Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 1st November 2021 Episode starts with Hanuman keeping Krishn’s feet on his head and says my place is on your feet. Krishn says this makes you unique devotee, but you didn’t do right with Kans’ soldiers. He says he has many people to help him. Hanuman says I couldn’t stop myself if someone tries to harm you. Krishn asks him to go far from here. Hanuman says I will go, if this is your order. He asks him to call him, whenever he needs him. Krishn says who stays in heart, is not called.

Hanuman folds his hands and asks him to give him permission to leave. Balram says you came here small, if you go out in this size, then Maiyya. Yashoda calls Balram and asks did you call me? Balram goes out. Hanuman tells Krishn that another bhakt is wanting to meet him, but can’t come here. He says if he comes here, then everyone will get scared, as all universe are scared of him. He says he couldn’t do your darshan, but wanting to meet you. He says Jai shri ram and vanishes from there. Balram says I have handled Maiyya and asks about whom Hanuman was telling you. Krishn says he will go and meet him.

Kans comes to the prison and holds Vasudev’s neck. He asks him to tell truly, where did he leave the boy? Devki says he don’t remember anything, leave him. Kans holds her hair and says it is not possible that he vanished and the girl came on his place. Devki asks him to go and ask his soldiers, where her son is gone. Kans says they are sure that he will become my kaal. He says I left you alive, so that I can kill him right infront of you. He says I will bring him either alive or death infront of you.

Devki smiles. Kans says you have provoked me to do what I don’t wanted to do. Vasudev thinks what he want to do. He comes out and tells Akroor that he wants to meet Maha Maya..bhootna…Devki and Vasudev hear her name and get shocked. Bhootna is shown. Devki prays that Yashoda keeps the baby safe from Bhootna’s sight. Yashoda feeds the food to Balram, and tells Nanda that her lalla sleeps peacefully without disturbing her in the night. Nanda says we will take him to our guru. Rohini says w ewill get a name for him.

Kans meets Bhootna and informs her about the divine boy. He asks her to find out who is getting naam karan near Mathura. He says he wants the boy either dead or alive. Bhootna promises him.

In the night, Krishn tells Balram that everyone is sleeping and says now he will go. Yashoda wakes up and asks Balram not to move the swing as lalla is sleeping. Balram asks how you will go now. Yashoda takes Krishn in her arms and makes him sit on the bed beside her. Krishn gets up and tries to go. Yashoda gets up. He keeps hand on her head and says sleep Maiyya. He comes out of the house walking. He comes to the jungle. Shani Devi sees him and smiles getting emotional. He then cries and bends down infront of him. He says I didn’t know that you will come to meet your devotee so soon.

Krishn says when I got the chance for your darshan, then how could I get it wasted. Shani Dev says my avatar is dangerous, and if I had come, your maiyya would have been scared. Krishn says you are karm phal data and does justice with everyone. Shani Dev says you are convincing me with your talks. Krishn takes out flute and plays it. Shani Devi gets glad to hear him playing flute given by Mahadev. Krishn says I know that I will convince you. Shani Dev touches his feet and promises not to keep any bad sight on his Gokul. Yashoda gets up and shouts calling Lalla. Shani Dev says it is time for you to return. He thanks him for coming to meet him.

Yashoda asks Balram where is Lalla? Balram says I didn’t see him. Rohini asks what happened? Yashoda says lalla is not here, she goes out calling him. She says a big trouble is going to come in my lalla’s life. Bhootna senses Krishn’s presence and realizes that this is the divine boy of the sky announcement. She says nobody can get saved from Bhootna. Yashoda finds Lalla in the butter pot, eating it. She says my lalla and gets emotional. Krishn smiles.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The Guru ji names Krishn as Krishn. Yashoda says Kanhaiyya. Bhootna comes to Yashoda’s house to take Krishn to kans.


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