Kaamna 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kaamna 7th June 2022 Vibhav is really worried wondering how did he get a phone call from Niharika, he decides to call the doctor Khalay but is really tensed when the doctor doesnot answer so gets worried wondering is happening there.

Manav calls Bubbly instructing her to keep an eye on him, she in shock informs him that Vibhav is leaving so they got late once again, Manav however explains this time they are right on track, he is following Vibhav.

Manav in the car informs Mr Holkar that they donot have any option of mistake because if Vibhav finds out that they are aware of the truth then Vibhav would take the price of their mistake from Niharika jee, Manav stops the car after spotting that of Vibhav, who questions how can he be so careless since he is a doctor but is under the influence of Alcohol.

Manav helps Mr Holkar not create any noise from the bottles, he decides to go ahead on his own, Manav manages to see Niharika jee lying on a bed, he is relieved to see that she is still alive when Mr Holkar questions what happened,

he requests her to go and wait for him in the car. Manav records Vibhav talking with the doctor, he explains he has been giving him since the past seven years and for what so that he can drink, Vibhav threatens to not give him even a single penny, he explains he knows the voice of Niharika as she used to call him Janu, and it was her on the call.

Manav thinks how he sat with Ayesha explaining she has the talent of speaking in the voice of Niharika je, however Ayesha is constantly crying when he explains they need to make sure she talks like her mother, he instructs her to talk as she would be with Vibhav. Manav congratulated her when they completed their task.

Manav sees the doctor and Vibhav talking, the doctor assures that he has kept Niharika je hidden for the past seven years and it is not a child’s game, he has not made any mistake in his tasks so would show that she is still fine,

Vibhav enters the room with the doctor who says that she is still sleeping, Vibhav aftr seeing the condition of Niharika explains he is leaving for now but the doctor must not make any mistake in the future, in the meantime Manav manages to take a note of his phone number.

Doctor Kalay comes to his desk when he receives a message from Manav that contains the proof about his actions, he is shocked to see the recording with Vibhav in which he accepts how it is difficult to keep someone hidden for seven years, he tries to leave when Manav enters the office mentioning he cannot leave like this and would have to pay for his crimes, he starts beating the doctor before ordering him to reveal the truth of his crimes, the doctor is still quiet but Manav threatens to not be so considerate with him again,

Doctor kalay reveals he was given money to keep her in this state so she doesnot wake up, but he never gave her any of the medicines which Vibhav ordered him to do as he felt that they were harmful, he just gave her sleeping pills otherwise she is healthy, Manav once again punches him before mentioning she has suffered a lot of pain so now it is time for her to go back home, Manav helps Niharika jee walk and she is constantly looking at him.

Yatharth and Ayesha are making cards when he asks how will the I love you look, she asks him ho is the card looking, she starts crying when Yatho wipes off her tears assuring there is nothing to be worried about,

Yatho gets a text from his father who asks him to tell Ayesha that her mother is coming back, yatho goes to the mandir praising Bhagwan for bringing back the mother of Ayesha as she is still crying but would get joyous after knowing the news, yatho mentions he has a good news for Ayesha but she must promise to give him a treat, Ayesha runs after demanding the news when he asks for the sweets,

Yatho makes her eat them before acting as if he is sad, she questions the reason when he questions that she is not going to spend a lot of time with him, Ayesha doesnot understand, he informs since her mother is going to come back so she would be busy with her, Ayesha is still clueless when yatho shows the text after which they both hug each other.

Ayesha is standing with yatho but she is not able to wait for her, Yatho assures she will come really soon when Ayesha sitting on the sofa asks him to call her grandfather inquiring when are they going to reach back, Yatho rushes to her informing that his Dada and Mr Holkar have returned, Ayesha praises Bhagwan jee.

Manav enters the house with Niharika jee on the wheelchair, Ayesha is shocked seeing the condition of her mother and Manav brings her to the hall, Niharika jee doesnot even turn her face and is sitting there, Manav sees Ayesha who calls Niharika, Mumma requesting her to look at her mentioning she is her Aayu,

but Niharika jee doesnot even respond, Ayesha questions Manav why is she not recognizing her, Manav reveals she has come out of the prison of Vibhav after seven years o it will take her some more time to be normal.

Ayesha once again starts weeping, Yatho assures that she would recognize her after she gets fine, Sakshi mam also promises Ayesha to do all they can to help her, Mr Holkar asks the doctor if everything is fine with his daughter, the doctor mentions that he has checked her heartbeat and blood pressure, which is fluctuating however he cannot tell them the time when she is going to wake up, Manav assures Mr Holkar that everything would be fine from now on.

Vibhav is sitting while Akanksha is snoring, Ranay calls Vibhav asking if he was able to do the work, Vibhav replies it is not right to put slat on their injuries, he explains their plan failed as the person who he intended to die is snoring and if their plan fails he would have to listen to her snores all his life, there is a bell ringing,

Ranay congratulates Vibhav explaining the day has finally arrived when he would be able to prove that Niharika mam is dead after which he would be the new boss of Holkar industries. Doctor Kalay has reached the house of Manav when he receives a call from, Vibhav he gets tensed thinking if he finds out they have lost Niharika jee then he would have to lose his life,

Vibhav asks him to end the life of Niharika as they donot have any use for her, he promises to give so much money that Doctor would need the machine at which the doctor says then he can also give the machine, they both start laughing.


Kaamna 8th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yatharth is trying to console Ayesha revealing that her mother was kidnapped but his mother left them to live with that person, he wishes if his mother would also be like Niharika jee. Akanksha is sitting as the Haldi is being applied on her hands and feet, Bubbly in shock asks her to see, she is stunned when the Haldi has turned red.


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