Kaamna 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 22nd April 2022 Akanksha suspects the joker, she walks to stand straight in front of him looking at him, mentioning he dances really well questioning why did he stop as he must continue the dance, she starts walking towards him while he keeps on taking the steps back and they reach he hall,

she calls Ranay ho comes to stand and even he notices the truth, she signals him so he calls the guard who cover the face of Manav and throw him out of the house, Manav stands up looking at them all with immense anger, Ayesha is really worried so she calls someone.

Manav is walking when Sakshi mam calls him from behind, she questions where was he because they were searching for him and then Ayesha called them, Manav explains he is not able to live without Yatho, Shenoy sir replies that it is great news as then his chances cannot be lowered, Sakshi mam also says that he must not ruin his chances himself because if Vibhav had sent him to jail for trespassing then what could have they done,

he needs to understand everything because that he only has one week to prove that all the blames on him are false, even his financial condition is suitable to take care of his son, Manav replies that he is not able to think and cannot find any solution but then Sakshi explains the custody of Yatho would be given to Akanksha, Shenoy sir says that he has a plan.

Manav asks Shenoy sir to come into the office and helps him sit on the chair but before he can sit himself, Mr Kholkar in anger questions if he asked Manav to sit, hearing this Manav apologizes when Mr Kholkar signals him to sit on the other chair, Manav doesnot understand and rises his concern, Shenoy sir smiling explains Mr Kholkar means he should sit on the chair of CEO, Mr Kholkar takes out the papers which state that Manav is being hired as the CEO of Kholkar industries,

Mr Kholkar asks him to look at the last page, Manav is shocked seeing the amount, Mr Kholkar says the salary at which this court is appointing him as CEO would prove that he can take care of Yatho but Manav immediately refuses mentioning he is not qualified and even there are corruption charges, Mr Kholkar explains he knows the case is a plan of Vibhav but his qualification is enough for the position as CEO,

Mr Kholkar reveals Manav has proved to defeat Vibhav in the past months, he now wants to ruin his image, Mr Kholkar informs Manav must not think he is doing any sort of favor but that Manav must first solve his matters then fight the war to make sure that Vibhav doesnot take control over the property of Niharika,

Manav starts thinking how the court gave him a weeks’ time, and Sakshi mam mentioned he must make sure that he has the means to prove he can raise Yatharth, Mr Kholkar welcomes Manav as the new CEO of Kholkar industries, Manav seeing this goes to the chair and then sits down when Mr Kholkar signals him.

Vibhav is exercising in the house when Akanksha comes running to him explaining that tomorrow is the final court hearing regarding the case of Yatho, Vibhav is shocked wondering how can this happen as it is not possible, he wonders what might have happened.

In the morning Manav and Akanksha are standing in front of the Judge when Manav requests a chance to play a video, Vibhav interrupts questioning what is the need for this when today is the last hearing regarding he case, the judge says he must maintain the decorum of the court as he is neither the judge nor a lawyer so must not interrupt, he grants the permission to Manav who gives the pen drive., the video shows some people entering the house of Manav with the bag, Manav recalls how he went with Shenoy sir and Khushal jee to search for the CCTV footage when Khushal jee exclaimed the suspicion of Shenoy sir was true and he knew it will be a plan of Vibhav.

Manav mentions this is video is exactly a day older from when the bag was found in his house, and he has even got the authenticity report, Vibhav wonders how could he forget about it, Manav says that this video clearly shows that someone tried to trap him, and now he must give his verdict,

The judge explains that after hearing both the sides he gives the verdict that Manav is the one who can raise Yatho better and so he would be granted the custody since the court set a condition and he proved it in a single day, he has resigned from his government job and taken charge of his post as the CEO of Kholkar industries.

The judge formally announces that the corruption charges against Manav will be resolved by the inquiry but after witnessing the video, he is giving the custody of Master Yatharth to Manav as he can better take care of his son, they all start rejoicing when Manav mentions he really missed Yatharth.

Akanksha in shock asks Vibhav how can Manav be the CEO of Kholkar industries as it is their parent company so how can they make him the CEO, Akanksha requests to see the appointment letter of Manav, the judge hands it to her while both Vibhav and Akanksha look in shock, Vibhav exclaims this will be the doing of Kholkar and he vows to not leave him but Akanksha replies that she has lost the case of custody and this is all over,

Akanksha seeks the visiting rights from the judge, she asks when she meet her son, the judge replies Manav had presented an Affidavit so he asks if Manav can read it aloud, Manav reads that when a house breaks, it ruins everything but the elders can manage themselves however it is really traumatic for a seven year old, however since Akanksha is the mother of Yatharth so he can allow her only when Yatharth has recovered from this traumatic event,

he assures the court that he will inform the court and miss Akanksha when it is the right time however Akanksha can only meet Yatharth during his presence and when he feels she should visit, Akanksha tries to raise an objection however the judge replies that the court congratulates Manav for fighting the case with full honesty however they condemn Akanksha for the way she fought this case as she is not even worthy to be called a mother, Vibhav takes her away.

Akanksha while walking is thinking how the judge said she is not even worthy to be called a mother, Vibhav is also tensed when Manav calls her from behind, he informs they cannot do anything now since the judge gave his verdict so he is requesting them to not think about Yatho and move on, she must marry Vibhav and start a new life so he explains they must forget the hell which they were all dragged into, he desires they should become strangers before leaving them, Akanksha is still looking at him as he walks away.


Kaamna 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav is talking on the phone, Sakshi mam comes asking if he was able to arrange a new house, he replies he has when she asks if he remembers that she told him about a job in Gwalior, she has decided to join it. Manav is shocked, she leaves with tears in her eyes explaining they would also leave them when they shift into their new house. Yatharth hearing this hide.


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