Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Putna trying to scare Krishn and Balram. Balram acts to get scared and smiles. She says she is Kans’ sister, and he sent her to kill Krishn. Kans tells Akroor that the arrangements are good. Akroor says I have made all the arrangements myself, and says you are happy after many days. Kans says he is happy, as his wife Prapti is returning to Palace after 8 years. Akroor says I heard that choti maharani Asti is also returning.

Kans gets angry and says she doesn’t deserve this position and asks him to call her as Jarasandha’s daughter. He says she was tied to me during my marriage to Prapti. He says Prapti has same thoughts as his, she is brave like her father and me. She knows how to play with problems. He says she is yogya Maharani of mine. Announcement is made that Jarasandha’s daughters and Kans’ wives Maharani Prapti and Maharani Asti are coming. Kans gets happy and asks Prapti to come. He help her get down and hugs her. Asti greets him. He ignores her and goes with Prapti.

Putna warns Balram that he will be locked in the darkness and couldn’t find himself. She takes him somewhere. Kans asks Prapti why she didn’t come when he invited her every year. She says Asti and I have come here for Devki’s marriage, tells that she heard him scared hearing sky announcement. She tells Asti that Kans can make the announcement proved as wrong and says my husband will prove that he is Mahabali Kans, if he kills Devki’s 8th child. She says we will return then only.

Fb ends. Kans asks what do you think now? She says I didn’t do wrong by choosing you as my husband. He says I will not let you feel ashamed of me. He says Putna will bring that boy either alive or dead. Asti says if Putna couldn’t kill that boy then? Kans gets angry on her and says if you was not Jarasandha’s daughter then I would have made you dasi. He asks her to go and bring food for Prapti and me. Asti thinks she always thought good about him.

Krishn thinks you have locked yourself in darkness, and not my brother. Balram asks her to see where are they? Putna sees Balram and Krishn playing.

Narmada asks kids to have food. Kids refuse. Yashoda convince them to have food and feed food with her hand. Narmada says your love is same for these kids like before. Yashoda imagines Krishn there asking her to feed him. She feeds him butter. She sees Krishn’s reflection in every boy and thinks he might be hungry surely. I shall return home. Putna gets angry.

Yashoda tells Nanda that they shall return home. He says how can we go without having food. Yashoda thinks to go home. Putna says how did the darkness come here suddenly. Yashoda returns and finds the doors closed. Rohini also comes there and says I had kept the doors open. Balram asks Krishn if he wants Putna to get scolded by Maiyya. Krishn says I want to give a chance to Putna. He freezes the moment when Yashoda and Rohini are about to open the door.

Krishn calls Putna. Putna falls down and finds herself in a different world. She sees Krishn in the sky and sees his divinity. She gets shocked. Hare Krishna plays…..She opens her eyes and is in the room. She says this is Maya jaal. Krishn says this is a chance for you to learn something, I hope you have learnt something. She runs out of the house. Krishn opens his palm. Yashoda and Rohini come inside and see the lights inside the house. She sees Balram playing around Krishn.

Yashoda takes Krishn and asks Balram, where is that Dai? Balram says she went with us and played a lot with us, asks her to come daily. yashoda says she shall return to the marriage venue. She returns with Kanha. Nanda thinks she shouldn’t have gone and gets upset. She thinks she was worried about Kanha and that’s why went. She asks Kanha to do something as his baba is upset. Krishn picks something from his plate. Nanda asks will you feed me? Krishn eats it. They laugh.

He walks and eats from everyone plate. Yashoda asks him to have food from her plate. Narmada says let him eat, the food becomes tasty when he touches. The guy tells that the food is made in heaven, very tasty. Nanda says Kanha is just yours, he is divine. Narmada says sweet butter is for everyone made by Nand Rani. Kanha puts his hand in the pot and makes Nanda eat it. Nanda feels good to hug him. Yashoda enjoys the moment.

Putna is angry and sees Kans’ spies. She tells them that the boys are magical. The spy says they shall tell maharaj. Putna says she will not let Maharaj trust break, and asks them to go and tell Kans, that she will bring those two boys dead bodies before sunset. Balram says it seems she didn’t learn any lesson. Krishn says one lesson is left.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Putna takes poison from someone and decides to poison him. Krishn tells Balram that all the universe will see.


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