Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 30th September 2020 Episode starts with Bhuvan coming to Shubangi and says lets go before Maa comes here. Shubangi is scared of her. Bhuvan asks if she is feeling scared of him and tells that it is not your mistake. You don’t need to get scared of me. She says your soft talks touched my hearts, but how to make myself believe that the Devil who brought me to danger will save my life. Bhuvan says yes, I will protect you, will not let any trouble come on you even though I have to find with my mother. He says for the first time, he has realized the power of love, today a devil is talking about safety, even you entered the palace for me, tells that he has become her slave and will take her to safety, outside the jungle so that she can start her life.

Vaishnavi asks Bharti to save Narendra from Naulakha’s conspiracy and says this is not possible without returning home. Bharti tells about her promise. Vaishnavi asks her to see clearly to know everything and asks her to think about the past. Bhuvan and Shubangi are fighting. Shubangi tells that she can’t walk anymore. He says it was easy to take you out of jungle as Dumdubi, but the villagers will get scared. They hear Sankala’s voice and hide. Shubangi feels thirsty. Bhuvan tells that he will bring water for her from the near pond. She asks him not to leave her alone. He asks her not to worry and be right there. He goes to bring the water. Sankala comes near Shubangi.

Bharti sees Senapati and Lakhan together and asking a man to give the wine. They take the wine and tells that they have much money. They open the money bag to give the wine seller, and find stone inplace of the money. Lakhan says we shall ask others and come to Dinanath’s house. Dinanath asks why did you come here? Lakhan and Senapati tell that Devendra cheated us and shows the money. Bharti hears them and is shocked. They ask Dinanath to check his bag and he also finds the stones in the bag. Bharti is shocked to see him alive and hears about Devendra’s conspiracy. She comes back to Mata Rani and asks for her blessings. She asks her to bless her so that she can expose Devendra. Vaishnavi blesses her. Shubangi runs in the college and collides with Bhuvan. She says I saw your mother coming here and came out. He asks her to come. The woman is not Shubangi, but Sankala. Bhuvan asks where is Shubangi.

Bharti returns home. Devendra asks why did you come here? Bharti tells that she has returned home. Jyoti asks why did she return now? Bharti says after going from here, I came to know that something is remaining. Nautanka asks if she will injure Maa ji like me. Bharti says didn’t Devendra tell you that we don’t want guest’s suggestion. She then tells Bharti that she was feeling the pain and tells that Mata Rani make her corrected her mistake, that’s why she came back home. She asks Narendra for a chance. Devendra says you can’t return like this and recalls his doings. Bharti says if I have done any crime then make me remember it, I will apologize to you infront of family members. She walks inside.

Sankala blames him for forgetting mother’s love. Bhuvan asks where is Shubangi. Sankala says I have kidnapped her, but will not let anything happen to her till tomorrow. Bhuvan requests her to leave Shubangi and says he will bring another bride. Sankala says I would have let her go, if she was not 100th bride. She says Vaishnavi said right that my son will stop me from doing my vidhi and ties him with chain, says you and your avatar will be tied till tomorrow.

Bharti comes to her room and recalls their moments. She moves the curtains and folds her hands before Mata Rani, praying for her guide. Vaishnavi throws flower on her. Narendra comes there and asks why did you come, when you had left me calling me stupid. Bharti reminds of her words and asks him to get angry on her for hurting him. She says I was illusioned at that time and says if you don’t want my presence then I will leave. Narendra says I am not like you, I haven’t asked you before also to leave. He takes the pillow and says I will not stay near you. Bharti asks him not to go out and says I will sleep on the floor, else I will go out and you sleep here. Naulanka comes there and tells Narendra that she has made arrangements for his rest outside. Narendra goes. Bharti cries.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bharti tells Devendra that she will expose him tomorrow. Naulakha thinks she has to make a big plan. Bhuvan pleads infront of Sankala to let Shubangi go and instead take his life. Shubangi prays to Mata Rani.


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