Kaamna 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 19th November 2021 morning Akanksha is taking out the letters while Manav is correcting the books, he asks if she knows how much his salary is increasing, he reveals that it is twenty five thousand, Akanksha is not able to close her mouth and exclaims she will buy a new television for their living room,

Manav exclaims there is a condition with the promotion, he asks her to read it further, she is shocked to read they might have to move to Indore, Yatharth is really excited as Vinay has also gone to Indore with his mother, Akanksha says that they will never go to Indore under any circumstance, Yatharth asks why did mother get angry, Manav exclaims there is nothing to worry about but he should go outside to play as it will help him remain fit.

Mr Kapoor is standing when one of the attendees of the party exclaims Mr Kapoor is the real estate king of Indore, tomorrow would be the pooja for his new skyscraper of Indore, his secretary asks his personal worker for the family members who will attend the function, he replies that no one from his family will come as he doesnot have any left.

Akanksha is standing in the balcony recalling how her mother said they should think before marrying but her father exclaimed that his daughter is an actual princess, Manav comes mentioning she must have the ginger lemon tea as then she will feel nice, she asks if he has made it however he replies that he ordered it, Akanksha exclaims he should refuse the promotion as they cannot shift to Indore, Manav exclaims he never does anything without even talking to him, he knows she doesnot like Indore even when her entire family lives there, he asks if she had seen his uncle dancing in Indore and so decided to never live in the same city,

Manav explains he asked Bansal sir to transfer him to another city but he instead got angry, Akanksha exclaims this is why he agreed but he mentions the basic reason was the salary and he thought of how he would be able to fulfil her small desires and also how she tries to get Yatharth for different courses so he felt she might be able to fulfil them, which is why he thought of taking the promotion, Akanksha agrees when Yatharth comes asking them to see who has arrived, Manav excitingly greets his friend, Akanksha asks if they have shifted to Bhopal but he replies they came for some work so thought of meeting Manav to congratulate him for his promotion.

Akanksha dishing out the food asks what was the need to talk with her if he had already decided to take the promotion, Manav assures it is not the case but Akanksha asks then why did they both arrive with the food, Manav replies how he called him while he was in the office and in excitement he told him about the promotion, Akanksha exclaims she knows why he is so eager about going to Indore, as his family lives their and also her family is in Indore, she questions why is he so selfish, Manav questions what does she mean because he always talks with her, Akanksha starts getting angry when Rhea comes, she however apologizes for intruding asking if there is any problem, Akanksha replies it is nothing like that but she was just asking Manav to inform her before as she might have prepared good dinner, Rhea questions why is she being so formal as this is also their house, Manav asks what does she mean as they have been giving the rent to the wrong person. Rhea takes a plate, Manav prays that he get the strength.

Yatharth talking with Vinay exclaim that he is also going to come to Indore, Vinay also gets really excited.

Rhea is with her husband who exclaims Manav is really blessed as first he got the government job then married Akanksha and even has a beautiful son, Manav exclaims he had to work a lot for Yatharth, Akanksha scolds him, when Manav exclaims he will think about coming to indore but his friend insists that he come since it is a beautiful city, Yatharth also exclaims he must go to Indore as he promised Vinay.

Manav asks Aansh to play his favourite song, Rhea asks which song is he talking about, Yatharth exclaims the one which he was listening to when he first met Maa, Aansh starts singing the song when Manav asks Akanksha for a dance, they both stand to dance and really enjoy, Rhea asks if he knows that Saurabh sir has become a principal, Manav leaves to help Yatharth to go to sleep, Rhea sits with Akanksha mentioning how she did not think she will stay in this marriage for so long, Akanksha leaves when Aansh asks what was she talking about, Rhea exclaims that this is not what she meant but was just saying that Akanksha always wanted to marry someone who can provide her with luxury and take her on foreign trips but then how did she marry Manav, Akanksha also exclaims she doesnot know when she fell in love with him.

Mr Kapoor is sitting drinking; he is only thinking about Akanksha wondering he doesnot know she has gotten trapped or has he gotten trapped in her one visit. Rana asks when he should set a meeting with Panday je as his PA is constantly asking him, Mr Kapoor replies Panday is not coming for the pooja but to set for his penthouse so will come whenever he is invited, Mr Kapoor asks Ranay if he will like a drink but Ranay leaves.

Manav talking on the call asks if they will come in the morning, Akanksha questions who is going to come, he replies the one who doesnot remain with anyone as he has broken an FD to return the money to Misses Manchanda, Akanksha apologizes as because of her he was forced to break the FD, Manav asks why she is so tensed because she should remain happy with her desires, Akanksha questions how can she remain satisfied knowing he left twenty five thousand rupees because of her, and there is also the question of his suspension, Manav asks if she knows the magical night, Akanksha exclaims she will not be able to forget as he will not let her.

Manav questions why she wants to forget that nigh when she was waiting for him outside his house, he recalls how she called him in the night to ask for money to pay the taxi driver when he asked what she was doing here because it was her wedding day but she proposed to him, and he also hugged her.

Manav exclaims this was the day when he vowed to make sure he keeps his wife happy and will do it, Akanksha question what will happen because he might get suspended, Manav exclaims that it is not that easy to get him suspended that easy, Akanksha questions then what will happen to Yatharth because he was so excited when Manav exclaims he has found a solution as they will take Vinay for marital arts classes, Akanksha mentions that one she did not like the city where her father was transferred so can he do the same for her, he doesnot understand when she asks will he be able to get the transfer from Indore within a year, he agrees and holds her hand in excitement.

In the morning Mr Manchanda is looking while they are loading the tempo, Misses Manchanda exclaims that his crush is shifting so what will happen to him, she mentions how Akanksha took ninety thousand from her so would she return them, Mr Manchanda assures her there is nothing to worry about Yatharth requests the person to be careful with his boxes, Manav sitting in the car asks Akanksha to bear the heat one more time as he is also getting a new car with the promotion, they all drive off.

In Indore the function is about to start and Panday jee also arrives at the location, Mr Kapoor welcomes him mentioning that the work on his penthouse has also started, they both share a laugh together.


Kaamna 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav is shown to the quarter, Akanksha exclaims they should have been allotted a bungalow, the person explains they have been allotted a bungalow but it has not yet been vacated, Akanksha however insists that she will only shift into a bungalow, Mr Kapoor explains they get in trouble because of such honest people, Manav sits in front of him, Mr Kapoor exclaims they work to live and not live to work.


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