Kaamna 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 16th May 2022 Akanksha standing in the office is recording when she asks Neha how can she stay away from the child who she gave birth to and even cared for seven years, she doesnot even have the right to meet him as it has been really long since she heard him call her mother,

Akanksha asks if she has failed the role of a mother she accepts that she is not perfect but this doesnot mean he would take away the right to meet her only son for the sake of a single meeting,

Neha acts as if she is crying which worries Mr Holkar who tries to think what has happened to Neha, she apologizes to Akanksha saying she did not knew this was such a big issue otherwise she would have cancelled the meeting, Sir told her that she was about to come but she did not know it, Vibhav in the house is glad thinking they both have made a good show as they are really good actors. Neha apologizes but Akanksha insists on meeting her son Yatharth.

Yatharth is sitting in his room while the photos are burning, Sakshi mam is also standing over the stove while the milk boils over. Malti aunti comes explains this is her situation as she is still thinking about the past events of her life, which is not right when she must move on in her life, Sakshi mam accepts she is speaking the truth, Yatharth is trying to open the door but is not able, he even calls the house workers for help but they donot come to his call.

Mr Holkar asks Neha to leave, he explains that the person she is blaming is the CEO of his company and his decision are based solely for the betterment of the company and he has left his personal life aside. Akanksha says she is always going to pray for his better future and felt really nice after seeing his bungalow but with the huge houses there is a lot of loneliness which they cannot end, Sakshi mam is getting restless while washing her face.

Akanksha in the office mentions that no matter who comes in the life of a child, they can never fulfill the need of a mother, Manav suddenly gets a call from the worker in his house who is asking about the keys to the rooms,

Manav mentions that he has them in his pocket when they ask him to hurry since there is smoke coming from the room of Yatharth and he is not able to open the door. Manav in the car asks the driver to drive fast when he wonders why is Akanksha calling him again and again. Manav calls the doctor requesting him to immediately come to his house but the doctor informs he is in Mumbai for a conference, he is not able to hear Manav so ends the call.

Manav reaches his home where he bumps into the furniture before rushing into the room, he quickly picks up Yatho in his arms, instructing them to ask the driver to start the car but just then they see a doctor standing in the house, she informs the child needs first aid so he must place him down,

Manav places Yatho while the doctor starts checking, she asks who is Akanksha, she comes from behind revealing she is the mother of Yatho, Akanksha inquires if her son would get fine to which the doctor mentions he is only unconscious because of inhaling the smoke, he will wake up when the oxygen level increases while she is also going to give him an injection to relax his lungs, Akanksha acts as if she is worried, Manav is weeping while Yatho finally wakes up after coughing, both of them breath a sigh of relief. Yatharth takes off his mask requesting Manav to ask her to leave,

Akanksha asks Manav to make Yatharth wear the mask because he is not well, Manav standing questions Kumar how did it happen, he replies Yatharth burnt somet5hing in his room, and it got locked. They tried their best to open it and even called him but he would have gotten unconscious because of the smoke. The doctor asks why was neither of them present with their son. Akanksha reveals she doesnot live here, Manav informs they are divorced.

Sakshi mam is really restless in her house when Malti aunti asks what happened so Sakshi mam explains she is feeling really tensed so will go and meet Yatho, Malti aunti exclaims nothing will happen if she goes there as she must now move on in her life because in that book there is nothing but tension and problems so she must close it and not drag everyone to come back to that same book,

Sakshi mam requests Malti aunti to not say anything else as she is already broken and doesnot know how much this world is going to break her, she starts crying while throwing the bag away meanwhile Malti aunti consoles her.
Manav is with yatho while the doctor asks if he is fine, Manav questions what was the thing that he burnt, yatho asks him to ask her to leave because if she left one time then why does she come back again and again,

the doctor exclaims these are bad manners. Manav also advises him to talk with respect. Akanksha exclaims that now his father is also present with him so he must just listen that she really misses him when the doctor asks Manav to come with her for a second,

she informs that there is a lot of anger filled in his son and he must take care of him otherwise Yatharth might do something even more dangerous, she can see he is really angry with his mother. The doctor suggests that he must have someone who stays with Yatharth at all times, Manav is constantly looking at Akanksha and Yatharth when the doctor advises him to first end the suspicion in his mind, Manav goes to see the doctor off.

Akanksha is sitting beside yatho explaining that she really misses him and wants to be with him at all times, she after waking up thinks that he would come to her but he is not living with her, she asks if he can forgive her when Yatharth replies that he will never forgive her nor does he want to talk with her. Akanksha is on the call with Vibhav who can hear eveyrhting, he doesnot feel nice when she exclaims, she is living with him but just wants to see her son.

Manav is with the doctor who assures him that Yatharth would be fine, Manav recalls how Sakshi mam also advised him to either hire a nanny or call his Grandmother, he requests the doctor to suggest a nanny when the doctor replies they hired a nanny for their children who she thinks would be perfect for Yatho, she agrees to send Yashoda to his house tomorrow.

Akanksha ties to pacify yatho but he leaves in anger, Manav comes into the house, Akanksha explains that she knows she has made some mistakes which can never be corrected but now yatho lives with him and it is upto him to make sure that he doesnot his mother, who knows this hatered might extent to all the women in the future, the mental health of Yatharth is in the hands of Manav, she requests to meet him tomorrow and even seeks permission to stay in his house tonight but Manav replies it would not be okay if they are together.


Kaamna 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth while lying down in the bed asks Manav to not allow his ex wife to vast their house. Manav calls Malti aunti who reveals Sakshi has agreed to get married and now he must suggest a suitable proposal.


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