Kaamna 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 3rd June 2022 Ranay informs Vibhav that they have got the notice with the name of Niharika mam, Mr Holkar while crying informs Manav that Vibhav has submitted the papers with the thumb print of Niharika, Manav asks if they are a match to the old prints, Manav turns to inform Ayesha that her mother is still alive.

Some time earlier Akanksha is calling the workers when Bubbly comes running questioning what happened, she reveals there was someone in her room and the lights were also turning on and off by themselves,

Bubbly replies there is nothing to be worried about as she is surely going to help her, Bubbly enters the room where she sees the photos on the television and so runs mentioning she feels the ghost of Niharika doesnot want her to get married with Vibhav, she runs to her room while Akanksha is requesting her to open the door,

Bubbly replies she can fight for her with even the thieves but not ghosts so Akanksha must hide, she then calls Vibhav who is with Ranay and some workers, se questions why was he not answering her calls when Vibhav exclaims that he was in a meeting, she informs him that there is a ghost in their house,

Vibhav replies she would have seen a bad nightmare and so there is nothing to be worried about, Akanksha gets scared to the extent that she falls unconscious, Vibhav sends Ranay to check on her meanwhile instructing the workers to make sure she feels this pain for the next two days as only then would she not insist on getting married.

Manav is with Mr Holkar but they are not able to find any suitable file, Manav asks Mr Holkar if Niharika jee took any sort of insurance but Mr Holkar doesnot know about it, he after seeing the files explains that he was under the influence so would not have seen any file but Manav says Vibhav would have surely known about it,

Mr Holkar doesnot feel Vibhav knows about it since Niharika might have taken it before shifting with him, Manav asks if he knows anyone in the insurance agency to which Mr Holkar is sure there might be someone there, Manav requests him to send a reminder notice to the Kapoor mansion which worries Mr Holkar who asks what is the need to send the reminder, Manav asks him to just do this work as he will explain everything later.

Ayesha is lighting the Diya when she burns her finger so starts screaming with pain, Sakshi mam comes instructing yatho to bring toothpaste, she assures Ayesha that both her grandfather and Manav uncle have went to find out so would surely come back with good news, Ayesha replies they will come back with good news but until Bhagwan jee doesnot send her mother back to them, she is not going to leave Mandir.

Manav comes asking if she believes in Bhagwan jee, she replies she surely believes when he says that then there is no need for her to be worried as she has done her job so must go and let Bhagwan jee work, Manav asks Yatharth to go and feed Ayesha didi.

Manav sees Sakshi is worried so asks what happened to her, she replies she is just tensed wondering what if the suspicion which she has might be wrong, Manav explains she did not make any mistake by making an old father believe that his daughter is alive along with a young girl,

he informs that she is the one who has taken control of this entire house and also helped him reach so close to his goal, there is nothing to be worried about and she must also remain hopeful of the best. Sakshi mam smiles.

Akanksha wakes up slowly when she gets shocked after someone places his hand on her, she is relieved to see Vibhav who explains that he saw her lying down on the floor when he came back so got really tensed, Akanksha explains she feels they should get married at the earliest and not wait for a few more days,

Vibhav informs that this is his wedding so it cannot happen just now as there would be a lot delegates that will arrive to attend the wedding, Akanksha suggests they would throw a lavish reception for them but she wants to marry,

she gets scared hearing the knock and hides, Vibhav informs that the ghost has arrived hearing which Ranay is tensed, he informs that this notice has come from the insurance company. Vibhav after reading it gets stunned so informs Akanksha that he is going to come back after a few hours, Ranay wonders where did he go alone.

Manav is in his house waiting for Mr Holkar who comes so Manav asks if the notice was sent to Vibhav, Mr Holkar calls the contact who reveals that they had already sent it, Manav then calls Bubbly asking about Vibhav so she answers that he left two hours ago,

Manav instructs her to keep an eye on him when he comes back and wonders why did he make this mistake as he could have followed her, Manav then requests Mr Holkar to go and wait at the insurance company to see if Vibhav submits the documents.

Vibhav reaches the office where he drops the file, Mr Holkar sees the thumbprints and gets really tensed as Vibhav enters the office, Mr Holkar sees that he bribes the official who scans the thumbprint which matches that of Niharika jee, Vibhav is assured that he would be signed as the signatory so he leaves in excitement, Mr Holkar hides from Vibhav.

Manav looks at Ayesha who is praying with Sakshi mam, he receives a call from Mr Holkar who is crying and informs that Vibhav submitted the documents with the thumbprint of Niharika, Manav questions if they both were a match, Mr Holkar replies they were indeed, Manav calls Ayesha informing her of the good news that her mother is still alive, she is not able to accept it and start crying with joy,

Ayesha hugs Manav mentioning that he is not only the super dad of Yatho but also her super uncle, she hugs him in excitement. Ayesha requests Manav to do anything but make sure she meets her mother, Mr Holkar also agrees with Ayesha insisting that he is the only one who can do it, Manav requests them both to calm down, he vows to do anything he can so they both are able to meet Niharika jee.


Kaamna 4th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav asks Mr Holkar about the time of the accident, he reveals it occurred at 1 and 1:30 am, Manav thinks this means Vibhav would have left his house and reached the spot at 1:15 where he met the doctor, they both made a deal because of which Niharika jee disappeared. Ayesha and Mr Holkar are shocked.


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