Kaamna 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 13th July 2022 Swati is really worried questioning if Akanksha is going to be fine, the doctor replies there is nothing to be worried about and everything would be fine, the doctor mentions that he needs to talk about Akanksha and taking Swati to the corner explains that when she was admitted in the hospital.

He thought something was wrong with her so he got some more tests but she has terminal cancer, Swati is not able to hear the news and starts crying, she questions if they are able to get the tests done properly and give her the medicine then everything would be fine, the doctor replies that nothing can happen now so she must remain strong so Akanksha remains happy in the few days that she has left. He is stunned that Yatharth has heard their entire conversation.

Swati comes back to Niharika and Sakshi when they inquire if everything is fine, Swati replies the doctor just wanted to inform her about the precautions and discharge, the nurse comes to call the doctor who rushes into the ward.

They walk out after some time when they are pulling the stretcher, they are stunned thinking she might have died but are relieved because it is someone else. Niharika assures that everything would be fine and even Akanksha would get the discharge really soon.

Akanksha in the ward wakes up, she after standing checks to see if all of her body parts are fine and then exclaims that she should be given the award for the best performance, she recalls how Vibhav called her advising that she needs to jump in front of Manav’s car, she got scare questioning what if something wrong happens and she gets killed or suffers any injury,

Vibhav replied she speaks a lot so reveals she just has to act as if she is injured, he assures of sabotaging the car of Manav that will give her the opportunity to act. She just has to throw a big rock first which will make it seem as if an actual accident has happened. The doctor calls her from behind asking if he can tell everyone that she has regained consciousness, she replies she would first eat Chinese and then apply some more makeup.

Vibhav is sitting drinking alcohol; he thinks this is the life he is supposed to live which is that of King but Niharika has made him into a servant but she has humiliated him a lot so now it is his turn. He gets up thinking he has taken care of Manav so now it is the turn of Niharika, her father wants him to divorce her, why does he think Vibhav would sign them so her losses the control of her entire business empire, Vibhav exclaims he would never do it.

Sakshi and Niharika both are looking at Yatho, Sakshi signals Niharika to talk with him, she sitting asks why is he so sad as the doctor explained she is getting better and she would get fine really soon but he is not at all responding, she asks if he would like to come with her. Sakshi kneels requesting him to go with Niharika since she is present in the hospital,

Yatho questions what about Dada as how would he spend the night alone, Sakshi mentions he would surely come to visit him after attaining the bail but he cannot go there, Yatho insists on either going to meet his father or staying with his grandmother, Niharika says she is just a call away but he must not be worried, she leaves.

Sakshi sits with Swati assuring everything would be fine, she is worried but then questions if Swati is hiding something from them, to which Swati replies there is nothing of the sort. Sakshi replies that Manav tried his best to save Akanksha but she felt as if Akanksha came with the decision to jump in front of the car, Manav can never hurt anyone she knows it, Swati replies that she knows Manav is innocent and the fate of her daughter is the problem. Sakshi assures of coming back in just half an hour when Yatho exclaims that she is going to meet Manav, he replies she can go since he will stay at the hospital.

Niharika comes back home when Mr Holkar questions how is Akanksha, she replies that Akanksha is better and as for Manav she has talked to the lawyer who is saying they cannot attain the bail so easily, it will be possible after the statement of Akanksha,

she asks if Vibhav came back when Mr Holkar exclaims he feels as if Vibhav has left both this house and her life, she replies it cannot happen when Mr Holkar questions why can she not forget him, Niharika explains she cannot forget him since he ruined seven years of her life but she thinks of filing a case against Vibhav as they will manage to find him. Vibhav standing in the corner thinks she once again wants to get him arrested and then she will slap him, he vows to not let it happen ever again.

Manav is sleeping when the constable explains someone has come to meet him, he seeing Sakshi turns away to wipe off his tears, she asks him to not hide them as it would not be of any help. She assures that Swati aunti has assured she would talk with Akanksha to give the statement on his behalf, he replies if she is understanding the plan since the call to divert their attention and the breaking of their headlights is not a coincidence but he feels it is a plan of Akanksha,

she wants to once again marry him which is not at all suitable as she knows he would never agree to it so she will ask something which he cannot give, Sakshi after a while thinks about Yatho. Manav exclaims Akanksha would get his custody till the time he is in prison and even after that she would not let him take the custody, as she will try to prove that it was an attempt to murder. He exclaims he cannot live with his son, Sakshi consoles him before walking away.

Vibhav enters the room of Niharika with a wire in his hand, he slowly walks over to her and covers her neck with it so that he can strangle her, Niharika starts feeling some distress in her sleep.


Kaamna 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The constable explains they have brought the person who tried to kill her, she instructs them to record her statement, Sakshi requests her to not give any statement against Manav, she replies she doesnot have to listen to Sakshi before giving the statement.


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