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Kaamna 22nd July 2022 Manav questions why would she stay with him, he asks if Yatho forgot how did she leave him when they both needed her the most, he himself said that he would not take her name ever again so did he forget his vows.

He doesnot understand that she is using the accident to come near them so he must think it once again, Yatho replies he has not forgotten anything but Manav should also understand that she has apologized for all the mistakes which she made in the past so he wants to spend some time with her,

Manav was the one to tell him that they cannot change the fact she is his mother so what is the problem now that she has changed. Manav sitting down mentions he knows yatho got hurt seeing her in the hospital and wondered if anything might have happened to her but she is healthy now so he wants to spend some time with her.

Manav explains he doesnot trust her to allow that she stays with them in their house and he did not even think about what Sakshi Mumma would think if Akanksha lives with them, even when she was standing with them in their difficult times.

Sakshi is standing when Malti aunti comes so she asks where is Akanksha, Malti aunti mentions she cannot understand why did Yatho bring Akanksha back as he also did the same to her,

Sakshi exclaims she is also worried about the reason he had to go back to his real mother, was it something which she did or was she not able to give him the love of a mother. She asks Malti aunti if he thinks she is the reason for the accident, Manav agreed to marry her and Akanksha came in front of the car.

She thinks he believes she is the reason behind the accident, but he was really happy in the morning and even called her Sakshi Mumma so she is over thinking it all as he really loves her and would love her the entire life.

Malti aunti mentions she thinks that after the accident the love for yatho has increased a lot, she is worried if the few days of Akanksha might not cause problems in her relation with them. Sakshi exclaims she should not be worried about the love a child has for his mother but she is not able to understand the change in his behavior and she wishes that the reason should be genuine.

Yatho thinks Sakshi would support him as she loves him a lot, he assures he really loves Sakshi but what about his real mother, so can she not stay with them for some time. Manav mentions he doesnot want to put any negative thought in his mind,

he is glad that yatho forgave Akanksha but it doesnot mean they should forget about the wrong doings that happened with them, he should never forget that she deceived them. Yatho is about to reveal the truth when he recalls how Akanksha said she doesnot want Manav to find about her truth but she prays they both live a happy life.

Yatharth agrees saying he would not hurt his father but if he has a lot of problem with Akanksha staying here then she would not live here but he would also leave this house, Yatharth exclaims he is going to stay with his grandmother for some days. If she cannot live with him then he can go to stay in her house, yatho turns to pack his belongings while Manav is stunned.

Sakshi is cleaning the room, Malti aunti asks her to not be so nervous as yatho still loves her the same as before and even Akanksha was forced to accept her relation with Manav, she even inquired about the wedding so there is no other option for her to accept the wedding,

Sakshi replies even then she is not comfortable living under the same roof with her, Malti aunti replies she would not have to since Manav will never allow this, she hears yatho crying for his mother and so feels as if he calling her.

Sakshi starts walking towards the door when yatho in excitement exclaims she can live with them as Manav finally agreed, Akanksha hugs him in excitement. Yatho whispers if her days have extended. Manav asks him to remember his promise since he has only allowed her to stay for some time.

Akanksha standing thanks Manav as even the few days which she spends with him will be like a lifetime, she promises to leave after some time and go far away from them all, she can never forget that he allowed her to stay here. Manav receives a call from Swati, she explains both Akanksha and Yatho are missing as she was not able to find them after returning from the market,

Manav explains Yatharth and Akanksha are in his house. He is insisting that she stays with them for some time, Swati questions what was the need to take her there, he raises his concern asking if she knows why has the behavior of Yatharth changed,

Swati wonders how can she tell him the reason as yatho might be trying to stay with his mother during her last days. She refuses but says he should allow her as she would not cause any problems as this is her promise, it is better if yatho forgives his mother from his heart.

Yatho is excited to take Akanksha to his room but she refuses mentioning she cannot change the routine of this house as he must stay close to the person he was sleeping with, Yatho is about to reveal that she might hurt herself but Akanksha says she can manage it, Manav leaves in anger so yatho goes to hug Sakshi mentioning he wants to talk with her.

Akanksha sits on the sofa with a smile on her face thinking now her plan would be complete as she has once again returned to this house.

Yatho asks if his Sakshi Mumma is angry with him, she refuses to accept it when he mentions that he did not take permission before bringing his mother so what happened as he can take it now.

Yatharth requests if his mother can live here for a few days, Sakshi replies now that his father has given the permission then what can she say against his decision but he should not let her sleep on the couch and give her this room, Yatho questions where would she go when Sakshi replies she will leave for some time. Yatho appreciates to let Akanksha stay but he cannot let her leave this house,

Sakshi mentions it is not right to argue as she cannot stay with Akanksha in the same house, she will come back as soon as Akanksha leaves. Sakshi mentions he has gotten old now must learn to see things from other people’s perspective, it would be a miserable experience if she has to live with his mother.

Yatho gets sad exclaiming he cannot understand how to tell her about the reason, he replies that he thought she would stand by his side but he for the first time is seeing her getting angry with him. Sakshi asks Malti aunti if she was wrong but Malti aunti exclaims they must pack their belongings.

Manav while cleaning his room thinks this is not right, Sakshi always has to face their problems, yatho comes running informing Sakshi is leaving when Manav asks the reason so yatho replies she said she is not comfortable living under the same roof with Akanksha.

Yatho can forget everything and he only allowed Akanksha to stay because yatho was insisting. Yatharth requests him to stop Sakshi Mumma, he leaves while Yatho calls Swati asking if everything is fine, he informs that Sakshi is leaving the house and even Manav is uncomfortable so he wishes they could tell the truth,

Swati replies any girl would have done the same but he should think how tensed they both would get if they know the truth and if Akanksha suffers anything then what would become of their wedding. She assures of doing something so he must not worry.

Manav exclaims he said they would not go anywhere, Sakshi requests him to let go of her belongings as she cannot be comfortable with Akanksha. Malti aunti is also tensed and even told yatho they will come back; he asks if this house doesnot belong to her as they have gotten engaged. Manav explains he know how tensed yatho would get, she replies that he must know what his attitude does to those who love him.

Yatharth is covering Akanksha while she is sleeping on the couch, Sakshi coming asks if everything is fine, he asks if she is surely leaving and asks if his grandmother called her, she questions why would she call her, Sakshi leaves.

Yatharth goes to stand by his mother, Manav comes when yatho asks where is he going so he replies he has to leave for some important work and will talk with him after coming back.

Yatharth thinks how Sakshi said that she will come back and even Manav made him realize how Sakshi would feel, he wonders if he made a mistake as neither Manav nor Sakshi Mumma were happy.

Sakshi requests Swati to not try and convince her as she already told yatho, Swati explains that whatever decision she is taking is her own choice, she can only say if she finds out the reason the behavior of yatho changed then she would not be able to leave them, Sakshi questions what is Yatho hiding from them, Swati replies she thought of not telling anyone but she will come to explain everything. Sakshi thinks surely something has happened which caused the behavior of yatho to change.


Kaamna 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sakshi rushes to Maltis aunti, she is shocked seeing the blood from Akanksha’s mouth and Swati requests her to read the reports, she is shocked that Akanksha is suffering from stomach cancer.


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