Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22nd April 2022 Episode starts with Gungun seeing the sindoor. Anu shouts enough and stops Ronnie. He says Gungun is now my wife. Riddhesh looks on shocked. Anu says I have filled sindoor in her maang in the temple while the pure mantras were read, you also know that a relation is made once, I have filled the sindoor. Shankar asks what, Anu went somewhere.

Akriti worries. She says Gungun isn’t so smart. The girl says a groom had left the wedding to save his ex. Akriti asks did Gungun plan anything such, she can go to any extent to break this marriage, I m really scared, she can do such stunts.

Garima says my Gungun isn’t such, you are wrong so you think everyone is wrong. Akriti says I will not leave her if any problem comes in my marriage. Riddhesh asks what did you do. Anu says I did what I felt right to save her from this criminal. He looks at Gungun. He sees the sindoor on his hands. He says I did this to save Gungun.

Ronnie says who will save me from me now. Anu beats him. Police comes there. Ronnie’s friends leave. Ronnie holds Gungun’s hand to take her. Anu holds her hand and stops her. He kicks Ronnie. Riddhesh asks police to arrest Ronnie and his friends. Inspector says I have to take them to police station for enquiry.

Riddhesh says we will come later, more imp things are left now. Inspector scolds pandit. Pandit says they threatened me and made me read mantras, its not my mistake. Ronnie gets angry. Police takes them. Anu says I will drop you. Riddhesh says I have called my driver, you have filled sindoor in her maang to save her, why did you say that she is your wife. Anu says I said that as I felt right.

Riddhesh asks do you know the meaning of filling sindoor in a girl’s maang, get away now. Pandit says sindoor isn’t just a colour, it’s a suhaag sign, this guy has to marry your daughter by all rituals. Anu says sorry, I m marrying someone else, if you chose your friends right, then this would have not happened.

Riddhesh says everyone makes mistakes, like you did today, shall I say thanks to you or get upset that you insulted sindoor. Anu says sorry. Riddhesh says sorry isn’t enough, anyway bye. He takes Gungun with him.

Gungun thinks of the gift. She goes back to Anu. Nahi pata tha…. Plays… She gives him the wedding gift. She says I m not coming in your marriage, so I m giving it now. He asks why this ring, is it expensive. She says don’t worry, its not so expensive that you can’t accept, dad paid the bill, I m just giving the gift to you.

He sees the sindoor in her maang. She says don’t worry, I will wash it off, bye, all the best for your marriage. She cries. She says I had to say him bye for the final time, dad, I trouble you a lot. Riddhesh says its like breathing for a dad to worry for his daughter, he can forget breathing but not his daughter, I told you many times to think well and make friends, I m with you today, if I m not with you then…

She asks where are you going. He says elders are not with children always, one day children have to learn to live on own, I m worried for you like always. She asks am I so bad that you are saying this. He says you are not bad, you are the world’s best daughter. She says don’t talk about this again. He says fine, calm down. She says promise me, you won’t leave me and go. He promises and hugs her. She says I have no one except you, this world is cruel. He says delete this day from your life, you are my strong Gungun, come. They leave.

Everyone is waiting for Anu. Charu asks where is he. Anu disconnects call. He says I did this to save Gungun, but I know our rituals and sindoor aren’t a joke, if Gungun and I have a relation then I m going to cheat Akriti. Akriti calls Anu and asks where are you. He says I had urgent work. She asks is it more imp than our marriage. He says sorry, calm down. She says you know what everyone and I are going through. He says sorry, I will come and apologize to everyone.

Gungun thinks of Anu. She wipes her hair. Riddhesh asks didn’t you clean the sindoor. She says I didn’t wish to wash it off, its not holi colour, but sindoor. He says you know the meaning of it, remove it, go. She says let it be for some time. He says don’t argue. He holds his heart. She asks him to have water, is he okay. She asks what happened to you. He says something will happen if you don’t remove this sindoor. She says let it be for sometime. He says if anyone sees it, then what will we answer everyone. She asks what will we answer the Lord if we remove it like any colour.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Riddhesh asks Gungun to wipe off the sindoor, its his last wish. She wipes the sindoor. She says I will make sure that I always have sindoor in my maang. She cries. Anu and Akriti exchange the garlands.


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