Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th June 2022 Episode starts with Gungun saying Anu is my sister’s husband, he is my Jijaji, I fought to save him, I had to lie, because no one was taking me seriously,

I m sorry, I request you not to link Anubhav and my name from now. Anu gets angry. Gungun says because he is my sister’s husband, think what would my sister feel when everyone was calling me Anu’s wife, my sister has fought a bigger battle than me, so I want my sister to get the honor, I request Akriti to please come on stage.

Everyone claps. Sunanda and Sargam ask Akriti to go. Akriti comes on stage. Charu thinks I m glad that Gungun kept my word and told the truth to the world. Gungun gives the award and medal to Akriti. Golu says why is she saying that she fought for Akriti. Ankit says we know the truth. The man asks Anu to say a few words.

Anu says I don’t deserve this honor for serving the country, its my duty, the real heroes are the police and army men who risk lives for us, that’s why I request the CM to reward my prize money to those policemen’s families, who died as a martyr in this mission. He sees Gungun crying. He thanks her for saving her sister’s husband by risking her life. He says I can’t forget what she did. He claps for Gungun. She cries.

Garima meets Ranvijay’s parents. They ask for Gungun’s hand. Garima taunts them that they came for Gungun’s richness. Ranvijay’s dad says we will keep the duty of Gungun’s parents and keep her happy. His mum says we will keep the marriage in a grand way. His dad says yes, I have made some plans for Ranvijay and Gungun’s future. Garima says I know your plans,

Gungun will always have her property and assets. Ranvijay says dad didn’t mean it, are we fraud to take her money and run away, you know Gungun is so innocent, we will secure her future by investing her money at the right place, why are you refusing to us. Garima sees Gungun. Ranvijay’s parents scold Garima.

Gungun shouts shut up, did you come here to fix the alliance or break it, no need to point a finger on my character, do anything of the money and property, I don’t care, marriage should happen soon. His dad says I m not interested in your money, but it should get invested in the right place.

Gungun says if money gets happiness, then I would have been much happy, fine, if you are happy with the money, start the marriage preparations. They leave. Garima says don’t jump into this hell. Gungun says Anu’s hell would have become hell then, I want Anu to hate me and forget me easily. Garima says you could have found some way out. Gungun thinks this is the end of Anu and my love story.

At Anu’s home, Akriti throws the award and medal. She says its all a drama to act great in front of you all. Golu asks her to at least respect the medal. Chandru say she did what we wanted, we should be thankful. Akriti says she did that to save her respect, not for us, her lie had come out. Anu asks why are we talking about that girl, I will go to the institute, some work is pending.

Golu says stop Anu, we are also surprised seeing Gungun’s changed avatar, we are sad, I think you should stop Gungun from marrying Ranvijay. Anu asks why. Yug says she saved your life. He says let her stay happy with Ranvijay now.

Golu asks will you forget her. Anu says I m trying. Ankit says you may regret later. Anu says its her decision, she is marrying the guy who wanted to get me killed, she doesn’t care for me, just Akriti is my life’s truth, accept this, it would be better. He leaves.

Prakash calls Gungun and says you forgot me. She says no, I thought of you in morning, I m getting married, you do come in the marriage. He says you are already married, your Sasural would be wanting you to marry Anu again,

you are marrying Anu, right. She says no, I wasn’t married to him, it was a lie, I m getting married to Ranvijay. He says you are leaving Anu and marrying someone else, you are lying. She says I lied that time, this is the truth. He ends the call angrily.

She says I got a brother, and even he got away from me now. Dean asks the man about the mistakes in the report. The man says Anu has checked it. Dean says his checked reports are always perfect. Anu comes.

She asks about the report’s errors. Anu says sorry. She sends the man. She says I didn’t expect this carelessness from you, your life’s personal problems shouldn’t affect the work. He says sorry, this won’t happen again. She asks him to forget Gungun and focus on career, it will be better for him.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu calls Gungun and asks her to meet him once for the last time. They meet at the café. Akriti sees them and shouts Anubhav.


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