Kaamna 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 23rd May 2022 Akanksha exclaims Yatho has his mother who can take care of her son and also he would be really satisfied when he will stay away from her, Akanksha writes the name of student as Yatharth Bajpayee and Fathers name as Manav and the name of mother as Akanksha.

Sometime earlier, Manav is really angry and questions if Mr Holkar is going to terminate him or should he himself resign when Meera requests Manav to at least give her a chance to explain their point but Manav is hellbent on giving the resignation, but Meera forces Mr Holkar out of the office while Neha is smiling.

Yatharth is lying down on the bed, looking at the photo of Sakshi mam thinking why did she leave him because now both him and his father are in a lot of pain, they have forgot how to smile and only act so they are able to see each other smiling but this is not at all working,

Sakshi mam suddenly hears the mirror breaking, she goes to check that it is the window but apologizes as she knows that she has caused a lot of pain to Yatho while trying to end all of his troubles, she really wants to be close with him but will not be able to. Sakshi mam lies down on her bed but she is not able to think of anything else, Sakshi mam exclaims she needs to go and check on Yatho as he is also not coming to school since the past few days.

Yatho thinks if he should call Sakshi mam but immediately hides the phone acting as if he is asleep, when Dadi enters the room sitting beside him, she exclaims that his mother made this food with a lot of love for him so it would be wrong if he doesnot eat it but Yatho doesnot respond.

Meera questions Mr Holkar what is he doing as the blunder would be if he lets Manav resign as they have been able to get the original documents of Niharika mam just because of the mental capability of Manav, Mr Holkar is really excited but Neha doesnot listen to them so she texts Vibhav informing that Manav and Mr Holkar got in a fight so he is resigning because of Yatho, Vibhav starts smiling so he goes to the photo of Manav burning it, Vibhav exclaims that his game has ended.

Sakshi mam steps out of the auto where Akanksha greets her, she questions if Sakshi mam still lives here when Sakshi mam mentions she came to visit Yatho, Akanksha starts blaming that she has gotten used to live in such bungalows when Sakshi mam replies she would not have heard it clearly that she has just came to visit Yatho, Akanksha questions why does she want to keep any relation with her student after working hours,

Akanksha mentions she is his mother so can take care of his son a lot better and he is happy without Sakshi mam in his life, Sakshi questions if she is going to take care of him when Akanksha shows her the video, seeing which she starts weeping and looks at the bungalow, Akanksha questions if she should call an auto for her or can she leave by herself, Sakshi mam turns back looking at Akanksha who starts walking towards the house.

Manav mentions he has mailed the resignation so this is Goodbye, Meera requests him to wait as Mr Holkar has to say something, he apologizes that he made a mistake in understanding him but Manav replies he was wrong to think that he is a good person because Mr Holkar is just using him as his own pawn when Mr Holkar informs that the files are really important for Holkar industries, Manav replies his son is most important for him, he leaves the office in anger, Neha starts smiling.

Akanksha is with Yatho questioning what is this as his handwriting got so poor ever since she left, she  instructs him to write appreciation but he refuses to do his homework with her, she says his father doesnot have any time for him so would he feel nice if his father sees this, Yatharth writes the spelling but Akanksha exclaims that she would make him learn the spelling really nice, he thinks how it was really fun to learn with her, Akanksha blames that his father is the CEO of a big company but he must take care of his homework, Yatharth replies that he wants to change his school, Akanksha blames it is because of Sakshi mam who is still blackmailing him at the school but she assures of firing her when she becomes the owner of that school, Yatharth gets angry warning her to not do anything with Sakshi mam as she is his teacher, she thinks Sakshi left this house but not the heart of her son.

Sakshi mam in the auto is constantly thinking about Yatharth and how she saw him in the video, Sakshi mam reaches the apartment when she sees the person standing with a rose.

Meera is requesting Manav to not leave as this is not suitable since they have worked a lot to get these files and he should at least give them to Mr Holkar but Manav leaves saying he is just not interested.

Sakshi mama questions if he is stalking her but the person replies she is about to become his future wife so he is just concerned, Sakshi mam refuses to take the flower mentioning outsiders are not allowed here, he asks if they can go someplace where they are allowed, he informs that he can only think about her ever since he saw her, he mentions it is the

most beautiful feeling in this world but he also wants to know what does she think about him, she says she will tell Mummi jee who will then inform his sister when she is comfortable while talking with Manav Bajpayee even at this hour, he informs he was not following her but saw that she was going to the house of the CEO of Holkar industries, he gets really close with her explaining she cannot say it now but he likes her, Sakshi mam leaves causing the flower to fall , which the person with frustration.

Akanksha questions Yatharth who would fill the form, she takes the pen writing the name of the child and father when Yatho thinks that Dadi told him if his father was happy then he would also remain happy so Yatho takes the name Akanksha Bajpayee when Manav comes asking if he did his homework,

he assures he is going to be with Yatharth twenty four hours when he informs that Akanksha must come before coordinating with him first, Akanksha questions how much is he going to humiliate her, she explains that whenever things are about to get normal then he comes to ruin everything, she asks why did he have to say it in front of Yatharth, Manav informs that he is the legal guardian of Yatho so she must ask him before coming when Akanksha asks why is Manav restricting her,

he explains that she left her own son for the sake of a luxurious life style so she would not be able to get her relations back, Akanksha warns him to behave with her when he explains that Yatharth would never live with her in the same house with Vibhav Kapoor as he is not going to allow it. Manav exclaims this is her problem as she always wants more then what she has, he shows her the door so she leaves in anger.


Kaamna 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav unveils the car seeing which Yatharth gets excited, Akanksha mentions he was not even settled in this house but his father left his job which is why he brought the old car and now after some time this house is also going to be taken away.


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