Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Written Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Sonakshi coming to meet Naren. Some time back, Sonakshi reads the prenup…. I will be given 1 lakh for expenses every month, I don’t have any right on Sippy family property, if divorce happens then I would leave Sippy mansion, I can’t charge them anything except settlement…. She asks do you think I m marrying Rohit for money. Naren says no, I just want to secure my money. She asks why did you doubt on my intention. He says I didn’t like this alliance first, you did a lot for Pooja and handled media well, whatever your mum did, ask her, such things happen in big houses. She asks does Rohit knows about this. He says I don’t care, I won’t break the house for him. Suman asks him to have tea. He says you raised children alone, we protect children, you met CA and tried to know about Rohit’s property, it wasn’t right. Sonakshi looks on. Naren leaves.

Raima comes to Rohit. He asks how do I look. She says nice, don’t go to meet Sonakshi. He asks what do you mean. She says there would be a reason that guy and girl shouldn’t meet before marriage, keep some excitement in you, you are getting married tomorrow. He says love doesn’t get less, it gets more, look at this mehendi, Sonakshi did this, she is mad, I feel she should have come in my life before, she completes me. She gets angry.

Sonakshi asks why did you got to meet Sippy’s CA, I earn well and take care of my family, we don’t care for Rohit’s money. Suman asks what will you do when you don’t earn, I didn’t think your dad will leave us. Sonakshi says don’t say this always, I understand your insecurity. Suman asks her not to sign the prenup, I will apologize to them. Sonakshi says I will handle this my way. Suman says this girl may do some mistake. Mahesh says I m going to my village for my family, clear my payment. Netra asks Dilip to give the footage, Sonakshi’s closeups is there, give it to editor. Mahesh says this chip won’t reach the editor. Sonakshi comes home. Rohit says I was coming to pick you. She says I came for some work. He asks what work. She asks can’t I come to meet in laws. Veena looks on.

Sonakshi says you called me here, right, to select jewellery. Veena says yes. Sonakshi says happy now, go, I will just come. He says I will also come and see the jewellery. She says let it be a surprise. He says fine, then dinner. She asks for Naren. She comes to Naren and Sukhmani. She says mum has done wrong, I m sorry, her intention wasn’t wrong, it was just a mum’s concern, Rohit and I love each other a lot, we will never think of divorce. She sits and cuts the divorce clause. She says just bless me that I can take care of myself always, and Rohit and I stay happy. She signs the prenup and gives it to Naren. Sukhmani asks Naren did he hear what he wanted. She takes papers to tear it. Sonakshi says no, these papers are a proof of my love, I m confident that I won’t go away from this house, keep these papers. Naren keeps the papers. Veena hugs Sonakshi and says I love you. Sonakshi says I have a request, Rohit shouldn’t know about this. Veena says fine.

Sonakshi goes to Rohit. Lag jaa gale….plays….She hugs him. He says we will go for dinner. She says I m tired, lets not eat boring food. He asks what do you want to eat. She says we are getting married tomorrow, you cook something. He says I never cooked. She says so what, cook today, I will go home alone hungry. He says don’t make that face, I will make food, you have to eat it. Mahesh gets tea for the man and asks about scenes. The man says Sonakshi’s scenes are already shot. Mahesh spills some tea and sends him. He takes the chip and dips it in the hot tea. He cleans the chip and keeps it back. The man takes the bag and goes. Mahesh says I will marry Parvati and go home, we will have a small house in the village.

Rohit gets instant noodles for Sonakshi. She says I like it a lot. He asks may I. She smiles. He feeds her. She says you love me a lot right. He says I know you love me more, I have proof. He asks what proof. He shows his mehendi and says Tanya and Pooja said when the colour is more strong and dark, your partner loves you more. She shows her mehendi and asks whose colour is more strong, will you always love me, will you never change. He says forever, we are equals, I will fight, but not lie or hide anything. He kisses her. He asks do you trust me, you are my life, I never thought someone will come in my life after Raima. Raima looks on and cries. Sulochana says you have given your love to someone, you realized your mistake, go and get him back, he didn’t get married yet.


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vimmi keeps haldi for Sonakshi. Mahesh changes the haldi. He smiles seeing Sonakshi.


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