Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 23rd May 2022 Episode starts with Gungun shouting no and stopping Ranvijay. She says I can’t marry Ranvijay. Maya asks why did you apply this sindoor. Gungun says its of my husband’s name. Akriti asks her to decide, if she got married or not, if she has a husband or not.

She taunts Gungun that she isn’t mentally stable. She asks who is your husband. Gungun says you can’t hear her name. Akriti says just say it. Garima says look at her state, talk later. Maya says before going to US, her marriage…

Gungun says I m not going anywhere, I realized that I can’t stay away from my husband so I won’t go. Ranvijay asks her to say the name of her husband once. He shows the phone. Maya asks who is your husband, tell me. Gungun says I don’t want to say his name, I got married.

Ranvijay says I filled your maang in the temple, our friends are the witness, you are pretending that someone else is your husband, she is angry on me and refusing to accept me, truth is, Gungun is my wife. Anu says she is not your wife. Akriti and Maya ask him to answer, who is Gungun’s husband.

Doctor asks them to go out and talk. Ranvijay says wait, Anu said I m not Gungun’s husband, lets hear it from Gungun, who is her husband. She says its my personal matter, don’t interfere, I request Anu to not say the name. Ranvijay threatens her. Anu gets angry. Golu asks him to calm down. Anu asks Ranvijay not to try to scare Gungun. He scolds Maya.

Gungun asks them to leave. Doctor asks them to go, else Gungun’s health can spoil. Akriti asks are you coming home. Anu says no. Golu asks him to come home, he can come tomorrow. Gungun says everyone can go,

I want to stay alone. Akriti asks Anu do you want to stay here even now. Anu leaves with the family. Gungun says many hearts and relations will break if the truth comes out, Akriti is also Anu’s wife, Ranvijay has Anu and my marriage pic, he is threatening me and asking me to marry him, Anu will get trapped if he shows the pic.

Its morning, Gungun is getting discharged. Ranvijay says sorry for being aggressive, we will start a new relation. Gungun asks why this drama. He says no, I m here just for you, I know whose name sindoor is this, I can’t tolerate this, remove it. Gungun thinks Anu has applied this to me. He says alright, keep it, I will think its of my name. She says this can never happen.

Maya says I have to talk. Gungun refuses. Maya goes to talk to Dr. Virender. Akriti stops Charu for a talk. She cries and asks why do I get punished for someone else’s mistake, my parents thought that relations are valued here and injustice doesn’t happen with anyone, why is this happening with me.

They ask what happened. Akriti says it hurts when strangers say because of the family. Charu asks who taunted you. She says Maya always taunts me, she always gets the chance because of Anu, Gungun and Anu know her husband’s name, but they aren’t saying, when we reached the hospital,

Gungun had her sindoor again, there were just Anu and Gungun there, how did that sindoor come, this question is troubling me a lot. Charu says I promise that until I m there, wrong won’t happen with you. Akriti says wrong is happening. Anu asks how is it wrong when I m helping someone.

She says you helped Gungun, why do you always reach her, Maya and Ranvijay were here, everyone was asking why did you go. Neeti says yes, we all felt bad. Golu says don’t ruin our family respect. Charu says yes, its bad, you won’t meet Gungun and family now, if you meet then I will think you are wrong, you decide now, your wife and family’s respect is imp or Gungun. Akriti cries.

Anu says thanks for making me a villain in my family’s sight. He scolds her. Akriti argues. She asks why did you go there and say Ranvijay isn’t Gungun’s husband, why didn’t you say her husband’s name, how does he know it. Golu says Anu said he was there when Gungun got married.

Yug asks why do we discuss the same thing. Charu says we won’t talk anything that breaks peace. Anu says Akriti keeps taking Gungun’s name. Charu says she is our bahu, we will stand against you for her respect, remove Gungun’s name from your life. Sargam asks Akriti to have breakfast. Akriti cries and goes.

Sargam says bahu should be respected, not insulted. Anu thinks I have done wrong with Gungun. Doctor says sorry, it took time, Maya I know you are a doctor, but a mum also, Gungun needs mental peace, she may try to harm herself again, be careful. Maya thanks him for the concern. She says Gungun will get a change in US. Doctor says she can’t adjust in a new place.

Ranvijay says I will take care of Gungun well. Gungun asks did anyone come to meet me. Nurse says no, just your mom and Ranvijay. Ranvijay and Maya ask Gungun to come. Ranvijay threatens Gungun. Anu comes to the hospital. Guard stops him. Anu realizes he came to the hospital. He says sorry I was going somewhere else and came here. He recalls Gungun’s words.

He says my family doesn’t want me to meet Gungun, but I can’t live without her, I have to meet her. He sees Ranvijay taking Gungun forcibly. Ranvijay sees Anu. He threatens Gungun about Anu. They leave in the car. Anu asks how can Gungun do this, how can she let anyone come close to her when she is my wife.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Maya warns Anu’s family. She says ask your son to stay away from my daughter, else I will file a police complaint. Charu asks Anu to swear that he won’t meet Gungun from now.


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