Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 2nd May 2022  Episode starts with Anu coming home. Charu scolds him a lot. Anu says marriage rasams aren’t imp than someone’s life. Sunanda calms down Charu. Sunanda and Sargam praise Anu to have a big heart and think of others first. Goli says its okay, he has come back,

we will fulfil the rasam now. Divya asks Anu to see how Akriti’s face has got dull. Chandru asks why didn’t you listen to her. Anu says I m not her puppet, I did what I felt was right, don’t expect me to dance on her tunes. Sargam asks what’s this way to talk to her like this. Golu says he was always such,

he won’t change if anyone new comes here. He asks how is Riddhesh. Anu says don’t know, Gungun has sent me home after the operation got over, I will call and find out. Chandru asks them to get ready, Akriti’s family will come for pagphere.

Anu and Akriti sit for rasam. Akriti sees the gift and says its lovely. Anu goes to call. Shankar scolds Garima. Garima says Riddhesh suffered a heart attack, he is fighting for his life, you think for your guests and rasams.

Shankar’s mum also scolds her. Garima says I made a mistake that I came here, its my fault, Riddhesh is in this state because of me. Shankar asks her to get out. She thanks him and says I have already packed my bag, I m here for Akriti’s pagphere, come, we have to go and take Akriti.

Gungun cries and talks to Riddhesh. She asks why did you leave me alone. Shyam asks her to calm down, they have to inform her mom, Dr. Maya. Gungun says don’t take her name. Goli asks what happened. Anu says Gungun isn’t answering. She says she would be busy, come. Chandru says I m thinking of singing. Charu says no need. Chandru says I m saying Anu should sing today. Everyone insists. Akriti asks Anu to sing. Anu thinks of Gungun and cries. Tujhse naraaz….plays… Everyone claps for him.

Gungun cries a lot. Doctor asks her to complete the formalities. Gungun says no one will take my dad anywhere, I won’t let dad go. Golu says I always thought that I will dance a lot and enjoy in Anu’s marriage, but Anu and Gungun’s marriage broke, my heart broke. Yug says we are also not happy.

Ankit says Anu has sung a sad song. Golu says yes, why did he sing this, what’s in his heart. Ankit says he is behaving strange. Golu says he isn’t happy. Shankar and Garima come for pagphere. Charu and Sunanda welcome them. Garima goes to Anu and asks about Riddhesh. Akriti says you came late and want to know about Gungun. Anu says I will ask Gungun about Riddhesh. He calls Gungun. Doctor answers the call. Anu asks how is your dad now. Doctor says I m Dr. Birender,

Gungun is here, where are you, you left your wife in this state, she isn’t able to handle herself, Dr. Riddhesh used to praise you a lot, is this the way you will keep your responsibility. Anu asks what do you mean. Doctor says he is no more. Anu gets shocked. Doctor asks Gungun to talk to her husband once. Gungun refuses. Doctor says he should be here to complete formalities and handle you. Anu asks is it true. Gungun cries. Anu worries. He says I m just coming.

Anu reaches the hospital. Doctor says I m extremely sorry, we couldn’t save Riddhesh, where were you. Anu says function. Doctor says you left your wife and dad in law to attend function. Doctor says Riddhesh’s soul will be hurt knowing he gave his daughter’s responsibility to a careless man, do your responsibility now. Anu says sorry, I didn’t leave Gungun and go to party, I also have the pain in my heart,

I regret you couldn’t see it. Shankar asks Charu to permit him to take Akriti along. He asks for Anu. Charu asks Yug to call Anu. Goli says Anu isn’t here. Everyone worries. Charu says Anu left without telling us again. Chandru says don’t know where he went. Golu says he would have gone to hospital to see Riddhesh, he will come. Akriti says I m leaving for pagphere, Anu left without meeting anyone.

Akriti says you have rules for bahu, not for son. Charu says Anu always made us proud, don’t know what happened that he is bringing shame for us, I will talk to him right now, he can’t insult the rasams and Akriti.


Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu sees Gungun crying and consoles her. She asks him to go away, she didn’t call him for help. She asks him to go to his wife, why is he with her. Anu says because I…. and hugs her. Akriti looks on.


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