Kaamna 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 3rd January 2022 Manav and Akanksha are with Maya, the client explains that Maya was in the ad but they should do one thing and it is to take some other model,

Maya says that she was right and they should not meddle with Vibhav Kapoor since he is the shark, Manav tries to correct her but she explains he is that shark who can ruin all the projects which Maya is about to get in the future, they need to sort out the differences, Manav looks to Akanksha who is really worried.

In the auto, Manav thinks whatever happened is wrong as Aku is really hurt, he places his hand over her shoulder saying that life doesnot go out of the track because of just one pull back, as Vibhav Kapoor is only strong in the corporate sector, he suggests that his friend would make a really nice portfolio of her,

she is stunned to see that the billboards of Kapoor constructions are being removed from the road sides, she starts crying recalling all the memories from eight years ago.

Manav wakes up in the night after coughing, he wonders why much fire is there so so rushes outside to see Akanksha standing over the burning newspapers, Manav questions what is she doing, he immediately pours water over them, Akanksha says that he brought these to show Yatho but she cannot show him these lies,

she requests him to let her be by herself, she leaves throwing the cushions from the sofa, Manav turns back worryingly, he stands looking at her thinking what can be done to solve this issue, he leaves apologizing. Akanksha thinks how Vibhav said he is going to remove the ads, and Maya mentioned all her ads in the future depend on Vibhav Kapoor.

Akanksha wakes up in the morning, drinking water she thinks how she must do something this time otherwise she would be lost just like the last time; she is hesitant to call him because of what Manav aid that he is angry after seeing the name of Vibhav Kapoor. He is in the bed when someone calls her, he questions who this is when Akanksha replies it is the women whose ads he has taken off from the billboards,

Akanksha questions why is he doing this to her, Vibhav replies that he is forced because of Manav who doesn’t want them both to work, Akanksha replies that just because of their quarrel she is being side-lined from her dreams, Vibhav suggests that she should convince Manav as he is ready to work with her, Akanksha starts crying exclaiming her husband doesnot listen to her,

he offers to help her when if she is ready then he can talk with Manav since the fight is between them both so he can talk, Akanksha questions why would he talk on her behalf. Vibhav replies that business is not always a gamble, he takes the decisions with his mind as his benefit is working with her, if she desires to see then should look at the likes of the ads, he can do anything for the sake of his benefit.

Manav is washing his face when there is someone at the door, he opens and is shocked to see Vibhav Kapoor standing there, Manav questions the reason, Vibhav explains that he came to his house unannounced which angered him but this time he has come to meet Manav, Vibhav explains that the topic is somewhat private so they should go inside. Akanksha thinks how Vibhav said he would have to come in the morning, she allowed him to come to her house,

Vibhav explained that he and Manav have both started off on the wrong foot, this is because he always saw dishonest people in the offices where he has worked, for him these people are in the movies only, he asks if Manav has not asked to take the bribe, because of this the businessmen have been trained to go under the table, he was wrong with Manav and tried to give him the gifts which he would have offered but his view regarding Manav changed when he prepared the report but he was really surprised when Manav even rejected the gifts he tried to give because of that profit,

since then he has got new found respect for Manav but his attitude is really disturbing and it at some point hurt his ego, he is a business men and Manav judged him because of very few meetings and he is really honest because he came to the house of Manav and is saying this to his mouth, if he says no then Vibhav would go out right now, Manav replies he is not the first one because others also say it on his mouth, Manav questions what is the reason to come here, Vibhav explains that he has come to talk about his wife.

Vibhav explains he just desires to have some tea since he came straight after waking without having tea, Vibhav thinks his Kamna is looking really beautiful even after so much tension, Manav exclaims why did he come in such a hurry as he should have taken some rest or arranged a meeting, Vibhav mentions a businessmen knows how to make a profit and worry for the loss, which is why he is pulling back the ad,

Vibhav takes the tea and cookie, he explains that he doesnot handle the commercials since it is done by his marketing department, he feels the ad is really good but he has to pull it back, Manav mentions he has seen what it caused, since now no one is ready to work with Akanksha, Vibhav tries to act as if he is shocked saying he did not knew about it at all, Manav questions what is the need, he should just not pull back the ad as that way they both would get what they desire,

Vibhav explains he is a business men and knows that a lot of his files would go to Manav and he doesnot want to think Manav is rejecting the files because of some old grudge, he should either give Akanksha the permission to work for his company or stand back, this way they both would be able to step away, Akanksha gets worried while Vibhav looks towards her.


Kaamna 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akanksha asks Manav what he has thought about befriending Vibhav Kapoor. Manav calls Vibhav asking if he did not disturb him, Vibhav replies that those people who are habitual of dreaming are disturbed.


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