Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 8th September 2020 Narendra comes to Sankata’s house and asks Lali about Bhooli. Lali tells that bhooli went to search Prasad with villagers. Narendra says I have to tell her. Lali asks him to say and thinks what happened to him. Narendra goes. Bharti comes to Sulochana and Sridhar’s house and thinks they might have gone to Mata Rani. Everyone searches Prasad in the jungle. Prasad’s friends inform her that they have gone to search Prasad. Bharti sees Narendra that everyone went to search Prasad in jungle. Bheema hears them. Narendra says we shall stop them else Prachanda sur will not leave them.

Sulochana and Sridhar get worried for Prasad. Mangu tells that kids play the game near the mountain, we shall see there. Sulochana gets worried. A lady asks her to trust Mata Rani. Mangu says we shall go and see there. Bheema follows them. Sulochana tells Sridhar that she is feeling bad. Shullu says if Prasad has gone to the castle. Narendra says we shall stop them. Everyone call Prasad. The devil wakes up from sleep and roars. He comes out of the castle shocking everyone. Bharti asks Shullu to move from there, but nobody can hear her due to the sound of the Asur. The Asur stares them and they all become of stone. Bheema is shocked witnessing this. Bharti and Narendra are standing far in shock. Prachanda sur laughs and picks the stone idols. Bharti shouts Shullu. Narendra covers Bharti with him. Prachanda sur takes all the stones idols inside to the castle. Bharti says what has happened? Vaishnavi opens her eyes. Bheema thinks if I stand here, then it will be like inviting the death. He runs away. Narendra and Bharti leave from there too. They come to Bhakti’s house. Bhakti tells that Shullu has gone to search Prasad. Bharti cries. Bhakti asks if anything has happened to Prasad. Bharti tells her that nobody is saved, Prasad, Shullu, villagers etc. Bhakti asks what happened to them? Narendra tells about the Asur turning humans into stone. Bhakti says we are mata Rani’s bhakt and will go to her. Bharti says you are right.

Bheema comes to Devendra and he is still in shock. Devendra asks him to tell what he has seen, and asks why you are looking scared. Bheema is still in shock. Devendra slaps him. Bheema says Kaka shri…and tells everything. Devendra laughs and says it is good, Asur didn’t know how dangerous is he? Bheema says how you can smile? Devendra says I have a cunning mind which nobody have. He asks him to understand that he will use Prachanda sur and make everyone forget Vaishnavi’s bhakti. He says if Vaishnavi has a Singh then I will have Asur at my side.

Bharti tells Vaishnavi about Shullu and others. Vaishnavi tells that she will make an attempt to make Prachanda sur understand and will try to bring everyone back. She asks them to go home. Vaishnavi comes to Prachanda sur and tells that he is misusing his powers. Prachanda sur asks her to come infront of him. Vaishnavi comes infront of him and tells that I have warned you, I am Vaishno Devi. Prachanda sur asks if all men of your village became unmanly and sent you to me. Vaishnavi says nobody send me here. Prachanda sur says what do you think that you will woo me with your beauty so that I free them. He says I will have no affect of your beauty. He says I have powers to make them stone and now to bring them back to normalcy. Vaishnavi says they are all my bhakts and my children. She says I will not let you harm them in any circumstances. Prachanda sur asks her to save herself first and says I will show my powers to you. He looks at her with his eyes, but nothing happens to her. He thinks why she is saved from my sight and thinks if she is wearing some shield. Vaishnavi tells that arrogance binds anyone thoughts. She says I am not standing infront of you, this is your dream. Prachanda sur says don’t fool me, you are doing some magic. Vaishnavi asks him to look behind him. He looks behind and finds himself sleeping. He thinks she is right and thinks who is she? Vaishnavi asks him to leave arrogance and walk on the right path. He says my path is to take revenge, I will burn every human for my revenge. I will trouble them a lot.


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bharti and Narendra see Bhakti becoming of stone. Bharti shouts. Prachanda sur looks at her and she becomes of stone too. Narendra gets shocked.


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