Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 2nd November 2021 Episode starts with Yashoda getting emotional seeing Lalla in the butter pot. She says you have scared us and eating butter. They laugh. He asks who has brought lalla here and looks at Nanda. Nanda says I haven’t brought him here. Rohini says if I had brought him here, then would have told you. They look at Balram. Rohini asks him to say ytruly.

Balram in his heart asks Krishn to say something. Yashoda sees Krishna coming out of the pot and walking. She gets surprised to see him walking. Rohini says natkhat lalla came this way to eat butter. Balram thinks lalla saved him. Yashoda asks Lalla to come to her. Nanda asks him to come to his baba.

Krishn laughs. Rohini says badi maiyya loves him a lot and asks him to come. Balram says come to your Dao. Krishn laughs and goes out of house. He keeps hand on the calf standing outside. Yashoda smiles and gets teary eyes. Balram thinks he has chosen calf instead of his maiyya. Nanda also thinks the same. Yashoda asks him to come and hug her. Krishn comes and hugs Yashoda.

He then applies butter on her face and laughs. Yashoda hugs him. Parvati gets emotional and says she never experienced this before. She says his naming ceremony is not done, and he has started walking. She says if anyone gets doubtful then. Mahadev says this is Narayan’s katha and there is no place for any doubt here. He says you will miss the enjoyment if you get doubtful or get confused.

Nanda asks Yashoda to get ready. Rohini says we are going to Yashoda’s friend naamkaran ceremony. Yashoda says you are mukhiya of Gokul and says if we don’t go now, then who will come to our son’s naming ceremony. Balram asks Rohini to take him. Rohini asks him to take care of lalla. Yashoda’s friend waits for her her and says she is my friend and mukhiya’s wife. Putna kidnaps him.

Yashoda’s friend Narmada finds her son missing. They come to know that the naamkaran kids are getting missed. Yashoda asks them to have patience and says nothing will happen to any kid. She thinks her son naamkaran is due and rushes home. She finds his cradle empty. Nanda asks her not to get worried and says he was playing with balram. Yashoda says he is in danger. Just then Krishn comes and holds her pallu. Yashoda gets relieved, and says what are you doing here? She calls him near her and hugs him.

Rohini asks Balram to take care of lalla. Nanda asks why are you upset? Yashoda says I have decided, we will not go to kulguru’s ashram. Krishn tells Balram that he had told him. Nanda asks why? Yashoda says we will not get his naamkaran, as the kids are getting missing after the naamkaran. Balram says I got scolded by Maiyya for you and asks him to tell what happened to those kids. Putna is with the babies, and tells that she will br*astfeed them, and will make them sleep. The babies drink her milk and die.

Yashoda is making butter, and asks Lalla not to take the toys in mouth, as it is made with mud. She asks Balram to keep the toys down. Balram asks Krishn not to cry, and says don’t know where are those kids vanished. Krishn says this is done by my Mama ji and says don’t worry, my naamkaran will happen, and nothing will happen to the babies. He says I have to go for that. Yashoda asks Balram to take care of Lalla. Krishn laughs.

Balram says can’t you sit quietly in cradle and finds lalla missing. He thinks where did he go? Krishn comes to the jungle and finds the dead babies. He looks at them and the babies get alive again.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maharishi comes to Yashoda’s house and names him Krishn. Yashoda says Kanhaiya. Putna comes to Krishn and says she will take him to Kans.


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