Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 10th November 2021 Episode starts with Yashoda crying taking Lalla in her lap and says this Rakshasi brought you here, I was sleeping there. She says I am really bad. Krishn thinks don’t cry Maiyya, your love will be remembered always. Rohini tells yashoda that Daai is not in the cowshed.

Yashoda thinks of the happiness and then looks at Putna. She tells Rohini that she was not Daai, but Rakshasi. The lady asks Yashoda to be careful and says why she came to your house as Kanhaiya’s daai. Yashoda says don’t know how my Kanha was saved. Krishn says due to the black tika applied by you. Devraj Indra and others Dev greet Krishn. Mahadev thinks this story will look interesting more everytime.

At Kans’s Palace, Akroor asks the Mukhiyas of the villages to sit. Nanda and other mukhiyas sit. One of the Mukhiya gets up and says Maharaj ki Jai ho, and asks about the tax. Nanda apologizes and asks why did he call them, if he want to talk to them about the tax. Kans gets up and says Maharaj just tell the verdict.

He says I called you for a reason and shall wait for the sunrise. Krishn thinks wait for sometime Mama ji, news will come. A mukhiya tells Nanda and others that he heard that Kans will free them from tax, if his plan is successful. Nanda says we shall wait. A messenger comes there and informs about Putna’s death. Kans is shocked. Yashoda prays to Narayan for saving Kanha from giant rakshasi. Krishn laughs. Yashoda says I will make chandan lep and will apply to your body.

Kans comes down. Nanda asks about their tax. Kans tells that tax will be doubled now. Nanda asks what is our crime? Kans says one of you have hidden Devki’s son in your homes, and says if they can find the boy, then he will free them from 3 years taxes. Nanda says we really don’t know about the boy. Kans asks him to go and find out. Asti thinks if the boy will leave Maharaj.

Yashoda applies the chandan paste to Krishn. Krishn also applies lep to her feet. She says lalla and maiyya are one and hugs him emotionally. Kans tells prapti that her anger is justified as I couldn’t fulfill the promise made to you. He says today a maharaj and a husband made his feel ashamed.

Prapti says it is not a problem that you got defeated, you couldn’t do anything for Putna who died for you, and was just sitting here with hand on hand. She says what do you think that Prapti will not say this, and says she is Prapti and not Asti. She says who is not Veer, that is not her husband and also not Mathura pati.

She says I will not leave from here, and tells that she has written a letter to her father, so that Jarasandha comes to know with whom he got his daughters married off. Kans asks her to stop and says soon he will handle this work to someone who can do it. prapti asks him not to talk to her till then.

Balram and Krishn are playing together. Balram falls down. Krishn sits on him. Balram asks him to let him get up and says I will not play with you. He tells Krishn that Kans Mama is sad and here Yashoda and Rohini Maiyya are worried. Krishn says this game is many years old. He says I didn’t play the game only, but fulfilled a mother’s wish. He says when I met Raja Bali and Rajkumari Ratna bala.

And says then Ratna bala had a wish in her heart. A fb is shown, Ratan Bali sees him and wishes to have a son like him. He says I fulfilled her wish in this birth and says Putna is Ratna bala of last birth. Balram says you have fulfilled her wish. Krishn says we will not let Maiyya feel scared, and asks him to go and convince Rohini Maiyya. Balram says I don’t think Maiyya will agree. He goes to cheer her.

He goes to Rohini and says it seems you are scared. Rohini says I am not worried and tells that she can see divinity in Krishn and him, and tells that she is scared of both Krishn and him. She asks him to promise that he will do as she says. Balram says Kanha and I will agree to both mothers. Rohini asks did Kanha tell you? Balram says Kanha only plays the entire game. Rohini says it is difficult to understand you. Balram says Maiyya agreed. Krishn says I told.

Nanda returns home and asks about Kanha. Yashoda says he is in his cradle. Nanda goes inside and hugs him. She asks what happened? Nanda says suddenly I felt like meeting him. Yashoda asks what is the matter?

Balram comes there. Nanda kisses him. Balram asks Krishn, why everyone is loving them so much today. Rohini asks Balram to swing the cradle. They come out. Nanda tells about Kans doubling the tax and beginning the search for Devki’s son. Balram tells Krishn. Krishn asks him to get ready to play and laughs.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rohini tells Yashoda that Balram is Vasudev’s son and says if Kans reached Balram, then Kanha might land in trouble. She says I will leave with Balram from here. Balram asks Krishn to do something. Kans sends someone to bring Krishn.


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