Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 29th October 2021 Episode starts with Mahadev meeting his Aaradhya Krish. He is about to hold him, when Kaushalya comes there and stops him from touching him. She says other Brahmins are also waiting and asks him to go. Mahadev thinks I want to make you come in my lap. Krishn in his heart fulfills his wish. Nanda calls Yashoda to come out, as mud went into the butter.

Yashoda goes out. Mahadev says I have come to meet you and also brought a special gift for you. He keeps the flute inside and asks him to accept it. He says I couldn’t enjoy waiting for your invitation, now I have one wish seeing you child avatar. He says I want to take you in my arms. Krishn says surely. It shows Mahadev and Krish are dancing on the sky, while all Devs are showering flower petals on them.

The title song plays. Mahadev then keeps krishn in the cradle and says he is blessed to see them both as elder and younger brother. He calls him shesh naag balram. Balram asks him to make him sleep else Mata will scold him. Krishn starts crying. Mahadev swings the cradle. Krishn keeps quiet. Yashoda says you didn’t go till now. Mahadev says your lalla is divine. Yashoda says yes.

She asks him to go. Mahadev comes out and greets yashoda. She asks him to take care of her son. He asks who has lifted my trishul? Hanuman says I have your trishul, Mahadev. Hanuman is seen keeping his leg on the fake Brahmins/kans soldiers. Kans men tell that they came insearch of the boy.

Mahadev comes there and says so you have brought my trishul. Hanuman apologizes and says they wanted to steal your trishul. Mahadev says time has changed, but you are still the same. He asks what you will do with them? Hanuman says I will snatch all their powers.

In the evening, Yashoda keeps evil sight from Krishn. Balram talks to Krishn in his heart, that Maiyya is not loving him. Krishn says I will do something and signs at Balram. Kaushalya says I was taking evil sight from your brother and praises balram for shielding his brother. Hanuman comes there. Yashoda says you both are tired, now take rest. Hanuman thinks how to meet prabhu now? He thinks he has to go in his avatar, if Maiyya sees me then..He wonders what to do?

Just then Krishn calls Hanuman. Hanuman hears him and recalls he has powers. He says jai shri ram. Yashoda and Rohini are outside. Hanuman has became tiny and thinks to take their blessings. Yashoda keeps pot on him. Balram sees Hanuman locked in the pot.

The soldiers return to the palace and act strangely. They ask who is this devil like man. Kans gets angry and asks Senapati Akroor to take them away. He then threatens Akroor and asks them to find out how they got memory loss. Balram thinks Hanuman got locked in Maiyya’s pot, what will he do now?

Hanuman thinks what to do and moves with the pot. Yashoda and Rohini are sitting and talking there. Krishn says Maiyya can see at anytime. Balram comes out and asks them to see the moon. Rohini says he wants to get beaten. Balram asks her to see the pot and tells that our Maiyya is having a sharp sight and nobody can get saved from her eye sight. Hanuman thinks to wait there itself.

Later Hanuman comes inside Krishn’s room and comes in his usual size. Krishn says I was waiting for you. Hanuman says I am blessed seeing you. Balram says you can’t take him in his lap. Hanuman says all this universe is in my prabhu’s lap, who am I to take him in his lap? He says my place is in his feet. He keeps Krishn’s feet on his head. Krishn blesses him and smiles.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishn hears some devotee’s voice and comes out. Kans meets a demon and says I want to get that boy. The demon sees Krishn in the jungle and says so you are that divine boy, I will take you to Kans.


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