Kaamna 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 13th June 2022 Manav brings the gift for Sakshi mam explaining that she lost the music from her life but must bring it back as they are going to live together, she exclaims he is the one who brings music in her life. Mr Holkar requests Manav if he can marry his daughter.

Some time earlier, Mr Holkar explains Ayesha is really excited and even Manav feels as if his family member has returned, Sakshi mam sits down explaining that he must not be worried as Niharika jee would have surely gotten stronger and would have the capability to take over everything,

Mr Holkar explains he coming a little early was just an excuse so he can request her for some help, he explains that Niharika is really stubborn but she is also a women so can request Niharika to marry someone else as the husband would be able to save her just like Manav did today, just then the door bell rings.

Sakshi mam opens the door when Ayesha and Yatho both hug her showing the gifts, Niharika jee is also smiling, she notices that Sakshi mam is searching for Manav and so informs he went for some work and will come back later, Sakshi mam welcomes them all into the house,

Niharika jee is really amazed seeing the portrait so inquires if they made it, Yatharth informs that Sakshi mam is the one who taught them all this, Ayesha reveals when Yatharth mother left them,

Sakshi mam is the one who took care of the entire family, Niharika jee thanks her when Sakshi replies that her sacrifice is nothing as compared to what she has suffered for the past seven years. Niharika scolds them to not play alone but they must have fun together.

Manav calls them showing who has accompanied her, Malti aunti enters the house seeing whom Yatharth is really excited and inquires if she is also going to live with them, Manav assures this is why he went to bring them back.

Malti aunti praises about Ayesha’s intelligence to Niharika who in turn also praises Sakshi revealing she is the reason that she came back. Sakshi exclaims it is enough as she would now go to set the room of Mummi jee.

Manav stops Sakshi explaining she has picked a lot of bags for their family, he mentions that she is a part of this family and must never thinks she is alone, he inquires why did she leave without informing him since they are a family and must always be together,

he takes the responsibility for her happiness mentioning they were an army and she is their leader because they only reason they managed to find Niharika jee is because of her advice so now they would always live together, Manav exclaims now he needs to give her something,

he presents her with a gift and with immense happiness requests that she open it, she is shocked to see the musical instrument and mentions she must now bring back the music that has left her, he rushes inside to put the bags. Sakshi mam recalls all the moments spent with Manav and how they with time became friends, she exclaims the string of her life now rests in his hands.

Sakshi mam turns when she sees herself standing in the mirror questioning what is she thinking about. Manav is helping Malti aunti put the bags, he inquires if she is comfortable and requests that she always shower her blessings on him since this is the reason, he is winning all of his fights.

Manav asks if she thinks he is a responsible person, she agrees so he asks her to not be worried about Sakshi mam as she is his responsibility. Manav takes her blessings when she starts crying, he questions why does she and Sakshi mam always cry, explaining he hates it and so requests she needs to freshen up as he would arrange for the dinner.

Malti aunti explains to Sakshi mam how kind hearted is Manav as he forcefully brought her here to this house saying he would otherwise sit in front of her house, Malti aunti exclaims he said they are going to live in the same house,

She prays that before she dies Sakshi mam becomes one with Manav, she explains how she saw love for him in her eyes and Sakshi must accept it as she is the one who has to perform the rituals, they both are hugging when Manav calls Sakshi to hurry since he is really hungry, she agrees to come, Malti aunti follows Sakshi.

In the morning Vibhav is sleeping when Akanksha is calling him so he ends the call, she thinks he ruined her life by assuring her of a lot in the future, she thinks that Manav was better then this as he would talk with her and made sure all of her desires were fulfilled. Vibhav texts Akanksha that he is with Niharika, she in anger throws the phone but then realizes that she made a mistake as she doesnot have money to buy a new one, she is relieved when it finally turns on.

Sakshi mam is with Niharika who exclaims she desires that she get married once again, she tells Ayesha and Yatho that they did not tell her that their Sakshi mam is a match maker, Niharika exclaims she knows Sakshi is really sweet but she has been imprisoned for seven years without any crime,

she only saw the face of that Dr Kalay and would feel suffocated in it, she starts weeping when finally she wipes them off explaining that she has them all for her family, as Ayesha calls Manav as uncle and even he loves her as his own daughter. Yatho leaves the hall. Ayesha hugs her mother explaining even yatho calls her as Didi.

She gets a text from him requesting that she should come to the room of Malti aunti, where she explains that Manav desires they all should live together in the same house and even both Sakshi and Manav have come a lot closer than each other, she feels they both would surely get married. Malti aunti explains they must be careful to not make any mistake as the last time.

Manav sees Mr Holkar applying the injection, he inquires what is he doing when Mr Holkar reveals that he started drinking when Niharika left him to the extent that he was drunk the entire day, he did not even realize when it became a necessity for him until last year when he found out that his liver is failing and he has diabetes,

Manav questions why did he not tell him to which Mr Holkar says he never wanted to trouble Manav, truth be told he had lost all hope to live but now since Niharika has returned he wishes to live a long life, he seeks permission from Manav to request something, he asks Manav if he can marry his daughter hearing which he is shocked.


Kaamna 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth takes the hands of Sakshi mam exclaiming they belong to his mother, Malti aunti and Ayesha reveal she is actually Sakshi mam but he requests if she can become his mother, Sakshi is also crying while Akanksha is shocked seeing the scene from the window.


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