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Kaamna 17th November 2021 the morning Manav is looking at the pictures smiling, Akanksha looks at him saying he likes the young and beautiful Akanksha better then him, he says that she is even more beautiful today, Manav asks her to see how beautiful she is looking in one photo however she questions how is it possible, he mentions it is true she is more sophisticated today but she was carefree, Manav exclaims she has gotten in debt once again, Akanksha questions how is it possible,

he exclaims it is of the god as he feels one day he would ask him to pay for looking at such a beautiful smile from so close, Akanksha exclaim then she would not smile from now one otherwise he would get indebted, Manav request her to not do such a thing when she replies nothing can happen now, he also smiles saying he has one proposition after which she will smile, she excitingly asks if he is going to give her a new mobile then he replies that it is a new app in which she can order all the new times which she desires and will even get a cash back, she says he can do anything for saving the money.

Akanksha leaning on his chest exclaims he can do anything for her desires, he says now he feels that he would have to spend a lot of money because she always does this when she desires something from him, she asks if she can buy the new mobile, however Manav wonders how would they buy a mobile worth ninety thousand, Akanksha mentions it seems really expensive now but they can buy it in instalments of nine months, he thinks this would mean six thousand for twelve months plus the down payment of fifteen thousand, she in excitement exclaim can she have it by tomorrow however Manav requests her for at least two to three months, she hugs him and they both are about to kiss each other when their son calls Akanksha,

she goes to him asking what happened, he replies that he saw a really bad dream, Manav asks if he saw his math teacher, he replies that he saw a monster who was asking him the spelling of Mississippi, they both share an immense laugh and then exclaim he can sleep between them both for today, Siddharth sitting asks Akanksha why does he not sleep with them anymore, Manav says it is because he is now and old boy but Sidharth says he is the old boy so why does he sleep with Mama, Manav says Akanksha will answer it, Akanksha says that she desires he do all of his work by himself as he if went to hostel then he will do everything by himself, Manav asks Akanksha why would their son go to hostel, Akanksha exclaims that they study good there but Manav assures he would not go anywhere.

In the morning Manav asks Siddharth why he is so worried but he doesnot reply when Akanksha replies that his term results are going to come, Manav asks him to not be worried since as per government law they cannot fail any student till seventh grade, Akanksha questions what has happened to him since she wants their child to always score the best marks and have the top position, Manav replies this students are given grades now but Akanksha exclaims that even then he can have the top position as teachers only call the name of those students who have the best marks.

Manav asks Akanksha to see that the destination, she asks him to come back with the promotion letter and also for Siddharth to get good marks. They both agree and then leave.

Mr Kapoor enters the house where a women is waiting for him, he says that he wants the photos of the spelling bee competition which took path in their school, however she replies she has selected the best photos of him however Mr Kapoor says that he has asked for all the photographs, he starts viewing them while the lady is sitting having the coffee, she says that Mr Kapoor looks more beautiful in person but she just desires that they give her a job, she however receives a text in which it is written that she has been fired from her job which worries her, she then receives her bag wondering what has she done wrong.

Manav is called into the office of Bansal sir, he walks there hesitantly, Manav is asked to sit down when Bansal sir exclaims Manav is the one in talks by having the illegal raid personal get caught, Manav exclaims he just went there to have lunch, the person says did he not say that Manav has been taking bribes which is why he went their to have lunch, Manav exclaims that Vyas je would have heard all the thieves think of others as themselves, Bansal sir says it is the opposite as he has been blamed for taking the Bribe, Manav starts laughing mentioning that he is being charged for not taking the bribe from him, Vyas je says that everyone tends to say it, Manav explains he is a straight defaulter who does not do proper work and even his work is not up to the quality even then he has the strength to come and threaten a government employee. But Mr Bansal then he should have complained before but now as Vyas je has complained it then he would be forced to act.

Akanksha is in the mall while Misses Manchanda complains regarding her new mobile that it doesnot even work properly, Akanksha looks at the other mobile, the sales man says it is the last piece so she should buy it now however Akanksha refuses even when misses Manchanda pressurizes, she then asks her to not keep her happiness wait for any longer and buy it on the spot, Akanksha wonders what will she do now, Misses Manchanda explains she can return the money after some time.

Mr Bansal walking with Manav mentions that the matter has gone to the commissioner and if he gets suspended then he would have to live with half of his salary for his entire life, he should sign the papers but Manav refuses saying it cannot happen as the scheme of threatening him with suspension would not work.

Akanksha finally takes the new mobile in her hands asking Misses Manchanda if it is good.
Siddharth sees Vinay sitting so asks him to come as it is the computer class, however he sees his mother sitting in the principal room, Sidharth says that his mother keeps on saying she would have him get admitted to a good school but he doesnot go there as he wants to be with Vinay, however he replies that Siddharth would not be able to come as he is going with his mother to Indore as she said that she has taken the divorce from his father, Siddharth asks what is a divorce when Vinay exclaims that it is the one in which their parents do not live together.

Akanksha is sitting with Misses Manchanda who exclaims that the new mobile looks really good in her hand and it doesnot seem she cannot afford it, Akanksha says that it is not that, but Manav likes to save his money, she receives a call from Manav, she starts talking with him when he questions why did she not know it was him, she replies that she bought the mobile by taking money from Misses Manchanda as she forced her to take it as a loan, Akanksha exclaims he would have been praised for his work however Manav replies it is not like that as Bansal sir has threaten to suspend him on the complaint of a contractor, Akanksha gets worried when he says he would talk about it after returning, even she ends the call, they both are really worried about what will happen now.


Kaamna 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav says the entire wealth of Manchanda is of the black, Akanksha exclaims he should also mend his rules if abiding by them tends to get him suspension, Manav replies in anger saying he will not mend his rules for anyone. Mr Kapoor is talking with someone who praises him for being able to get everything as per his wishes, Mr Kapoor exclaims anyone whom he desires comes walking to him, Akanksha is looking out of the car while being stuck in the traffic.


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