about the humiliation. He tells that Mahadev sent this Shakti to the earth and keeping me away from my aim. He tells that what about his wish and tells that he will write his own destiny. Devraj Indra thinks I shall be careful infront of him.


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