Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With man saying Rani’s daughter’s name is Sitara, not Pooja. Sonakshi gets shocked. Some time back, Sonakshi comes to Rani’s room. She says Shinde gave a letter for you. Rani says it was his call, he said he gave the letter to you. Sonakshi asks why are you tensed, what’s in this letter. Rani says house papers, I had lost it, it could be police enquiry or NOC, thanks. Sonakshi leaves. Rani shuts the door. She gets relieved. Rohit says we shall meet tomorrow. He ends call and says I will play the same game with you Rani, its my turn now. Its morning, Rohit asks Sonakshi to sit and have food. Nishi asks for Pooja. Servant says she isn’t at home, she left this note for you. Ajit says she should have messaged. Nishi says she wrote she is going out with Rani. Rohit says call her. Nishi calls. Servant says her phone is left at home. Sonakshi says I will try to call Rani once. She calls Rani. She says she isn’t answering. Veena says she went with Rani. Rohit asks them not to worry, he will handle everything. He asks Sonakshi to go. He calls Rani and asks her to get Pooja back.

Rani says I m her mum, she is with me, she is fine, I have just 25000rs in my account, I should have 5 crores, give me money and take Pooja. He says you fool, you crossed the limit, I will go to police if Pooja doesn’t come back, get her here and take money from my hospital. She says fine. Nishi asks did you talk to Rani. Rohit says yes, Pooja will come, we have to give money. Sonakshi is on the way. She thinks of everyone’s words. She says Nishi, Yash, Rohit and Rani are hiding something, maybe Rani took Pooja home. She asks Shankar to take her to Rani’s house. She calls Bunty and says I will be two hours late. She finds Rani’s house locked. The man comes to give sweets and says Rani had ordered the sweets for her daughter. Sonakshi says but Pooja doesn’t like motichoor laddoos.

He says her daughter name is Sitara, not Pooja, you are tv actress, my mum is a fan of yours. She asks about Sitara. He says she is coming after one year from the jail, how do you know Rani. She says I know her because of shooting, I will give her the sweets. She asks Shankar to pay the man for sweets. She goes and says Rani has another daughter Sitara, something is wrong, Rohit told me not to get her home. She calls Rohit. He says don’t worry, Pooja came home. She asks did you talk to Rani. Rani comes to him. He says I have an imp meeting. He ends call. She says I have to apologize to Rohit. Rani says I m getting a big cheque for the first time. She asks where is my money. Rohit scolds her. He says its your turn now, I will play with your emotions. She says I will tell everyone and Sonakshi that you guys told me to become Pooja’s fake mum. He asks her to think about Sitara.

She gets a call. Lawyer says I came to jail to take Sitara, she isn’t here, she is released. She asks what, how did this happen. Rohit says I know about it, she is with me, are you worried, I had read the letter, commissioner is our family friend. She asks where is my daughter. He asks do you realize Nishi’s pain now, you were using her daughter, I m using your daughter now, Nishi got you for work so that you make Pooja hate her real parents, you were oversmart and greedy, you wanted 5 lakhs for Sitara, you will get 10 lakhs, do your work and leave from my house, your Sitara is a drug peddler, its a criminal offence, she will be in jail all life if I make a call, any way its your matter, just do our work, take money and get lost, now get out. Rani leaves.

Suman comes to meet Netra. Netra says Sonakshi said she is coming late. Suman says I came to meet you, we have to make new contract, Sonakshi’s salary should increase by 20%. Netra says it will happen, but we shall talk with Sona. Suman says I met her, she got emotional and asked me to handle this. Netra says I want to talk in front of Sona. Suman asks what’s the matter. Pooja asks what happened, I m fine, why are mom and dad so hyper, Rani took me to temple, I want to spend time with her, why does everyone have a problem, I got laddoo with me, its proof. Sonakshi says sorry, I was in tension, have breakfast, where is Rani. Pooja says in her room.

Rani says sorry, I made a mistake, I will do my work, for what I have come here, I want to talk to Sitara once. Sonakshi comes there and scolds Rani. She says Nishi, this woman is a lie, she has hidden her truth, she said she was cheated in love and left Pooja in an orphanage, this isn’t her complete truth, she has another daughter Sitara. They get shocked. Nishi asks what, you didn’t tell us, where is she. Sonakshi says she is in jail, she is a criminal, Rani didn’t think of Pooja, why. Rani says I didn’t think its imp to tell this. Sonakshi says you are making place in Pooja’s heart and misleading her, we don’t know about Sitara’s crime, you spoke about upbringing, I doubt that you are a mum, you can’t be around Pooja, we don’t know what you have hidden, I hate lies and liars.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman calls Rohit and says you should know what is your wife doing. Rohit asks what did she do. Suman asks why did Sonakshi decide to leave her work.


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