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Kaamna 24th June 2022 Niharika is waiting anxiously when Vibhav praises explaining they are beautiful, he exclaims they all should one of them so when Manav sir comes to the office then they would wish him, Niharika explains that Manav would not come so the party is cancelled.

Vibhav stops her requesting her to drink the coffee but she looks at him in anger, Vibhav thinks that she has a misunderstanding that she owns everything but he is the actually owner of it all and would own it really soon but she is so possessive about Manav so he needs to do something about it.

Akanksha is walking in the house thinking if her mother would be able to convinces Manav, she think he has never celebrated any birthday without her so she must also go there.

Manav walks into the house with Malti aunti when they all wish him happy birthday and even wish him, Manav with a smile explains this is the second time he was made a fool out of, he starts celebrating with Yatho who requests him to stop,

Manav thanks them all for coming to the party, Yatharth requests for ten minutes mentioning he is going to go with his father who needs to get ready for the party, Manav leaves with him requesting for ten minutes.

Manav is stopped because of the shawl that is over his head, he pulls it off and is not even able to take his eyes of her, Sakshi mam is standing in front of her, Manav is left stunned so he keeps on staring at her.

Yatho calls him questioning how is his Sakshi mam looking, he replies that she is looking really pretty, Yatho calls her Patola when he agrees but then Manav asks from where is he learning all these words,

yatho mentions the internet hearing that Manav explains he feels that he would have to restrict his usage, Sakshi mam also smiles when yatho exclaims he can even cut off the usage but should just accept Sakshi mam,

manav asks what did he say when yatho asks how would he do his office work when the internet is cut off. Yatharth explains he can praise him everyday but should just praise his Sakshi mam.

Manav explains that she is worthy of all the praise as they cannot compete her today and she would surely win Manav explains that he would not be able to compete with her, Sakshi mam says that he should ask his father to change the clothes after which they would see who looks more awesome, Manav is left aw struck and so is about to enter the room of Sakshi but Yatharth informs that his room is on the other side.

Sakhi mam goes to appreciate Swati and all of them for coming, she sees that both Mr Holkar and Ayesha are tensed so goes to them asking why did they not have anything to eat, mr Holkar replies he is fine and Ayesha wants to go back early so she can be with her mother.

Manav comes out after changing the clothes when Yatharth praises him, saying he is looking like the hero from a movie, manav starts saying the dialogue exclaiming they would have heard his name but yatho says that he has not heard it,

Manav sits down so yatho asks him to hurry since he has found a girl who will suit with him, Manav is about to see the present when he receives a text so goes to check it, Sakshi mam reveled she is going out so he needs to take care of the guests especially Mr Holkar and Ayesha. Manav leaves with yatho.

Manav and Yatho enter the party, karan ask Swati to see how well is Manav looking as this is what they get after their own struggle, Manav achieved everything with his own will while there is Vibhav who just shows off his wealth, Bubbly exclaims why is he comparing their Manav jiju with Vibhav. Swati exclaims that if Akanksha had not cheated with Manav then her life would have been different, Karan explains that it is a very cheap thing but has a lasting effect.

Akanksha questions what is he doing since the guest list that he is checking was made on her order, she asks him to check her name when she reveals her name is Niharika but just as she is about to enter the other guard stops her explaining that he warned her to not even come close to this Bungalow. Akanksha requests them to let her go inside the party.

Manav is in the party when he sees Mr Holkar and Ayesha so goes to greet him, Swati stops yatho questioning where is the women he has selected to marry Manav since she needs to talk with her,

Yatho whispers in her ear questioning if she would be able to convince his father since this is the last chance that they would get. Swati asks if she is invited to this party, Yatharth informs she is the one who has organized it all but he cannot find Sakshi in the party.

Niharika is sitting in her house when Vibhav asks what should he do with the food since the caterers were asking for it, he apologizes saying that he took the decision to have the food distributed amongst the poor without her permission.

Vibhav explains whatever Manav did today is not right since he is not the boss of the company but has started to feel that she would not be able to run this company without his help which is not at all true, she must back away from him, Sakshi coming mentions she knew he would be trying to manipulate Niharika mam,

because Manav is not that kind of a person who would ruin the company that pays him, and does Vibhav not know what his reality is, he asks her so she reveals he is a termite who eats the same thing which gives him strength, Vibhav tries to warn her.

Niharika questions Sakshi what is she doing here, Sakshi replies that she just wants to talk with Niharika alone and so Vibhav leaves. Niharika mentions that she doesnot have any feelings for Vibhav so Sakshi must not worry, Sakshi replies that Niharika jee is not accepting it now but she still has feelings for him.

Sakshi explains that she has come to take her to Manav’s birthday party since everyone is waiting and even Ayesha is really sad without her mother, Niharika and Manav both are a team which is what scare Vibhav since he knows only Manav can ruin his plans so he is following the policy of Divide and rule. Niharika thinks in this case she would have to further strengthen her friendship with Manav.

Ayesha presents Manav with a gift, he in excitement explains that today he is going to get a lot of presents, Mr Holkar smiles but Manav thanks her saying he did not get the gift which would make him most happy and she can only give it to him. Ayesha doesnot understand so asks him, he requests her to smile for him. Malti aunti takes the gift from Manav, he requests both Ayesha and Mr Holkar to cheer up before revealing he has a plan, he calls Yatho and so they all rush to start the party.

Akanksha is standing when she sees that Niharika and Sakshi both have arrived to the party, she is stunned seeing that both her enemies are together, Niharika stops Sakshi so she orders a red velvet cake for Manav, Sakshi replies that she has already baked it but Niharika explains she would not have eaten a tastier cake then it.

Niharika and Sakshi both enter the party, Ayesha immediately smiles seeing her mother and so rushes to hug her, Manav smiles seeing that Niharika has finally arrived, Ayesha reveals that Niharika wanted to wish him for his birthday,

he replies he is glad that she came to the party as they all were really tensed without her, Sakshi starts getting jealous seeing them together. But she then pulls Yatho for the dance and even Manav joins them both, however Yatho quickly leaves. He stands beside Ayesha signaling how their plan would succeed.

Manav and Sakshi both are dancing together and are enjoying a lot, everyone also cheers for them but after a while Niharika stops Manav explaining she wants to talk with him alone, Sakshi gets tensed seeing how she took Manav away.

Precap: Niharika requests Manav to not leave her side in the middle, Manav mentions that he and Sakshi were angry because they want to protect her, she while crying exclaims he must prove it. Malti aunti hears their conversation so goes to Sakshi and is really tensed. Akanksha sees the car of Niharika, she secretly manages to hide in the back seat of the car.

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