Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Pradyush swearing on his daughter. He says I m not married, Goli like you have waited for me, I have also waited for you. Goli says I didn’t wait for you.

He asks why didn’t you marry then, I also didn’t marry anyone because I love you, I want to start a new life with you, but with the family’s blessings, will you marry me. Goli looks at Charu. He says it will be her decision, I m with her, I want to see her happy always.

Akriti says wait Goli Bua, you should not decide in haste, he is saying the truth, he isn’t married, but what about the 15 years, he had cheated you, this is your family, we all want your happiness, we don’t want you to regret later, its our duty to stop you from taking a wrong decision.

Akriti thinks I hope you also take a stand for me. Goli says Akriti is right, I can’t forgive you by your one truth, I have to think of myself and my family, they all supported me when you left me.

Armaan stops the reporting in his channel Jeet. The staff talks about the chief editor Armaan. Armaan scolds them and tears the script. He says Jeet network is the other name of truth and inspiration, if you want TRPs, then leave, I want a story with a real life hero, you have just 5 mins now.

The staff rushes. The man gets a file about Gungun’s bravery. Armaan says she has handled the terrorist group, impressive, I want to know more about her. The man says she has many problems in her life. Armaan says give me her number. He calls Gungun and says I m Armaan, editor, Jeet Network. She asks so?

He says it’s the big media house. She says then you would have not called for marketing. He says we want to have a cover story about you. She says I also want to make a house on the moon, I m not interested. He says I know you aren’t in Lucknow, call me when you come back. She disconnects the call. He says I want her story in my magazine, you will convince her, now get to work.

Gaikwad and Ranvijay are on the way. Gaikwad says we have to go out of Mumbai. Ranvijay asks will the work get done, I can’t wander, if Anu gets saved, then what’s plan B. Gaikwad gets a call. The man says Anu got saved, some student had that drink, he is hospitalized. Gaikwad gets down the car.

The man says waiter has told that the drink was for Anu, police gave him protection. Gaikwad says get underground for some days, we will see it later. He says how shall I explain this foolish Ranvijay now. Anu asks how is Ravi now. Commissioner says better, waiter said that juice was sent for him.

Anu and Gungun worry. Commissioner says we are giving you police protection, we will find the mastermind. She asks who is it, who wants to kill Anu. Singhal calls Commissioner and says we are trying to find the culprit. Commissioner asks him to check the cctv footage. He says find that waiter, if we get any link, this case will get solved. He gets the doctor’s call. He says Ravi is fine now, don’t worry, doctor said he had taken few sips of the juice.

Golu asks who wants to kill Anu. Gungun says that man tried to kill Anu when commissioner was here. Commissioner asks her not to worry, they will give Anu police security. Golu asks shall we inform the family. Anu says no, they will get worried.

Goli says you had kept the responsibility and promise to your friend, what about me. Pradyush says I didn’t think you will be waiting for me, I thought you got married and settled down, so I didn’t come back.

She says no, I didn’t marry anyone. He says it means you were waiting for me since 15 years, I will wait for you till the last breath, you can give me a chance and end my wait. She says you can break my trust again, I can forgive you but not marry you. He says I promise, I will keep you happy.

She says my happiness is with my family, I m happy without you, find your happiness somewhere else, go from here now. He leaves. Akriti says you took the right decision, I can understand what you went through, we all are with you. Goli hugs her. Sunanda says Akriti is really sensible, she is encouraging Goli. Goli blesses Akriti.

Akriti cries. Goli asks what did Anu do now. Charu says call Anu and ask him if Gungun is with him. Anu says thanks everyone for coming, sorry for whatever happened. Prakash says its not your mistake.

The lady says I will update you about Ravi, take care. Anu thanks her. He gets Akriti’s call. She asks when will you come back. He says I need some days. She asks will Gungun stay there. He says she isn’t with me.

Charu says he has become shameless, he is cleanly lying now. Akriti shows the pic to Goli. Goli asks did he go mad. Chandru says I will ask him to come back home. Akriti says no, I will go there and catch them red-handed, I want to see his limit of shamelessness. She cries.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu and Gungun come in Prakash’s marriage. Akriti says I don’t know if the love will stay the same or not. She calls Anu, and leaves for Mumbai. Anu is dancing in the function.


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