Kaamna 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 25th April 2022 Malti aunti opening he door wishes them all saying that finally the truth has won since their Yatharth came back to the house, Manav takes her blessings when she questions what is he doing, he exclaims the way she and Sakshi mam has supported him and Yatharth in these hard times including their princess Ayesha,

he doesnot know how he would be able to pay the debt. Malti aunti replies that those who remain during the difficult times are family and there is no need to talk about any sort of debt, Yatharth rushes into the house which leaves everyone wondering what has gotten into him.

Yatharth comes back wearing the shirt which says My Dadda is number one, they all start smiling when Yatharth exclaims this is the first time his Dada won so they should do a victory dance, he even calls Ayesha and seeing them both they all start smiling, Manav while dancing recalls how they both suffered when Akanksha left them but now Yatharth has forgotten about it, Manav goes to kiss Yatharth exclaiming that he suffered so much but even then he has the same smile,

Yatho replies that there is nothing to worry about as they both are going to stay together, Yatho exclaims that he would also have to make a shirt for him so then he would be able to protect him, Ayesha receives a call from her grandmother and gives it to Manav, who thanks Mr Kholkar saying he was about to come and meet him personally but Mr Kholkar says that he must come with everyone since he has hosted a party and they are going to celebrate their victory.

Mr Kholkar questions if he has lost the manners after losing the case because he has throwing the utensils, Vibhav replies this pot is depicting the bad things that are about to befall him, Mr Kholkar standing says Vibhav claims to write the fate of other people but his own fate has given him such a big slap that will not be forgotten so easily, he feels sorry for Akanksha as she left a diamond for a glowing rock,

Vibhav vows to make him pay in the future even if he lost today as Mr Kholkar has taken the side of Manav, he threatens to make Mr Kholkar come on the streets in two and half months after which he can stand on the footpath outside Kapoor Mansion where he would also give him some donation, they both leave while Mr Kholkar gets tensed.

Sakshi mam is trying to stop yatho calling him Parth but he runs away and then she asks him to come by himself if he loves her, he start buttoning it wrong when she helps him asking why does she not help him, she thinks what would he do when she leaves.

Yatho is however excited as Sakshi mam did not talk about leaving and he feels this is the best day of his life as he got back his father and even Sakshi mam, he would not tell her regarding the promise, she will always live with them.

Ayesha is crying standing in front of the window, Manav comes questioning why is she allowing these precious pearls to flow when he knows her Grandfather is really wealthy, she tries to refuse but he questions the reason, she explains today is the birthday of her mother which is why she is really missing her, and her Grandfather holds a dinner every year since he feels it was his fault that he allowed her to marry Vibhav Kapoor,

Manav replies both of them are the same as they keep the pain to themselves but in reality it would be easy if they share, she explains how she feels that if she had insisted and cried to her mother when she was about to marry Vibhav then she might still be alive but she did not do anything of the sort, if he and Yatho came to her life then she feels they would not have let anything happen to her, he hugs her trying to pacify her, Manav assures they are going to stay with her for the rest of their lives. She is still weeping.

Bubbly comes to Akanksha mentioning she will not lie since these bouquets is really big and she got tired picking it, bubbly replies that the courier boy did not know the name o the sender but this is the birthday present of Niharika, Vibhav calls bubbly to him and then is really tensed seeing the wish, Akanksha asks him to not be worried since this is just a bouquet but Vibhav mentions this is a thing to be worried about since this is the someone’s plan.

Manav places the cake when Ayesha is really worried as she doesnot know how he would react, Manav tries to assure her saying nothing will happen, Mr Kholkar comes with Shenoy sir who asks Manav if his winning team has come but Mr Kholkar gets emotional seeing the cake but Manav explains that today they must celebrate the beautiful memories of Niharika jee as if they could forget those people then would have done it by crying their hearts out but this doesnot happen so they must celebrate it, Mr Kholkar kneels apologizing but Ayesha requests him to not cry as Manav uncle advised how they must remain happy, they all start enjoying the cake after wishing Happy birthday to Niharika.

Vibhav standing is thinking that this would be done by either Mr Kholkar or Ayesha, Akanksha is calling him from behind but he doesnot respond when she comes questioning if he is still thinking about Niharika, Vibhav asks her to not start it once again however she insists that he tell her the entire story about his love with Niharika because according to Ayesha and Kholkar, he is the one who trapped her, Vibhav doesnot reply but she insists when he pushes her on the bed exclaiming she doesnot stop after starting such inquiry.

Everyone is sitting having the cake, Yatho constantly starts taking bites from the plate of Ayesha which worries her so she complain to Sakshi mam who scolds yatho, she sees that Mr Kholkar is really sad so goes to wipe off his glasses, he reveals that his daughter would also do the same and when he would wear dirty glasses she would even scold him, Sakshi mam explains she cannot scold him but he can think of her as his own daughter, she even asks both Ayesha and Yatho to come with her since she is going to teach them some manners.

Shenoy sir explains that both Ayesha and Mr Kholkar have come on the target list of Vibhav after helping him, he even came to this house threatening to make Mr Kholkar beg on the roads of Indore, Manav replies that it is his habit to take revenge but if he has not learned form his mistakes then it means that his end is near, as arrogance ruined a Maha Pandit like Rawan so what is he in front of him, but if he tried to harm either him or Ayesha then they must rest assured as he is going to ruin the arrogance of Vibhav.

Mr Kholkar thanks Shenoy who replies there is no need for such formalities, he asks Manav to be ready for the case of Niharika as they must make some action plan but before that he can finalize his own issues, Manav agrees with Shenoy sir explaining that if they are planning to trap Vibhav then must do it with all sides.


Kaamna 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rakesh jee informs Manav that he must also vacate the house as he has resigned from his job, Sakshi mam requests him to arrange another tempo for her as she has accepted the job at Gwalior, he should start his life from a new perspective. Yatho gets sad hearing Sakshi mam is leaving.


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