Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 26th October 2021 Episode starts with the Krishn’s birth. The title song plays….Balram thinks the moment for which I was waiting since years, the moment has finally arrived. Vasudev shows the baby to Devki. Devki smiles. Vasudev keeps his legs on his head and tells that his heart is filled with happiness for the world. He says I don’t know what you have seen in the dream, and says he is not an ordinary boy. Devki asks why he is not crying? Vasudev says he is healthy.

Devki asks where is that pitambara sent by Yashoda. He gives it to her. She makes Krishn wear it. Vasudev says how to take him safely from here. Devki says he will show us the way, who will save the entire world. The soldiers bring the Daimaa there. Just then they see five headed shake and the snake makes them unconscious. Other soldier asks soldiers to wake up Kans, as he wants to give an important news. Balram smiles. Kans is sleeping. Vasudev tells Devki that all the soldiers and Daimaa are unconscious.

Devki says it is the miracle of their son and asks him to take him from there fast. She asks him to give the baby to Yashoda. He says yes, he will be safe there. Devki smiles and kisses him. She says she is sad to part ways with her son, but she will bid him adieu with a smile. Vasudev takes the baby in his hands and starts to leave from the prison. Al the prison doors opens by itself. Devki cries looking at her son leaving.

Vasudev manages to go out with the baby and the prison door clothes. Devki cries saying my son. Devraj gets happy seeing Krishn. He says I will touch my Narayan avatar and will bless myself. Devi Omna tells that she will take him to his destination. Devraj Indra says I couldn’t stop myself from touching his feet. She says even I will try to touch his feet. Vasudev comes to the river and thinks how to cross the river holding this little baby. Just then he sees a wooden tokri and keeps baby in it.

He thinks I will attempt to cross this river even if I lose my life. Krishn looks at Indradev. Indradev asks him to accept his greetings. The rain begins and the water drops falls on him. Indradev feels blessed to touch him. Balram thinks it is my work to bring my Prabhu to Gokul. Shesh Naag appears behind Vasudev as he walks.

Devi Omna tells that she will increase the water flow and will touch both his legs. Vasudev is about to get drown and sees a heavy flood coming towards her. He prays to Narayan to help him. He gets drowned, but is still holding the tokri. Vasudev comes out of the water. Devi Omna thanks Prabhu. Vasudev continues to walk towards Gokul. Devraj Indra tells Mahadev, that his Aardhya is reincarnated and asks when he will do his darshan. Mahadev says I didn’t get invite from Narayan.

Vasudev thinks I am feeling peace here, and thinks he has come to the right place. Chandradev guides Vasudev with his light and Vasudev walks to Yashoda’s house. Balram greets Krishn and says your Dau is welcoming you. Vasudev doesn’t see him and gets inside the house. He finds Yashoda and Nand sleeping. Krishn starts slapping seeing her. Vasudev sees Rohini also sleeping there.

He thinks everyone is sleeping here, I shall make the baby sleep in this cradle and leave from here. He gets surprised seeing baby in the cradle already. He thinks what to do? Shall I take this baby to Mathura, thinks no. that Kans will not leave the baby alive. He thinks what to do? He closes his eyes and thinks to take back his son. He thinks Devki can’t forgive me for this sin and Yashoda had sent this pitambara for our son. Krish smiles and looks at Yashoda.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Yashoda looks at Lalla. Kans calls a witch. Mahadev comes to Yashoda’s house to see the lalla. Later Yashoda’s family celebrate Krishn’s birth.


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