Kaamna 10th June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 10th June 2022 Niharika jee asks Manav to play the audio clip, he agrees to play it in which Vibhav is instructing Dr kalay to remove her from their path because now it has time to end it all,

and for which he would give him so much money that he would not be able to count, Manav explains he was the one who sent the video to Vibhav and also asked Ayesha to call him disguised as Niharika jee. He hands the conversation over to Niharika jee.

Niharika reveals she met Kalay seven years ago when she met with an accident, she was hurt but could hear everything and that is when she found out about his plan, Dr Kalay agreed to make the deal at his residence when after a while she heard his voice once again, he instructed Dr Kalay to make sure she always remains in this state,

Manav explains they have Kalay in their custody and he can even give a written letter. Niharika jee asks Vibhav to stand up exclaiming that her daughter was not able to get the love of a mother while her father always yearned for her day and night, she cannot let him go away so easily.

Niharika exclaims he can choose his own punishment he can either spend his life in jail or stay in front of her disguised as the servant, Manav and Mr Holkar both exclaim that she is making a mistake but Niharika asks them to let her make this decision, Vibhav sits in her feet exclaiming that he was always the servant of Nikki,

she mentions he can only call her as Niharika Holkar mam. She in anger calls Ranay instructing him to shift his belongings to the servant quarter,

Ranay shouts at him hearing which Vibhav is shocked so turns to leave when Manav stops him saying that he can even listen something from him, he reveals that Vibhav threatened to send goons if he did not vacate the house today but he has also brought the letter but this time the name has changed, Vibhav leaves.

Manav informs Niharika jee that she has made a mistake by not sending Vibhav to jail, she mentions she knows his concern but sending him to jail is a really short and easy punishment as they are just going to hang him, but his crimes are even big against that punishment so she feels to keep him in front of her eyes,

Manav replies he respects her decision and is always going to stand by her side, Yatharth coming also assures to stand by her side, she thanks him. Manav asks where is Sakshi mam and Ayesha, Yatho informs that Sakshi mam left a while ago as she was not feeling comfortable but Ayesha di is coming.

Vibhav is packing the suitcase in the room, Ranay comes explaining he cannot take the suitcase as it belongs to Niharika mam and there is not wardrobe in the servant quarter, he can just wrap his clothes in this sheet,

Vibhav tries to get loud but Ranay replies that he will not hear any argument, Vibhav tried to steal from his own house and so got what he deserved, he vows to count each and everything, Vibhav seeing the watches starts wearing them so that he can have a little money as Niharika would have surely blocked all of his cards. He vows to show her what he is capable off.

Ranay assures that he was helpless as he tried a lot to look for her but was never able to find any clue and Mr Holkar was always under the influence so he had to finally work with Vibhav, Niharika exclaims that she understands it but Vibhav was his boss but is now his assistant.

Ranay leaves. Niharika seeing the photo asks Mr Holkar to see that this photo is from the fourth birthday of Aayu in which they were really happy, Mr Holkar informs she has not celebrated her birthday since the past seven years, Niharika exclaims Vibhav doesnot love her but is really good at pretending,

Niharika exclaims he gave half of her things to Akanksha, as she checked her wardrobe and half of the things are missing, all of their lives go ruined because of her one mistake. Mr Holkar explains that it is not right to live in the past as she must work to live a happy life with Ayesha.

Vibhav reaches the servant quarter and exclaims how is he going to live since there is neither an air conditioner and the fan is also not working, he gets a call from Akanksha so thinks that if he doesnot handle her then everything is going to be ruined, he tries to explain his position but Akanksha replies she doesnot even have a house to live in. Vibhav assures he is going to clarify everything when they meet.

Niharika calls Vibhav who comes to greet her, she explains she wants him to change all of the photos that are in this house and have of unwanted people, she also explains that he must change the name plate of Kapoor mansion, shifting it with the real owner of this house as Holkar Mansion.

Vibhav leaves after greeting them all, Mr Holkar raises his concern about having Vibhav around her, Manav mentions that if an animal is caged then it cannot do anything other then to hit their head around the fence.

Akanksha and Yatho both come enjoying when he reveals that Sakshi mam made dinner for them all, Mr Holkar exclaims then why not they all go there to have dinner together. Ayesha is about to fall when Manav catches him, Niharika instructs her to watch herself, she assures of not being so joyed, they all hug each other.

Akanksha in the room is counting the money thinking that she cannot even live more then two days in this amount. There is someone at the door, she opens it so Vibhav enters the room exclaiming he is really hungry, she questions why did he not ask his Nikki to prepare the food,

Vibhav explains he only loves her but has to accept the orders of Niharika since she is the owner of the entire property. Akanksha warns him to not be over smart as Bubbly told her everything, how he planned to scare her.

Vibhav starts smiling mentioning it was all the plan of Niharika as she had him thrown in the servant quarter when she realized that he would not stop loving her, he is only doing this to help his position as he worked really hard to establish the Kapoor empire.

Sakshi mam is cooking when there is a ring on the door, she opens it in excitement where Mr Holkar is standing, he with a smile mentions that she is cooking for the celebration and walks inside,

Sakshi mam inquires where is everyone so he informs they went to the mall for shopping, Ayesha cannot control her happiness and even Manav and Yatho feel as if they have found a family member, Sakshi mam feels awkward hearing this, Mr Holkar sits down on the dinner table when Sakshi mam is serving him, he is really joyed.


Kaamna 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mr Holkar requests Sakshi to convince Manav to once again build his own life after which he would be able to retire peacefully, Mr Holkar exclaims he wants to say something to Manav, he immediately asks Mr Holkar what does he want to talk about, so Mr Holkar asks if he will get married to his daughter, Manav is shocked hearing this.


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