Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Yashoda asking Nanda to freshen up and says she will swing the cradle. Balram comes there and says I will make the cradle swing. Yashoda says ok and goes. Balram asks Krishn, what new game will be played with her tomorrow. Krishna says game time is over, it is time to choose. Prapti asks Kans why he got angry when they are talking about Putna.

Kans says I can’t bear anyone doubting putna and says she has supported me. He says if Putna is in trouble, then I can sacrifice my life for her. He says Putna is magical and clever. Prapti says I didn’t know much about putna, I used to think that she is your sevika and rakshasi. Kans says Putna is Shakti. Asti is coming there.

Prapti asks Kans about Putna being the shakti. Asti thinks to stand far and hear them. Kans tells that once he had a fight with Bakasur. The fb is shown. Bakasur attacked Kans. Kans tells that Bakasur was very powerful than me, I had just my icchashakti and trapped Bakasur. Bakasur asks him to leave him and promises to become his slave all life. Kans frees him. Bakasur thanks him and flies away.

Putna comes there and asks who has dare to trapped my brother. She says he is putna. Kans tells that Bakasur has surrender himself and tells that he is now my brother. He says that’s why you are also my sister, and that’s why I can’t fight with you. Putna gets emotional and tells that he has given her, the right of his sister and tells that she will be with him always. Fb ends.

Kans tells Prapti that one sister gave birth to his kaal and other is going to kill him. The messenger comes there with Putna’s message and tells that Putna has found the boy and told that she will bring that boy’s dead body to you. Kans gets happy and says they will celebrate.

Putna comes to the jungle and asks the tantrik to give her poison. The tantrik tells that the poison is very poisonous and can kill anyone in seconds. Putna takes the poison and says your story will end now. Kans asks Akroor to call the Mukhiya of Gokul and other villages. Akroor asks what is the celebration. Kans tells that he wants to celebrate Devki’s 8th son. Akroor says ok. Asti says is it not a sin to kill a little boy. Kans says he is my Kaal, and asks her not to spoil his enjoyment. He says he will celebrate tomorrow.

Yashoda looks at Krishn laughing and tells Rohini. Nanda tells Yashoda that they got Kans’ message asking them to come to the Palace tomorrow. He says I am going to Chaupal to discuss this issue. Yashoda gets worried and burns her hand, while making kajal. Nanda asks her to be careful and asks what is she doing? Yashoda says she is making Kajol to ward off evil eye. Nanda says ok, and goes.

Balram comes to Krishn and asks why is he happy? Krishn says Mama ji shree called the father of the boy, whom he wants to kill. Balram says yes, you said right. He says why she will come here. Krishn says we will call her here. Balram asks what? Krishn says just see my planning. Yashoda says both brothers look at each other, as if they are talking. Rohini asks Balram why is he smiling? Balram praises Krishn. Krishn laughs.

Yashoda says Kajal is made, and says elder brother shall be like Balram. Rohini applies black tika to Balram, while Yashoda applies black tika to Krishn, and says it will save you from evil powers. Krishn smiles.

Nanda meets the villagers. Villager says I will come with you. Nanda says we will go to Mathura tomorrow. Putna thinks to stay in Yashoda’s house, for her work. She thinks these boys have seen my avatar. She thinks how to go inside and poison them. Krishn says lets help Putna and signs his hand at her.

Yashoda sees Putna and comes to her. Yashoda asks if this is the time to come, and says you come here and go without informing us. Putna apologizes. Yashoda asks her to leave. Balram says Maiyya is asking her to go. Krishn says she is Mama ji shree’s sister and will do something. Putna begs infront of Yashoda and tells a sad story that her father got her married to a bad guy, who used to beat her and forced her to do job in others houses. She emotionally blackmails her. Rohini asks Yashoda to forgive her.

Yashoda asks her to get up and says you shall not bend down infront of anyone. Putna says I was scared to go due to my husband, else wouldn’t have left this lovely baby. She says I take care of lalla well. Krishn thinks you are lying. Yashoda says but my lalla don’t need any Dai. Putna says let me stay here for a night and ask how I will go alone in night, I don’t know anyone in Gokul. Yashoda agrees and asks her to stay in cowshed for a night. Putna thanks her.

She says I will go from here, before the sunrise and will not show my face to you again. She thinks you will not see your son after sunset. Balram asks when the game will begin. Krishn says you will know this, in midnight. He says it will be known in the morning, who will see tomorrow’s sunrise.


Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Putna tells that she will make him drink poison. Krishn says I will drink poison and will give you mukti. She flies in air and falls down dead.


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