Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Sargam and Sunanda talking about Anu and Gungun’s relation. They come to Gungun and find her sleeping. They wake her up and asks her does she have time for sleeping, when she had no time to make laddoos for Anu.

Gungun says I had a headache, I took medicines and rested. Sargam says you have headache just on coming home, not when you work in the office. Sunanda asks where is Anu. Gungun says I don’t know, he wasn’t here. Sunanda says you should have called him. Sargam says she has no time.

Gungun says you both are his mums, you should have called him. Sunanda says he is your responsibility now. Gungun says then let me handle it, don’t interfere. Sargam says fine, but keep the responsibility.

Sunanda says he stays out of the house to avoid the fights, don’t forget that he is your husband. Sargam says you are a boss in office, but here, you are just our bahu. Gungun asks what are you saying, I didn’t show that I m a boss or a celebrity, did I ask for any special treatment, I didn’t expect anything from you.

Sargam says right, you never told it to show off, but your behavior has expressed it many times. Sunanda says yes, if Anu married any simple girl, then he would have stayed happy. They leave. Gungun gets sad.

Armaan recalls the doctor’s words. He calls the senior and says I want a US visa for Gungun, she has brain tumour, its in critical stage, surgery can happen best in US. Senior says but her family, we have to ask them.

Armaan says I don’t care what she and her family thinks, her surgery can happen just in US. Senior asks why do you worry for Gungun so much. Armaan asks can you arrange her visa, I don’t know why I worry for her, I have no answer, I can’t lose my friend, America is the best place for her surgery, I request you to get her visa, I m waiting for your call.

Anu comes home and sees Gungun. She asks are you going out, because I m here. He says I m not habitual to stay with celebrities, I want to be with ordinary people. She asks did I express that I m a celebrity.

He says you come and go as you wish, you don’t do breakfast with the family, you don’t spend time with them. She says please, I don’t want to stay as a housewife. Anu says they are housewives by their wish, we didn’t stop Goli from working, you have to support them financially and emotionally. She asks about the flowers. He says Akriti has given it. He goes. She worries.

Golu and everyone have a talk. They laugh making fun of him. Gungun comes. Golu says you came home early. Sargam says it’s a hotel. Golu asks are you okay. Gungun says I had a headache, I m fine now. Golu asks her to sit. He says entire family is having food together today. Anu says I find the family complete every day. Sargam also taunts Gungun. Gungun gets up to serve the food.

Sargam says let it be. Gungun makes her sit. Charu says you won’t become a good bahu this way. Chandru says maybe you want to talk to us. Sunanda says I was thinking the same. Gungun says yes. Anu taunts her. Charu asks Gungun to say now. Gungun asks are you all free tomorrow. She gives them the invites for the party. Sargam says you have time for the party, not for family.

Gungun says office staff has arranged it for me, I want you all to come. Everyone refuses and gives excuses. Sunanda says we had gone to a party on Maya’s saying, we all regret that till now. Sargam says we don’t like your going in the party, you can give that time to the family.

Gungun says its my success party, I have to go. He says you are not fine, you will be fine. She says I will go even if I m not fine. Chandru asks what’s this way to talk. She says sorry, even Anu didn’t talk well, you didn’t say anything to him, its good if I get the award, even if not, my office staff wants to celebrate, they can see my hardwork and sacrifices, they appreciate me and feel proud of me.

Anu says yes, its their profit, its our loss, you sacrificed the family, you stepped on our wishes and achieved success, how do you expect us to feel proud. She says I know I couldn’t give time to family, but I have worked hard for you and family to feel proud of me. He says wrong, you did that for yourself, you didn’t support us.

She says I always heard that I m foolish and aimless, I don’t know anything, I wanted to show that I can do something, I m happy, I think you wanted old Gungun, you don’t want to be a part of my happiness, fine. She goes.

Next day, Senior says Gungun and everyone won’t work today, I have to make an appointment, the award was going to be announced today, I m glad to say that Gungun got this award, congrats. Everyone claps for Gungun.

She thanks him. He says we had arranged the party and award ceremony, we will be going to the banquet hall, we will be having an award ceremony and cultural event also, but now we will cut a cake to celebrate her success. She smiles.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan surprises Gungun. She cuts the cake. He asks her for a dance. They dance. Anu comes and looks on.


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