Kaamna 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 15th July 2022 Akanksha mentions she wants to give Manav a chance, she exclaims he can say anything he wants to say to her. Manav replies if anything would have changed by his words then they would not be in this position, she has always done what she desires and should do what she wishes.

Akanksha exclaims he is taunting her but should not have brought the lawyer as this is an open and shut case, Akanksha asks the constable to record the statement mentioning that Manav Bajpayee who is blamed for trying to kill her is actually innocent,

the inspector mentions this means he is innocent so was she not trying to say he is guilty, Akanksha replies she meant every word so he is innocent, Akanksha exclaims even if he is her ex-husband but she knows he is the best husband and father.

Manav is tensed wondering what is going on but Akanksha replies he must not be worried since Manav never tried to harm her and also took care of yatho. Inspector asks her to sort this family drama but give the real statement she replies she got hit accidentally,

she just wanted to talk with him after hearing about his engagement but he was not ready to talk with her so she while trying to stop his car came in front causing the accident, the lawyer mentions now there is nothing left in this case and he must open the handcuffs. Akanksha accepts she wronged Manav and caused a lot of pain but he always acted like a true gentleman, she prays that he has happiness in his future life,

she requests him to forgive his first life as she doesnot have any complain or grudge against him, she just wants to go back to her house with her mother and sleep peacefully. Akanksha requests Manav to get her discharged from the hospital as soon as possible, she asks the inspector to have the handcuffs removed,

he instructs the constable so Sakshi thanks Akanksha. She starts feeling pain on her head which worries everyone, the doctor instructs them to leave as she needs to rest, he asks her to relax so Manav leaves and even Swati turns back but Akanksha stops her so she stays back with her.

Sakshi walking in the hall is really tensed, she thanks Bhagwan for showing Akanksha the truth and prays that she should be healthy as soon so Yatharth also gets back his smile. The lawyer mentions he is glad she did not press any charges against him otherwise it would have been really easy for her to take the custody of Yatharth,

Mr Holkar replies that even Vibhav signed the divorce papers without any problem while he was running away for so long. Yatharth in anger exclaims she is not at fault and has really mended her wars, Manav apologizes saying that he did not mean it like that, yatho exclaims she requested him for something, Manav recalls that she asked him to get her discharged as soon as possible. Manav mentions he is going to fulfill the formalities.

Swati is sitting with Akanksha, she mentions what kind of fate has she got as even after accepting all of her mistakes she is still away from her family, Akanksha replies that she feels as if a big stone has been removed from her chest, she asks if Swati is going to take her back home,

Akanksha is worried if Karan and Bubbly are going to accept her to which Swati replies the belongs to her so there would not be any problem. Akanksha with tears exclaims she was not even able to become a good daughter so asks if her mother is not angry with her, Swati replies that she has finally accepted her mistakes so she is proud of her daughter.

Akanksha feels like vomiting when Swati calls the nurse, she coming in informs that her discharge slips are ready and she must take the medicines, Swati says she is going to take care of it all when Akanksha questions who brought the medicines, the nurse informs Manav Bajpayee.

Mr Holkar is waiting with yatho when Manav comes with the file, he asks what is the problem and why is she in the wheelchair, Swati replies everything is fine however Manav is not convinced so asks the doctor but he also says that she is healthy and can be taken home, Manav hands the medical file when Akanksha exclaims, she is like that and always becomes a problem for everyone she is around with, Akanksha exclaims she will go with her mother as she doesnot have any right over him.

Yatharth is crying when Akanksha calling him mentions that his bad mother is getting discharge from the hospital and even Manav is released so he must not cry at all, explaining even his new mother has come to his side, she mentions Sakshi has a big duty on her shoulders as she needs to give her son and ex husband the love which she was never able to give,

she explains Manav is getting all the happiness which he deserves but she is not going to come back as from today she ends all of her relations with them. Akanksha hands Manav the envelope saying he must take it as from today she from now onwards her chapter is going to end from his life, she requests her mother to take her home.

Manav and Sakshi are worried, he thinks that Akanksha apologized and even Vibhav changed, he wonders how did their behavior changed, Sakshi asks Manav if he is also thinking because Akanksha got discharge but even then aunti jee was crying, Manav asks Yatho what is the reason that his grandmother is acting so strange.

Yatho recalls how his grandmother made him swear to not tell anyone especially his father regarding the cancer of Akanksha as he has already suffered a lot because of her. Manav asks what is he thinking, Yatho replies she might have said it at which Manav thinks Swati is embarrassed because of the actions of her daughter as she is also a mother.

Yatho replies this is not the truth because she also helped him by not sending him to jail. Manav replies because his mother knew that his father is innocent and can never do anything so heinous but Yatho replies why does he mistrust her so much as what is wrong when she even apologized and left his life. Manav is worried.


Kaamna 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav kneels down after seeing the old family photos on the floor, Sakshi comes to stand by his side. Yatho calls Swati inquiring about Akanksha, Swati replies she is asleep just then Akanksha rushes into the bathroom, Yatho gets worried wondering what might have happened to Akanksha.


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