Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022  Episode starts with Golu asking Gungun to get up. He says how did she faint suddenly. Anu says it happens in stress. Gungun gets up. Golu asks are you fine.

Chandru asks why did you faint, didn’t you have any food. Golu says I spoke to Charu, he will not as you to leave the job. She says I know no one is happy with my job. She goes downstairs. Sunanda says you aren’t well, you should have taken rest. Gungun says I have decided to leave this job because you all have a problem with it, I will go and resign.

Golu says don’t decide in anger. Charu asks are you deciding this happily or being helpless. Gungun says I m taking this decision by my wish, I will do what you all want, what makes you happy, I have a request, you all don’t say that I have changed, you will just see a puppet from now, who will dance on your signs. She goes.

Armaan talks to his senior. The senior says you have come for Gungun. Armaan says I came to celebrate her success. The senior says I worry for her, so much stress isn’t right for her, she wants to do all the work herself, Jeet network needs her. Armaan says I agree, so I worry for her health.

The senior says don’t lie, you care for her, its wrong to hide it. Armaan says I don’t want her to get into trouble, did you get her passport. The senior says yes, I took her passport by an excuse. He gives the passport. Armaan thanks her. He says Gungun has to go to America for Jeet network, where is she.

The senior says she messaged that she will come late. Gungun comes. Armaan says you will live long, we were talking about you. Gungun says I won’t work from now. Armaan says I got your passport, I will apply for visa, you are coming with me to America for the treatment. She thinks to not talk of resignation in front of Armaan.

She says I have much work here. He says don’t worry, I spoke to the chairman, you shouldn’t take risk here. She says my family won’t like it if I go to America with you. He asks will you risk your life for the family who didn’t come to the party for your happiness, why are you thinking of them when its about your life, I came here to take you with me, you decide, you want to risk your life or come with me.

Gungun comes home. She asks Charu to permit her to go to US for the treatment. Golu asks treatment for what. Gungun says my test reports have come, I have to get treated for an illness. Anu asks why US? Yug says maybe because Maya is there. Sunanda asks how will you stay alone there.

Gungun says I m going with Armaan. Charu says I regret I was wrong about you. Sargam says you want to go with Armaan when we asked you to stay away. Anu says you are leaving this job to go to US with Armaan and enjoy there. Gungun says enough, I didn’t know your thinking is so cheap.

Anu says I didn’t know you are so cheap, you know Armaan likes you, even then you want to go with him, there isn’t just friendship between you both, you give me divorce before going to US. Gungun says you are doubting on my character. Chandru says you are talking of going with Armaan.

Charu says Armaan is a disgusting guy to keep relations with a married girl. Anu says its Gungun’s mistake to encourage him. Gungun says he is my friend, he never crossed his limits, you don’t trust me. He says I don’t trust Armaan. She says I trust him. He asks more than me. She says no. He asks can’t I get your treatment done here.

She says yes, but Armaan thinks it will be better there. Charu asks them to stop it. He says Gungun is fighting with you for that guy, this shows Armaan’s imp in her life. He says Gungun you can’t go to US with a stranger, you have to divorce Anu if you want to go. Gungun is shocked.

She says I left the job on your saying, you are asking me not to go to US for the treatment and die here. Anu asks what illness is it, that it can’t get treated here in India. She says finally, you asked, you never tried to know about my illness. Anu says you told Armaan,

not me. She says I didn’t tell Armaan and anyone, he took efforts to find it, I would have been happy if you took the efforts. He says I would have taken the efforts if you told me. She says I didn’t know it. Golu asks what happened to you, tell us. She says there is a tumour in my brain. Everyone is shocked.

Gungun says its on such a stage that there is no option than surgery. Anu holds her hand and says you are saying this to us now. She says I wanted to say, but I wanted to arrange money for the treatment first, I didn’t want to trouble you all, my company is going to pay for the treatment because of Armaan.

Charu says you think we won’t spend for our bahu’s treatment, you took a stranger’s help instead asking the family. Gungun says I didn’t ask anyone for help, Armaan and chairman decided to help me, so I came to ask you.

Charu says I don’t want to argue, your treatment will happen here, we will take care of you. Yug says yes, we will get the best treatment for you. Gungun asks Anu is robotics surgeries advanced here. Chandru says its about our family respect. Gungun says you worry for family respect more than my life, you will stop me from taking proper treatment. Anu asks why did you need Armaan.

Gungun says Armaan is staying in US since two years, he knows it all, he has sent my reports to the hospital and took the appointment, he is supporting me, he is helping me, if Armaan wasn’t there, then your questions were valid, when everything is decided, what’s the problem. They all go away.

Gungun cries. Gungun and Armaan come to the office. He says visa work is done, my doctor friend called and asked when will you get admitted for treatment, what happened, do you have a headache again, smile now, you got the US visa. Gungun says family refused, lets not talk about it, its personal.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says brain tumor treatment can happen here in India also. Gungun says there are better technologies there. Anu says Armaan loves you and wants to make you away from me, you want to go there and enjoy with him. Gungun slaps him. The family members are shocked


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